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    Train Wreck To Triumph with Teri Werner

    in Business

    How would it feel to be inspired to create your own culture of excellence from the inside out?

    Join us on the weekly TruTalk Live 30 minute radio show Friday Nov 22nd at 1:30 pm PT as we welcome guest Teri Werner. 

    We will discuss her book "Train Wreck To Triumph"

    Teri’s work book is focused on turning derailment into destiny. She will share real-life tools, as she equips you with the practical and spiritual fortitude. You will learn about leveraging your disappointment and even deception, into dynamic outcomes and destiny.  

    Teri Werner is an international acclaimed speaker, business woman, leadership trainer and transformational coach. Teri is endorsed by human potential legend Dr. Denis Waitley, Nicki Keohohou CEO DSWA, and NFL Legend Tim Brown. 

    Find out why Teri is known for impacting her audience with passion, purpose and prosperity. 


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    Greetings From Barnacle Bay: Otter Train Wreck

    in Wrestling

    IT'S AN OTTER TRAIN WRECK GUYS!  Get the latest news, results and of course our many oppinons in the World of Wresting. Crow, Earl Grey Trey and Buzz Carlton are most definatley in the house.

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    Lac-Megantic Train Wreck and other Conspiracies- ETPR #7

    in Christianity

    The Lac-Megantic Quebec Train Wreck and Explosion
    Was the train wreck that leveled most of the downtown area of the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic an accident--or was it something else?
    Was it part of a larger conspiracy as some have suggested?
    We will examine the many inconsistancies and loose ends in the many stories surrounding the Lac-Megantic train wreck in End Times Prophecy Report #7
    Historic conspiracies which existed--but were denied by the government and media--for years in some cases.
    2-Manhattan Project
    3- Project Northwoods
    4- John Edwards Scandal
    5- New World Order
    6- Project Paperclip
    Lac-Megantic Train Wreck and Grey Terror
    Your host: Mondo Frazier
    For more information: Lac-Megantic Train Wreck, Explosion: Conspiracy or Grey Terror?
    Next week: Conspiracies in the News Part 2

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Trauma With A Thoughtful Smile

    in Social Networking

    Kim will be interviewing Matt about the train wreck, his life has been his life this past year! We know the year has been challenging. What kicked it off, and how has the process progressed. His observations and feelings about meeting life on life's terms.


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    C.D. - The Boehner Lawsuit (I GET IT NOW) +[Illegal] Immigration Train-Wreck

    in Current Events

    When we discussed last week, Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama, I admittedly, did not have grasp of the issue, as I should have. Towards the end of the show, and since then, I understand. More importantly, I realize not only its relevance, but its value in reminding the president that no one is above Law. Of course, the liberal press applies its own spin.

    “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”? HAH! Governor Perry teaches Obama a thing or two about REAL reform.

    NEVER the intention of this Administration – ALWAYS amnesty, as we see how the scenario of the “innocent” children is being played out.

    The Democrats’ attempt to circumvent SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby ruling, CRUSHED! Just when I thought they really BELIEVED, “The Court has Spoken”.

    Invasion / aggression into Gaza – Why?

    The tragedy of the Malaysian flight – No. 2!

  • Bonus episode

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    Jay on a train. 

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    All Aboard!!??? The Crazy Train!!!!????? Departs at 4 pm

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    FLOW Ministries Bible Study

    in Spirituality

    Our weekly Bible Study encourages our faith and enhances our relationship with God as we learn how to live in the Kingdom of God. The Bible clearly states that we our to study to show ourselves approved unto God, so we can rightly divide the truth. (2Tim. 2:15) We believe in The Holy Spirit. The Word will puff us up, or just enlarge our intellect without the leading of The Holy Spirit; with The Holy Spirit teaches us Gods wisdom comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 2Cor. 2:13.  If you would like to know more about you visit us @ http://theflowminitries.com. You may e-mail us @theflowministry.com, contact us @7864445277, or for prayer please call 772-626-1102 .                  

    Would you like to learn how to pray the Word of God?
    Would you like to be filled with the free gift of The Holy Spirit?
    Would you like to learn the Word of God taught by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit?
    Would you like to experience the presence of God with us?
    If you are in the Treasure Coast, FL area, come and join us as we raise and train leaders for the Kingdom of God. Sunday mornings Intercessory prayer @ 9a.m. and Worship @10a.m. or Thursday Prayer @7p.m. @ FLOW Worship Center; 2118 s.e. E. Dunbrooke Circle; Port St. Lucie, FL.34952. You may also join us on FLOW Bible Study Conference line Tuesdays 559-546-1100 passcode 956755# @ 6p.m. See you there.

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    The Truth Train

    in Current Events

    Activist Lisa Brumfiel, AKA Liberty Lisa discusses a wide range of subjects including Jury Nullification, Common Core, Libertarian principles, the Constitution, Natural Healing, GMOs, Fluoride, Forbidden cancer cures, Fracking, wrongful foreclosures, and local politics. Liberty Lisa prefers a one on one format on her show, which is never scripted. Support Lisa in her fight against the Gangsta Bankstas at www.LibertyLisa.com and spread the word about her health coaching at www.LifebringsLife.com

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    The Hay Girls Show from Time Out Lounge

    in Entertainment

    Jeff Gonzales was raised in Phoenix's East Valley, writing songs for his first band The Dirt Bike Kids at 15. He then served as bassist/vocalist of Tempe's Loud Americans, with the late Marco Holt. In 2005, he joined psychedelic pop band Skybox, relocating with them to Chicago. During this time he began to write and perform as a solo artist, embracing more traditional folk and country music in his songwriting, and testing his songs out at the El train stops in the Windy City. Gonzales later returned to Arizona and recorded his solo debut, The Lights Just Went Out..., which he produced with Aaron Ott. The 6-song EP earned him high praise, including Songwriter of the Year honors from YabYum Music & Arts. A new record is currently in the works, with the single The Robin & Birch Tree to precede the new record, sometime in 2015.

    D.G. Scherrer is a singer-songwriter and award-winning poet from Phoenix, AZ. He began writing and singing songs when he was twelve years old, as the front man for a junior high school punk band. Since then he has become something of a songwriter's songwriter, crafting dark, catchy, lyrically sophisticated tunes in the tradition of Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt. Still, the bite and immediacy of punk remains apparent in his songs, as well as in the sheer volume of his voice when he roars a chorus. Scherrer draws heavily on older American music forms, particularly blues, gospel and country. 

  • Coon Train's Coming...

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    Tonight, 8pm Central, 'The Rundown with Renee' on Yo Momma Black Radio.. HERE  WE GO AGAIN!... The Coon Train is coming back around, & this week we finally get to go in! Charles Barkley, Ray Hagins, Kevin Heart, Raven Symone, Pharrell Williams, & Michael Jordan are all on-board!! This is an Anti-Politically Correct Zone!! Join us to Listen/Comment/Question @ (929)  477-3763 or click the link...   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yomommablack/2014/12/18/coon-trains-coming

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