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    Wings on the Ground: Trager Peace with Lindsley Field

    in Radio

    Wings on the Ground Radio Show with Cathy Cartisano Andrews every Tuesday at 8pm eastern time! Visit her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/wingsontheground to learn more about the *Wings On The Ground* certification program, and how YOU can sponsor the program in your area.

    Ask Cathy how you can have a Reading with her today by sending her an email at mermaidreams4me@gmail.com .

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    Tonight's guest is Lindsley Field. She will share The Trager Approach to Psychophysical Re-Education! 

    Lindsley states, " It has been my joy to empower and awaken others to themselves using a variety of body/mind/spirit approaches I have been blessed to study and practice over the last 25+ years!"

    Would you like to learn how to reset, renew, over-ride, find ease and generally enliven yourself?!

    Lindsley will talk about how you can do all this and more via touch, feeling, curiosity, playfulness, and being in fascination! 

    Lindsley's contact information:

    Website: LindsleyField.com

    Facebook: Lindsley Field

    Email: mysticheartdancer@gmail.com



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    Meet Stephanie Trager JD, Business Transformation Coach

    in Women

    As a once practicing Attorney -and always a Personal & Business Transformation Coach, Stephanie Trager now specializes in helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in career transition who look successful on the outside yet feel disconnected on the inside, connect to their purpose and leverage their gifts in new, creative and lucrative ways. By coming into alignment they achieve greater impact and recognition while improving their bottom line and becoming the influential leader they are, in all areas of their lives. She is an expert at helping ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners design innovative and lucrative business models that allow them to deliver their expertise through high value offers and services for more impact, income and purpose in their lives. 

    www.stephanietrager.com ~ 

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    What could be easier, softer? Trager approach

    in Health

    Julia Diehl discusses Trager® with host Silvia Casabianca.
    The Trager Approach has been defined as a pleasurable, gentle and effective approach to movement education and mind/body integration. In my experience as a TRAGER practitioner for 10 years, I have found that the effects of TRAGER are deep and long-lasting.
    Many people come to TRAGER for rehab after injuries or surgery and even better, they come to TRAGER to prevent surgery. 

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    Chicago Storage with Amy Trager of NAPO Chicago

    in Lifestyle

    As with any major city, space is a premium in Chicago. If you have trouble keeping everything organized while living in minimal square footage, this show is for you.
    Join Judson Crowder of Restorganize.com as he interviews Amy Trager, President of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Chicago chapter.
    Following the interview, Judson will share insights on setting up the best lighting for a variety of storage spaces including attics, basements, closets, sheds, and storage units.

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    Michael's Story

    in Health

    We are aware of what it means to tune a violin or a piano, but what does it mean to tune a human body?That is what our guest for this episode, Michael Gilbert explains to us. Michael’s tuning may include one or more of the many modalities that he has studied, including yoga, rolfing, feldenkrais, trager technique and shiatsu, to name just a few that he works with. As He explains to us,”I help people by getting them to see their problem differently, I get them to realize they are not broken. I help people understand that the body is out of tune and not broken….bodies are tunable”.Michael teaches people how to manage energy and reduce tension which he says,”is the underlying key to good health”.Over the last 25 years, Michael has enabled his clients to avoid  invasive and dangerous surgeries and to get out of chronic pain.

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    The Final Say - with Eric Trager & Mark Langfan

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say each Monday to Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    Eric Trager, the Esther K. Wagner Fellow at The Washington Institute, joins the show to discuss the current situation with Gaza.

    Mark Langfan, Chairman of America for a Safe Israel (AFSI), joins the show to discuss air traffic to and from Israel. U.S. airlines cancelling service to Ben-Gurion Airport.

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    Children of God

    in Christianity

    We are all called to be children of God in our journey through life. Tonight we talk about the new and reimagined animal world and  snake farm with Eric Trager and  the end of life  journey with our good friends from Hope Hospice here in New Braunfels. Hope Hospice is celebrating the naming of Opal Umpierre as the 2015 Herald Zeitung Unsung Hero and Citizen of the Year Award winner. Join us as we talk about the role faith plays in the mission of Hope Hospice. 


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    SEASON 2 Episode 10: , Star Trek 3 , How to improve STAW

    in Entertainment

    On this awesome epsiode Dan, Ken and I will talk about the Star Trek Attack WIng , Dan will draw a winner for the Trager raffle and during our second half we will talk STAR TREK 3, what we expect and all the rumors that have been flying around. WHat role could SOFIA BOUTELLA and IDRIS ELBA be cast in? Join us live or in the chat room, if you can't make it , download and listen when you can, and make sure to FOLLOW us, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Lorraine Lewis of Peaceful Connection

    in Spirituality

    Carrboro, NC – Dr. Milton Trager once said, “There is a way of being which is lighter, which is freer.  A way in which work as well as play becomes a dance and living a song. We can learn this way."

    Lorraine Lewis is a healing facilitation practitioner and the founder of Peaceful Connection, where she supports individuals in reconnecting and aligning with their divine nature to create a more fulfilling, joyful life.

    “My passion in life is creating greater ease and flow in my own life and supporting others in that as well,” says Lorraine. “The sessions I facilitate are about accessing one's essence, feeling peaceful in the present moment, and having an easier, more graceful, flowing feeling state with which to dance through life."

    One such tool is the Trager® Approach, an innovative form of body work and movement reeducation. In his teens, Dr. Trager and his brother would go to the beach where they would compete to see who could jump the highest or the furthest. One day, Dr. Trager said, “Let’s see who can land the softest.” He would later develop these movements to create the Trager® Approach.

    “I would describe a Trager® session as feeling like you’ve been on vacation for a week,” explains Lorraine. “You’re feeling the tissue and inviting it to have a different quality and texture: softer, more fluid.”

    Dr. Trager believed our worries and anxieties and stress obstruct us from the source energy. If we can connect to this life force, we reach a state of peaceful connectedness.

    “We’re spiritual beings having a human experience," says Lorraine. "If we can connect with our true nature and see life from a broader perspective, we can navigate our way through life with less stress and more ease.”

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    Life Changing Insights with Emboding Your Next Level of Success

    in Health

    Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg and his guest Leo Brown & Stephanie Trager:

    Despite the odds placed before Leo Brown, (told by doctors that he wouldn't live past the age of 30, born with cerebral palsy.) At the tender age of 21, Leo discovered that he, like others in his family, possessed what people down south called 'The Gift'. As time went on, Leo decided to take the time to develop his intuition and soon noticed that he could not only help people to heal but also, in some strange way, heal himself. He is embarking on his mission of helping people from all over the world, with clients ranging from A-list celebrities to the boy/girl next door.

    Stephanie Trager is the author of the forthcoming book, "Soul Success: Success from the Inside Out." Also a licensed attorney, certified mediator, certified coach in several modalities, herbalist, & certified energy medicine practitioner, Stephanie combines her eclectic mix of education, training and life experience to propel others forward while tapping in and honing their intuition. With a background in human rights, immigration, and corporate law, -among many other things- She has created a unique method for driving results and works with her clients to resolve old patterns that allow them to undergo deep personal transformation while simultaneously stretching their business and income paradigms.

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    Episode #8: Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere Review

    in Entertainment

    Myself & Co-Host Michael Wing are going to discuss the explosive Season Premiere of Sons of Anarchy Season 7. We are going to overview the episode in a complete overview. There will be spoilers! We will be taking calls on the air and will have a live chatroom! We will also be having a contest tonight called "Stump the Dunce!" We will give 5 callers a chance to stump Michael Wing with your Sons of Anarchy knowledge. If you win.....you will receive a copy of Sons of Anarchy Season 1 on either DVD or Blu-Ray! Do NOT miss this!

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