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    Kantation .. Martin DeBourge, vocalist (Traditional Metal)

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Martin DeBourge vocalist of the Traditional Metal Band, Kantation to the Show! 


    Southern California-based classic metal band Kantation formed in 2013 and have two albums under their belt, ‘Discovery’ and ‘Nephilim.’ Kantation hearkens back to traditional metal, but also has a modern flare. With heavy chugging guitars, European power metal solos, Dio'esque vocal melodies and Kings X type harmonies, this is a band that you definitely want to pay attention to. 
    They are in the process of putting together a major U.S. tour for 2017, so keep a lookout for Kantation in a city near you!

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    Out of Africa Theory Exposed|AFRICAN AMERICANS AIN'T AFRICANS

    in History

    The myth of the African-American could distinctly be contributed to the European propaganda that Indigenous American Negros and all melanin people originated in Africa and walked to every continent on earth planting melanin people. The concept that people with melanin are aboriginal on the land they were born on should not come with debate. It should not shock people that African Americans ain’t Africans, but it does. We should not be so naïve today to go along with a lie that has crippled a nation. The problem with this ‘Out of Africa’ theory is that it could be easily disproven. It is the system that creates such a fairy tale using it to oppress Indigenous Americans. When foreigners like Africans come to America, they are set up with a position or a business. The American Negro continues to be passed over for foreigners and we’re supposed to be content in that? Why was the “Out of Africa” theory created? Since its inception, what damage has been done to the Indigenous AmeR’ican community? Bring your questions, because the first step is knowing the truth. Join host, The Indigenous One Buck Wylam, Rick Moon and special guests Tuesday as they dissect and expose the “Out of Africa” theory.

    Press (1) and You're in the Cue

    Gabriel Rich of The RICH Report https://www.facebook.com/gabriel.rich1?fref=ts

    Neicey LaShelle of Mocha Masseusse 'Talk Back'

    Michael Hampton of Yesterday's Problems, Today's Issues, and Tomorrow's Future



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    in History

    The Panama Papers exposed how the wealthy hide their money from public scrutiny.  The more than 214,000 offshore companies there exposed sent shockwaves that are reverberating throughout the world as the amount of corruption has reached staggering proportions.  What can we learn from this that will help the Indigenous Afro-American?  Join Buck Wylam as he tackles the subject of the Panama Papers and how it relates to Afro-Americans. 

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    in Self Help

    Welcome to another episode of the Liberator Speaks. On this episode Shyaam The Liberator and Friends will discuss the recent report by the United Nations suggesting the United States should pay reparations to the African American population. We will discuss the work of the late Jonny Cochran and his investigations into the corporations that benefited from Slavery. We will also discuss the legal and political challenges that exist in opposition to reparations for African Americans. Do not miss this episode as it will be very informative and insightful. 

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    Does the President Have Power to Make Law? The Supreme Court Weighs in.

    in Politics Conservative

    Brenda Ward and Barbara Buffing, grassroots activists, discuss the newest Obama law to reach the Supreme Court.  What is wrong with illegal immigration, why do liberals insist on keeping it and consevatives want to stop it?  Has Donald Trump ever read the Constitution?  Who wants a whiner for President?  These and much more tonight at 8:00pm ET here on The Traditional American Patriots Network

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    The Voice of Americans and Veterans Presents

    in Politics

    TONIGHT, On The Voice of Americans and Veterans presents The Wolf Den, It's Operation Open Mic! Any veteran, any grievance, any statement that needs to be said, NOTHING WILL BE SUGAR COATED! Feelings won't be spared. These men and women fought and still fight, for our freedom of speech, time to afford them the same capacity! TUNE IN! Click the link below or call in at the number in the pic! Press 1 after you hear that SEXY voice,"Blog talk radio!", and my board operator will bring you live!!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!

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    The U.S. Government's Intolerance To All Things Traditional

    in US Government

    John and Doug explore the reality that Liberals really do not practice what they preach when it comes to dealing with other's beliefs, traditions, and culture. The boys will debate the well known fact that even thought conservatives are being asked to be tolerant, inclusive, and sensative to other people's beliefs, traditions, and culture, liberals are very intolerant when it comes to the conservative side of the story. In other words, the traditional societal differences that we used to kid each other about, are no longer touchable. You are seen as intolerant, bigoted, racist, if you do not fall in line with what the liberal left wants you to be, as dictated from Washington, D.C. We can no longer laugh together as a society at our diffferences as a people, with different cultural views and beliefs, as we once did in the 70's and 80's. Every societal difference is treated with a seriousness and intolerance and most of the time, the white European race is the victim. Tune in Tuesday night, 7pm Eastern.

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    The Voice of Americans and Veterans Presents

    in Politics

    TONIGHT! On The Voice of Americans and Veterans presents The Wolf Den, it is a free for all!!! Call with whatever you want to talk about! Have a funny story? Have a question? Have a gripe? WE WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT!! Call in and get Wolf, Cap'n Wicker, and Edge!!! No holds barred round the campfire chat!!! Tune in by clicking the link below, or to be a guest, call the number in the pic and press the number 1 after you hear that SEXY voice, "Blog talk radio!" SEE YOU THERE!!!

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    Earth Living with Guest Rooted Sky|African Americans Ain't Africans

    in Culture

    Rooted Sky is a member of the Aniyonasaugh Bear Clan and Keeper of the Earth & Plant Medicine.  Her indigenous heritage through her father who is Choctaw, and her mother who is Cherokee.  She will tell us all what it is like for a single mother living off the earth in the San Bernardino Mountains. She will also describe the trials of what she and her clan go through living off the land and how the US government seeks to discourage them from living off the land.  
     Join us on African Americans Ain’t Africans with Buck Wylam and Rick Moon. We will also be joined by a few members from AAAA added their input to Indigenous Heritage.

    Press (1) Listen for the last  (4) digits of your phone number and the Producer will open your phone (mic) to  speak to ask your question or make your comments.

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    Cultural Foolishness on African Americans Ain't Africans

    in Current Events

    There seems to be an energy block that impedes us from moving onward and upward.  A big part of that block is cultural foolishness, which is how we believe and buy into what the media conveys and how quickly we subscribe to it. We are so mesmerized by what we see as culture, we are unable and often unwilling to evolve. Progress towards self-reliance and building our own resources are at a standstill. On African Americans Ain’t Africans, we will examine and dissect the continued senselessness of what the so-called African American follow and keep up as it blocks us from forming cultural order.  

    Co-host-Rick Moon

    Also joining Buck Wylam on this segment will be Gabriel Rich, Neicey LaShelle, and Michael Hampton

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    Sissies and cry babies. The vent session.

    in Politics Conservative

    We are raising a bunch of sissies and cry babies on so many levels.

    From millennial sissies that college educators have raised to older cry babies that want to hold their breath and pout because their candidate is not winning.

    In the latter, they should have more sense. In the former they are lost and sissified.

    I am getting fed up with them all so I will vent on them all.

    7-8 pm cst

    Call in 657-383-1908