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    how to become a elite trader?

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    Hello traders welcome back come hang out with me as i talk stocks business and  give you tips to become a better trader.and will give you a recape of my trading day as well. lets start banking to gethere and  check out https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/were-fuel-cells-just-bubble-michael-hall

    and when i feel $axxe and $nesi are my next 2 mega block buster trades. 


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    Several products were released, including a novel, a junior novelization, a six-issue comic series, a video game, trading cards, a soundtrack, a role-playing game, toy figurines, a series of MicroMachines toys, vinyl dolls and statuettes, model kits, and a line of new action figures and vehicles, and so on. The entire Shadows of the BONE project, though not technically a film, can be collectively considered the closest project to a radio show in the TROLL Wars

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    BGE Presents: Ed Qualls

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    #BGEPresents with host @jiggyjaguar Ed Qualls

    "Stock Market Bubble"


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    Hello guys  come hang out with me as i look for big runners and talk stocks and business for the last  hr of trading  and feel free to call in and ask me any thing about stocks. 

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    Hello come hang out with me as i talk to you about how to take your trading &business to the next level will tell you some easy steps to start out trading better then you allready are and how to grow a  soild start up business with  small amount of money to start with and will be talking about the market today and what i have going on with the change of hedge street trading. 

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    Option Trading Demystified. The BASICS. Strategy & the Transfer of Wealth.

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    There are too many broke Christians and that needs to change.

    This wealth building segment of Debt-Free Wealth Radio, partners up with Sean Hyman to help you create wealth, live life more abundantly, give more generously.

    Sean Hyman is a regular financial contributor on major TV networks.

    His book, Option Trading Demystified will provide the conversation and help you understand why, the financial markets is one good place for transfer of wealth to take place, and if you learn how, it can transfer a portion of wealth to you.

    Get your copy of Options Trading Demystified.  Six Simple Strategies That Will Give you an Edge

    Read the Blog Post at http://wp.me/p2Yuv9-14q


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    become a successful trader in 2015

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    Hello traders come hang out to today as i talk stocks business and give you tips onto become a  great  elite trader today  at 3:30pm 

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    MCM Radio: Titans Round n' Round With The 2015 NFL Draft

    in Sports

    We're two weeks and one day away from the 2015 NFL Draft, and the Tennessee Titans' pick is as unpredictable as it's ever been. There's smoke to be found for just about any direction you can image for the 2nd overall pick: trading for players, trading back, taking a QB, taking a DL, and so on...

    MCM Radio is back tonight to cut through the obfuscation to deliver the most concise and grounded analysis of all the possabilities possible. We'll get started tonight at 8:00 CST, so be sure to tune in for the live show and chat room fun.

    Can't make the live show? Be sure to subscribe to the podcast version via iTunes so you get the exclusive bonus time discussion you won't get with the live stream!

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    YGY Radio Show: Orioles Preview/Red Sox Postgame Show

    in Baseball

    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Series Preview Show, brought to you by KNODA.com, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler will talk about this weekend's Red Sox-Yankees series, including his thoughts on the 19-inning game that took place on Friday night/Saturday morning. However, is it the lack of offense or the lack of defense that fans should be more concerned about? 

    Our first guest will be Joe Serpico, the co-editor of the Fansided Baltimore site, The Baltimore Wire to preview the upcoming Yankees-Orioles series at Camden Yards this week. Joe will give an update on when JJ Hardy might return, discuss his thoughts on the team trading reliever Ryan Webb to the Dodgers this past week, and discuss his takeaways from the first week of action for the O's. Plus, Ricky and Joe will get you set for the series by breaking down the pitching matchups and giving their players to watch. 

    Then, at about 11:15 PM ET, or when the Red Sox-Yankees game goes final on ESPN, join Ricky as he recaps the three-game series with DJ Smith and Matthew Rewinski from Chowder and Champions. They will discuss the debuts of Wade Miley and Nathan Eovaldi and give a breakdown of the other games that took place in this series. Plus, we will have instant reaction on how Masahiro Tanaka looked in his second start of the season. 

    You can interact with us at any time during the LIVE show by calling us at 347-324-5455 or tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow


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    Sunday Night Sandlot: Hot and Cold - Fact or Fluke?

    in Sports

    Buck Davidson and Doug Anderson welcome "So-Called Fantasy Expert," Fabian Taylor into the virtual studio to discuss Week 1 of the MLB season. We've got our usual mix of hot and cold starters and it can be a challenge trying to determine which ones we need to worry about.

    Fabian also talks about the similarities and differences between Fantasy Baseball and his other love; trading stocks and commodities.

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    made 3,315 today trading!!

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    come hang out with me as i go over my trading to day talk stock and business