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    Who's UnderCover? Pulling The Sheets Off

    in Entertainment

    WHO R THOSE GUYS TALKPresentsWho's UnderCover? Pulling The Sheets Off

    Everyone knows about the new term of men being on the on the "Down-low," but what is not known is who is actually on the down-low! This term arose out of men being secret homosexuals and disguising it with the cover of heterosexual behaviors.

    This cover has become quite dangerous for mainstream society. As women seek male counterparts how do they determine the straight men from the homosexual down-low thugs? Listen as Who R Those Guys pull the sheets off of these down-low gay guys!

    Join us as real men give women tips to determine if their mates are straight or faking. After this episode we are sure women will evaluate men differently and maybe even question their own man’s sexuality!

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