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    Your Service Quality Journey and the 95 Method - with Tripp Babbitt

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    Get your copy of The Service Cost Paradox

    My guest, Tripp Babbitt, is a long-time advocate of the work of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming and created his company to help service organizations apply his philosophy. Tripp had been an executive for a Fortune 500 company and CIO in State government. He now spends his time working with service organizations in many industries including radio stations, engineering firms, information technology, government, telecoms, banking, and insurance.

    In addition to his consulting practice, Tripp produces and hosts the Deming Institute podcast. He writes several articles and columns for IQPC and Quality Digest. He keynotes on the work of Dr. Deming and continual improvement.

    He is also creator of the 95 Method. The 95 Method was created to assist service organizations build customer trust, improve morale and give management focus. 

    The 95 Method was inspired from the difficulty in US organizations’ adoption of Dr. Deming’s philosophy.

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    The Queen Esther Radio Show with Jessica Taylor

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    Jessica Taylor will be bringing you interviews with authors and book clubs from around the world. As an Author and The CEO of The Queen Esther Enterprises, Jessica will be the voice for Authors who represents spirituality, motivational empowerment, community awareness, business tools & more. Special Guest Author Darrell Roberts.

    Darrell Roberts was able to parlay his MBA, professional business expertise, naturally gifted insight, and personal miscues, into a book designed to assist others with personal and relational decision-making. By observing and communicating with scores of people of various backgrounds, in addition to learning many tough lessons first hand, Darrell Roberts uses his unique perspective, total quality management (TQM) skills, and witty writing style to address relationship challenges in a thought provoking and forthright manner.

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    SDG 104 Seeker Sensitive Church vs The FAITH: Intro

    in Spirituality

    2Tim 4:3-4
    There's a massive movement taking “mainstream Christianity” by surprise but it isn't Christian.  Art Katz called it the Anatomy of Deception.
    Now those in the movement who are generally sincere but none the less deceived praise it as a legitimate church growth movement, but it isn't.  It employs modern mass marketing methods engineered to draw large numbers of people by "meeting their felt needs" as their leaders put it.  They have also adopted the Luciferian New World Order's system of TQM or Total Quality Management to first 'covert', then 'disciple' and ultimately 'brainwash' their followers into radical "change" in their communities and ultimately the world.
    They even refer to their volunteers and leaders in this movement as "change agents"!  Rick Warren wrote “Pastors are probably the most underrated group of change agents today.”
    You may also hear it referred to a PURPOSE, MISSION DRIVEN, DISCIPLE-MAKING, CELL, META, or the ever popular SEEKER SENSITIVE churches of the 21st century.  Now their leaders claim they are doing this all for the "next generation."
    They call all of this THE “new way of doing church”, and this movement should be of grave concern to anyone who's earnestly contend(ing) for the faith which was ONCE delivered unto the saints as exhorted to us by Jude in verse 3.
    This is the first and the introductory message in a 8 part series on Seeker Sensitive Churches vs The One True Faith. Now provided the LORD's willing, the seven upcoming messages will address the seven core tenants of The FAITH as referred to by Jude and ONCE delivered unto the saints.  That FAITH which we are called to EARNSTLY contend for includes:
    PROPER Bible Study, Worship, Fellowship, Friendship, Evangelism, Stewardship and Ministry!

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    Interview with Brian Flagg about his new Book!

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    Join Rich this CS Week to talk about the importance of the contact center and customer service in this mobile and social world!
    He will interview Brian Flagg about his new book about TQM and the contact center!
    Learn how you can get a free copy!

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    Episode 55 - Tripp Babbitt

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    Tripp Babbitt is President of Bryce Harrison Inc. (aka Vanguard USA) and works with public and private service businesses.  He is an international speaker and columnist for IQPC and Quality Digest where he writes about the problems with management fads (TQM, Lean and Six Sigma), barriers to good customer service and the damage of industrialized, mass production service designs that increase costs.
    A proponent of W. Edwards Deming, Mr. Babbitt is a former president of the Indy Quality Productivity and Involvement Council at one time the largest Deming User’s Group.  In recent years he discovered the work of John Seddon (author of Freedom from Command and Control and Systems Thinking in the Public Sector) where he found a better way to make the work . . . work by using the Vanguard Method. 
    The Vanguard Method is a method of changing thinking about the design and management of work in service organizations.  This method requires working with management and workers by using interventions to change thinking and achieve unprecedented organizational improvement.  International clients have said that using the Vanguard Method is the most important change in thinking they have ever experienced in their working lives.

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    Sales Sense Reality Talk Show Hosted By Mike Krause with Guest Bill Repp

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    Bill Repp is owner of Selling-Smart, a sales coaching/training firm in Victor, NY.
    He helps clients increase sales and build their business with one-to-one coaching. He’s also is an adjunct professor of technical writing at RIT.

    For 20+ years, Bill taught management/leadership/sales programs for corporations such as Xerox, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb and Catalyst. Dresser-Rand sent him to England to train its European managers in how to present the TQM tools to their employees worldwide. More than 200 companies, including Birds Eye Foods, Best Foods, and Honda have sent employees to his programs. He currently writes a weekly newspaper column, Working Best, published nationally.

    Prentice-Hall published Bill's first book, Complete Handbook of Business English, and he wrote and self-published several more, including Why Give It Away When You Can Sell It? and How to Develop Your Business by Telephone. He has published more than 80 articles in publications such as AMA Management Review, The Toastmaster, Supervisory Management, Personnel Journal, and 20/20 Magazine. He was noted in USA Today and Reader's Digest for his unique approach to time management. Bill has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Education.


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    Out Do U! - Life Enrichment Tip

    in Self Help

    Out Do U! - Life Enrichment Tip Vol. 4 No. 101 "Excellence demands that U be better than yourself." - Ted Engstorm

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    How Lean Six Sigma is Furthering Process Improvement in Government

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    For the past 20 years or so, Lean Six Sigma has had a good legacy within the U.S. public sector. In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss speaks with Ron Wince, President and CEO of Guidon Performance Solutions, who discusses the current state of Lean Six Sigma deployment within the U.S. government and how it can be leveraged for further public sector process improvement in light of the passage of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    Lean Six Sigma deployment began primarily within the federal government, which was an early adopter of TQM tools that are now part of the Lean Six Sigma toolbox. Wince describes how Lean Six Sigma adoption has branched out to state agencies and local governments, such as the city of Fort Wayne. He explains how Lean Six Sigma has translated to a public sector setting and identifies successful early adopters of Lean Six Sigma within the public sector, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Army and the state of Iowa.

    Wince offers his advice on how create a sense of urgency for the need of Lean Six Sigma tools within the public sector, including aligning Lean Six Sigma projects to the critical issues of the agency and working cross-functionally.

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    The End is Near

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    "If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near"