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    Market You: Discovering Your Brand And Your Target Market To Build Your Business

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    Most companies’ marketing efforts are neither efficient nor effective, because they don’t have a strategic basis on which to find a foothold. In other words, their advertising and other marketplace communications are not based on a solid brand strategy--a strategy that will illuminate the “one thing” that makes their offerings better or different or more relevant than the competition.
    Having a solid brand will: deliver your message clearly, establish your business' credibility, connect your business with  your target market, and solidify user loyalty.
    In this episode we will be covering how to discover your brand, and target market.
    Our guest, Lane Ethridge, is an International business owner, National Bestselling author, speaker and trainer, radio personality, and successful entrepreneur.

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    Tough Talk with A Fresh Approach to Change

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Kathi Laughman & Lynda Walsh:

    Kathi Laughman is a life and business strategist, inspirational speaker and best-selling author. Referred to by her clients as the “Plan B to Z expert”, Kathi Laughman serves professionals committed to continuously creating new pathways to success and significance. Her philosophy and body of work demonstrates that there is more value in the “rest of the story” than we ever dreamed possible. After a successful 25+ year career as an executive working with business intelligence, Kathi founded The Mackenzie Circle, a life coaching and personal leadership company in order to champion entrepreneurs as their possibility partner, coach and mentor. Her personal mission is to inspire, facilitate and invest in the success of others.

    Lynda Walsh is a master hypnotist and empowerment coach, I am in the business of helping people find their difference that makes the difference so they get the results they want. I have got certified in hypnosis in 1993 and then nuroilingustic programing (N.L.P.) I came to realize that we have our answers within and really the reason I got into hypnosis was to help myself through old programs that no longer serve me.

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    Today's job market environment

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    Charlie, Chaleb and I discuss how people are working multiple jobs, as well as starting their own businesses, to make ends meet in today's economy. We'll also start a promotion to give our Kindle Ebook away. "Gorilla Tactics for a Successful Local and Global Job Search"

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    Tough Talk with The Intuitive Coach & The RAW Healthy Coach for Everyday People

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Michelle Barr & Nicole van Hattem:

    Michelle Barr is The Business Coach for Intuitive Women helping you turn your life's calling into a profitable, freedom-based business so you can make more money while making a difference. Michelle has been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 20 years. She teaches people how to Master the Art of Taking Action to create what she calls Sacred Success. Michelle is an Intuitive Coach, Business Strategist, Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Teacher, Author and Expert Thought Leader. I started my business locally in 2007, then closed my brick and mortar in 2009 and built a global online business. I began with a very expensive hobby and now have a full-time thriving online global business. I love to teach others to do the same. I struggled to come into the marketplace with my gifts and to put a value on that and create a successful business. Once I learned how, I have been passionate about helping others make money doing what they love and what they are made to do and helping others.

    Nicole van Hattem is The RAW Health Coach, a raw detox advisor and sought after inspirational speaker.

    With over 25 years in the corporate world, Nicole knows first-hand how challenging it can be to live life well when you are juggling multiple deadlines, conflicting priorities, managing stress and living in an ageing body and mind.  Nicole transformed her own body and mind through applying simple principles and small manageable changes that resulted in her dropping 3 dress sizes, letting go of 17kg (38 pounds) of toxic fat, overcoming a long list of ill-health complaints and gaining energy, joy, and success – all without dieting.

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    Tough Talk - International Best-Selling Author & National Gospel Singing Record

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    Tough Talk With Tony Gambone with His Guest Kim Boudreau Smith & Donna Jackson:

    Kim Boudreau Smith is the Proprietor for Bold Radio Station a turn-key Radio Show Host s ervice for Women Business Owners, #1 International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, International Business Consultant & Strategist. Kim provides a turn-key experience for business owners who want to market themselves as the expert that they are through their voice. Kim also teaches women how to sell like a woman. Helping over 1,000 people successfully achieve healthier lifestyles with her first business, she is taking this extensive business knowledge and paying it forward; helping women entrepreneurs defy obstacles, stop settling for less, step into their boldness and enjoy success.

    Donna Jackson is a National Gospel Singing Recording Artist that inspires through song. She celebrates her divine gifts, talents and skills in everyone and is passionate about empowering people through her music. One of her original works written in honor of her pastor, “Pastor’s Song” and has been featured on many National TV and Radio Stations, and has been played and sung around the world. Over the years, Donna has been blessed to have appeared on “Great American Gospel National TV Show”, “NBC”, “The Nancy Ferrari Show” and many other National Radio and TV shows. Donna has opened for “The Dixie Melody Boys, The Blackwood Brothers, Janet Paschal, Lee Greenwood, Brian Free and Assurance, Vestal Goodman and The Happy Goodmans”. She has been honored to sing for “Lynsey Thomas”, US Senator and ministered on The TBN Network. 

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Suzanne Strisower & Angela Winfield:

    Suzanne Strisower  is a leading life purpose authority, coach, speaker and author who guides people to expand their perspective of their life purpose and ways to express it personally, professionally and spiritually. She is an award winning author of three books including the international book competition award-winning workbook, 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find their Purpose in Life. Suzanne has been featured on a National Geographic hit reality television show, Radio Shows, numerous telesummits, and as a keynote speaker on the subject of life purpose. Suzanne has been quoted as an expert in publications by the University of Phoenix and SheKnows.com among many others. She is the founder of the Living Well Talk Radio Network which offers conscious living programming, hosts and produces three weekly shows including the Living Life on Purpose Radio show.

    Angela Winfield - Featured in the Wall Street Journal, profiled in Investor’s Beat as a successful woman in real estate, contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive, voted a Super Lawyers’ Rising Star two years in a row, featured in Holistic MBA’s World Class Master Coach video summit and recognized as a Zeta Phi Beta Woman of Courage, Angela Winfield is the queen of inspirational transformation. Despite being declared legally blind at age ten and going totally blind at age 20, now, at age 30, Angela is a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University and Cornell Law School, Of Counsel at Hiscock & Barclay, one of the top 250 law firms in the country, a sought-after motivational speaker, a certified life and success coach from the renowned IPEC coaching school, published author.

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    Tough Talk - Motivation - Inspiration - Mind-Set & Business

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Sheena Hong & Kate Gardner:

    After becoming an RN in Toronto, again, Roxanna sang each night to a young man battling cancer while enduring a regimen of caustic treatment. When he was at last released from the hospital, the man’s father—with tears in his eyes—said to her, “My son is better because of the way you sang to him.” With that, she realized that music, like medicine, is a great healer—and destiny would take her down a different path. “When I saw patients return to health, I knew my music could be useful in this world. Pursuing my dream as a singer was the happiest moment in my life,” Roxanna says. “There’s a quote from Shakespeare that goes, ‘If music be the food of love, play on.’ I like to put my own twist on it: ‘If music can heal your soul, it can also heal your body.’ No matter where you are from, what language you speak, music has the ability to soothe, revive and foster hope. It is truly universal, in any language.”

    Kate Gardner is a 5 Times Best Selling Author/Speaker/Mind-set Expert/Radio Show Host & Business Consultant.
    As a Business Consultant Kate informs, motivates and empowers online business owners and helps provided them with the business tools and skills they need to succeed in their online businesses.
    Kate helps raise her client’s self-esteem and self-confidence through providing tools to help change their mind-set, so they are prepared for the responsibility that success brings to them and makes them become amazing leaders in their field of expertise.

  • #1 Reason Job Interviews don't become Job Offers!

    in Jobs

    Stu discusses the #1 reason and two words you can use RIGHT NOW to turn the interview in your favor and make it a job offer!!

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    OneStop Job Search WorkShops for Serious Job Seekers

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    WE can help you limit your job search time. Each show is 30 minutes or less,

    Find a job in less than 30 days

    Ex-offenders you can find jobsPart 1 and Part 2

    Any Military skills can transfer to civilian jobs

    Military friendly businesses need you to make them want t hire you

    Always approach job finding anticipating getting the job

    Attitude matters most in your job search

    Be prepared to answer the question, why you left your last job, honestly yet creatively.

    If you have questions, please unse my Blog Talk Radio message board to contact me. I'll responsd by email asap. Follow me on twitter.com@jobsearchwrkshp




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    Market You: Your Marketing Plan For 2015 What Is Important

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    We're coming to a close on 2014 and ready to jump feet first into 2015.  Are you ready?  Do you have your marketing plan layed out and ready for action at the beginning of the year?  If not, or if it's not quite complete, you're going to want to join us in this episode where we talk about the most important marketing startegies and marketing plans for 2015.  We'll cover Social Media, Content Marketing, Relationship Marketing, How to Reach your Audience in new ways, and how to make the most out of what you're already doing in your marketing.

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    No B. S. Hiring Advice Radio: The Job Market

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    Who Said Hiring Staff Has to Be Difficult or Painful?

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been helping organizations hire leaders and staff for more than 40 years. 

    On this show, Jeff will talk discuss the job market as it is in September 2014.


    Trying to hire someone? Email me at JeffAltman@TheBigGameHunter.us


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