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    Nu Ankh Radio Cultural Forum

    in Spirituality

    Join Goddess Trey, Brother Haru, and Brother Kedar as we discuss our-tory, spirituality, and the esoteric knowledge of the ancestors. We hope you can join us in this gathering of minds. May we rekindle the greatness of our ancestors in everything we do.

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    Nu Ankh Radio Cultural Forum

    in Spirituality

    Join Goddess Trey, Brother Haru, and Brother Kedar as we discuss our-tory, spirituality, and the esoteric knowledge of the ancestors. We hope you can join us in this gathering of minds. May we rekindle the greatness of our ancestors in everything we do.

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    Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Tory Allyn

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    About Tory Allyn:

    Tory Allyn currently resides in Upstate New York. Although born in Syracuse, he was raised in the quaint town of Baldwinsville with his brother and two sisters, who drove him into becoming the crazy person he is today. As a child, he made up many a tale. Some funny; others dark and brooding, but all started him on the path to writing. Today, his nephew, lovingly referred to as The Monster Child, is his partner in crime. Most days, you will see them playing ball at a nearby park, going for a dip in the backyard pool or snowboarding on a popular mountainside. Tory has written his first novel titled, ALTER EGO, has completed a second novel titled, ALTERED STATE, and is currently working on the third which will be titled, ALTER BOUND. All three are a series entitled, THE DAVENPORT DECREES.

    About Alter Ego:

    Informed by his Captain to retrieve the remnants of a disfigured body, Special Agent JACK STANWICK exited FBI headquarters and raced toward Rockfort, Virginia. As sirens echoed in the distance, he approached the old gravel road that led to Granite's Mill. Jack knew what he was about to see, and with most of 'the brotherhood' dispatched away, outside help was needed. So the experts at the DAVENPORT DETECTIVE AGENCY had to be hired. BREN WILLIAMS, DEREK O'ROURKE and RUSS MUNROE are detectives under the guiding eye of former police chief, RAYMOND DAVENPORT. All four were ex-cops who turned over state's evidence on corruption in their respective precincts, only to be ostracized by the remaining brass. If anyone can immerse themselves fully into ALTER EGO, they can!

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Conversations in Ferguson (Episode 2)

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    In The Streets is a show brought to you from the front lines of the social justice struggle. In this week's episode, we will bring you the latest news on the fight against police brutality, and the developments in Ferguson, MO, regarding the shootings of unarmed youths Michael Brown and Vonderrick Myers III. And featuring excerpts from Beverley's conversation with Tef Poe and Tory Russell of Ferguson, leaders of Hands Up United and the Organization of Black Struggle. Tuesday, Oct 28, 5:00 pm (Pacifc)

  • Blindly Seen but unnoticed current events!!!

    in Entertainment

    What it is is self explanatory.  Its alot of things going on in the world right now that ppl just are not speaking on even tho its right in front of them.  Also Y R Ppl are so big on celebrities and how they living til they forget they dnt care bout how u living!!  Open mic, and different topics with the Hosts and Crew!!!  Everyone is welcome.  Eveything is up for discussion no matter how harsh, politically incorrect, or hurtful.  This show is the truth so come and be apart of HER and HIS-Tory

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    Nashville Presents: Saturdays With Singletary

    in Business

    Nashville Presents:  Saturdays With Singletary on The Singletary Network with your Host, Patrenna Singletary!

    Saturdays with Singletary welcomes back to the show via Encore Presentation, Good Morning America Correspondent, New York Times Best Selling Author of the book The Shift, Founder of Spark and Hustle and Women for Hire, Mrs. Tory Johnson!  Tory made a rare appearance on the show a couple of years ago to talk about her remarkable multi-city business conference, Spark and Hustle! The conference will be celebrating their Not So Quite 5 yr Anniversary in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, October 18th!  Please go to: www.sparkandhustle.com to get your tickets today!

    A Singletary Network Production!


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    The Walking Dead: TWD Facebook group admins: Talking About Walkers #51

    in Entertainment

    On episode 51 we talk to The Walking Dead Facebook group admins about their groups plus get fans excited for the season 5 premiere.

    Host: Kinte
    Co-hosts: Yardley Hickey & Olaf Barbosa


    Tory Rush of The Infectious Walking Dead https://www.facebook.com/groups/816718648353119/

    Chris Trumbull of The Walking Dead Saviors https://www.facebook.com/groups/816718648353119/

    Show: (3x06) #51 10/7/14

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    Nashville Presents: Saturdays With Singletary

    in Entertainment

    Nashville Presents: Saturdays with Singletary on The Singletary Network with your Host, Patrenna Singletary!

    Saturdays with Singletary welcomes Best Selling Author, Relationship Advisor, Talk Show Host and Highly Sought After Motivational Speaker, Aaron Jordan, Jr. via Encore Presentation!  Aaron is the dynamic author of (2) self-help relationship books entitled: The Power Within A Woman's Worth: From Both Sexes and soon to be released Harnessing Your Worth: Understanding Your Value!  Aaron is currently on tour with his Know Your Worth movement! He has received praise and recognition from the First Lady of the United States for his deeply moving book The Power Within A Woman's Worth: From Both Sexes. Aaron is also the Co-Host of The Anthony and Aaron Show which airs on Blog Talk Radio every other Wednesday evening at 9:00pm CST \ 10:00pm EST. 

    Be sure to join us live as we talk about relationships starting at 10:00am CST \ 11:00am EST or via archive with the On Demand Episode found on: www.blogtalkradio.com/the-singletary-network page!

    A Singletary Network Production! 

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    Controversial, thought-provoking debates, lectures and authors going beyond the Sunday sport spectacles and religious services.

    Program Summary: 28 Sept. 2014

    A full hour of the latest from Bristol Community FM 89.3 "State of the City" Report courtesy Tony Gosling:

    Investigative reports: Parliament recalled for today's Middle East war vote. After Israelis shoot down a Syrian jet and the Pentagon sen US planes to bomb Syria is the 'coalition of the killing' already at war with Syria. ISIS: operating in Golan Heights; trained in Jordan; funded by Saudi Arabia; western intelligence services; Islamic Pipe Line - gas; UN and the Security Council; clip of Bashar Al Jaaferi, Syrian Ambassador to UN; ideology of ISIS; clip of Cameron at UNSC about defeating extreme Muslim ideology - mentions dangers of conspiracy theories; clip of Rita Katze about the uploading of terrorists videos on-line - S.I.T.E. on CNN. Regional Secretary Kevin Beazer joins us from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to discuss latest concerns. One billion pounds of public money wasted while Goldman Sachs and other City of London friends of Bilderberg and the Tory party make millions at the public expense. Kevin Beezer from CWU discusses the problems facing Royal Mail since it's privatisation - the profitable areas are being sold off to the likes of TNT Post destroying Royal Mail - Business Select Comittee. Louise Somerville-Williams from Frack Free Somerset discusses recent escalations in the fracking fiasco: licence blocks; tax breaks to fracking firms; the economics of fracking; QE in US funding fracking bubble; frackfreesomerset.org Louise Somerville-Williams from Frack Free Somerset introduces the 2014 'Autumn of Awareness' in an attempt to burst the Fracking 'Ponzi Scheme' bubble.


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    Tory Johnson Shares THE SHIFT

    in Women

    As a regular contributor to Good Morning America, a sought-after speaker and a best-selling author, Tory Johnson can certainly consider herself to be a success in life. But it was a single conversation that forced her to face the one challenge that has plagued her for years: her weight. In her beautifully written account, THE SHIFT: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life, she writes of the profoundly personal choice she made to change this.

    Join us as Tory shares the intimate story of her weight struggle, new ways of eating and how our thoughts directly link to the number we see on the scale. For any of you who have ever struggled with your weight, you will want to catch this show for sure! 

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    Create Your Plan for a Simple Abundant and Healthy Life

    in Parents

    YOU need a SIMPLE Plan for simple abundant wellness and healthy living to improve and balance your physical, mental, and emotional state. Learn to create your simple abundant life, filled with gratitude, ease through transitions, and enjoy YOUR journey. Be the best you can be and truly enjoy all aspects of your life with the help of the CCFL Global Academy Wellness Expert Diane Lauer.

    My SIMPLE plan

    Story– A new story for a new life
    Importance – Categorize and know your priorities
    Mindfulness – Stay aware, everyday
    Plan –Build a flexible plan with a focussed approach
    Love & Laughter – Love yourself and share a laugh with all your loved ones
    Engage – Be a part of your community and your relationships

    Find more of Diane Lauer - http://www.simpleabundantwellness.com
    Learn more about the Academy - https://www.facebook.com/creatingchampionsforlife/app_208195102528120

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