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    Positively Autistic - Jeanette's Autism Show - the Joel, Tori and Jeanette hour

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    This is Jeanette's Autism Show - a (mostly) weekly radio programme hosted by Autistic author, advocate, public speaker, artist, official, owner of Whimsy Manor and human mum to Mr KItty, Jeanette Purkis. It is a place for discussions around Autism advocacy and emplowerment covering such topics as employment, education, relationships and sexuality, mental health, families, communication, cats and positive living generally.    

    This is a new programme within Jeanette's Autism Show - the Joel, Tori and Jeanette Hour. This will be a monthly show where Autism self-advocates Joel Wilson and Tori Haar join Jeanette to have a conversation about all things Autism. Joel Wilson is a young Autistic researcher and advocate based in Pertth, Western Australia. Joel travels around Australia sharing his insights around Autism. He speaks at conferneces and is a young leader in the Autism community. Tori Haar is an advocate and professional who lives in Canberra, Australia. Tori is a blogger and public speaker who is also a leader in the Autism community. Joe, Tori and Jeanette are also good freinds who have a habit of meeting up at Autism conferences and events. 

    Join Joel, Tori and Jeanette for a conversation around advocacy and living well on the Autism spectrum. There may be some laughs and possibly silliness... 

    This episode focusses on Joel, Tori and Jeanette's experiences at the Asia Pacific Autisim Conference and broader issues around inclusion stemming from that.


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    Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards author Tori Hartman

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    Tori Hartman is a world-renowned psychic, author, and spiritual teacher. She is the only American psychic ever interviewed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Business Journal. She has helped celebrities such as Jeff Lewis in launching his hit TV show, Flipping Out, on Bravo Networks USA. Born and raised in the free-thinking atmosphere of New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s, Tori has been aware of her psychic abilities since the age of eight. After a near-death experience about 25 years ago, Tori began having a series of encounters with angels that revealed the profound fables that were to become the basis for her #1 best-selling Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and Toolkit. She was also nominated as this year’s Personality Of The Year by Kindred Spirit Magazine and made an appearance at Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, a location mainly reserved for celebrity authors. Recently, she was featured on Coast to Coast AM, which averages 3 million listeners weekly. Her latest offering is Life Purpose Divination, a system designed to shut down your brain to allow you to learn to live with complete trust in your intuition. Visit her website:http://www.torihartman.com

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, with topics you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Gathering Now!
    The 8th Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas: Oct. 11-17. Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com for more info.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Psychic Tori Hartman Takes Your Calls and Chats Her Deck Chakra Wisdom Cards

    in Spirituality

    California Psychic Tori Hartman is BACK - and taking your calls tonight! She will be chatting about the Chakra Wisdom Cards and doing Live MINI-readings on air - you can also join in on Chat... check out her new ebook: http://learn.torihartman.com/free-ebook for more information about how the Chakra Wisdom Cards ultimately are about revealing the path to your Life Purpose.

    Call in at (424) 222-5249

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    Channeling Intuition with Tori Hartman

    in Spirituality

    Tori Hartman is a world-renowned psychic, author, and spiritual teacher. Born and raised in the free-thinking atmosphere of New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s, Tori has been aware of her psychic abilities since the age of eight. After a near-death experience about 25 years ago, Tori began having a series of encounters with angels that revealed the profound fables that were to become the basis of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

    Using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards along with books, classes, and seminars, Tori Hartman continues to promote the empowerment of individuals and the acceptance of their intuition to make decisions.

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    Calling in your Baby with Tori Quisling

    in Spirituality

    Join us on this episode of Catch your Spirit with featured guest Tori Quisling.

    Tori Quisling is the founder of the New York Center for Clairvoyant Development. Her unique abilities have been the subject of articles in both the NY Daily News and the Huffington Post. She is a frequent lecturer and a popular guest expert on various talk radio and TV shows including the CBS News, Fuse TV and the Today Show. 

    Your current feelings and sensations are proof of your baby’s presence and your sudden alignment with your baby’s spirit. With a little spiritual coaching, you will soon be able to form a bond with your unborn baby and release any blocks you may 
    have created to bringing your new baby into your life. 

    In Calling In your Baby, author and renowned clairvoyant Tori Quisling will guide you through the process of removing these unforeseen spiritual blocks. For years her simple techniques have helped scores of women get pregnant who had already spent years and thousands of dollars on other unsuccessful therapies and programs. 

    Creating your own baby miracle will happen sooner than you think. All you need to learn is how to call in your baby!

    We'll be taking calls in the second half of the show.  Call in with your questions!

    Tori Quisling, Clairvoyant Practitioner

    NY Center for Clairvoyant Development

    *Featured in the CBS New York News, NY Daily News and the TODAY Show 



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    Everything w/Kathy B, Tori Lynn, Lorraine Faust, Mba Mbulu

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for 3 Dynamic Shows.

    6:15- Author Tori Lynn

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight for, Power Over Tomorrow with our Financial Advisor, Tyrone S. Mitchell as he welcomes Author Tori Lynn into the studio to discuss excerpts from her soon to be released book, The Battle. Tonight's discussion, "The Financial Turbulence, Trials & Triumphs of Divorce."

    7:15- Lorraine Faust 

    Source Nation! Join us tomorrow night for World News with Host Ami Smith?, as she welcomes Lorraine Dabney Faust? into the studio to discuss her Organization, A Dolls World?.DOLL (Determined to Overcome Little Ladies) is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of ladies, ages 8 to 25 academically, economically, personally and socially. The mission for the organization is to implement simple approaches to make gradual changes in the development of ladies to improve their quality of life. DOLL plans to reach its mission by offering mentoring, one on one mediation, interactive programs, courses, assistance and events that will offer knowledge, opportunity and exploration of the many possibilities available to them. With a strong focus on faith, personal development, preparation and progression, DOLL strives to provide access to essential fundamentals that will assist ladies in becoming successful and productive women of society.

    8:15- Mba Mbulu

    Join us tonight for The Great Griot with Host K.LaShea as she welcomes Mba Mbulu into the studio to discuss, Does Violence Play a Role in Achieving Black Nationalism? With Police Brutality Toward Blacks out in the forefront and Racism Period, What will it take in order for us to become Self Sufficient?  Tune in as Mba Mbula gives us his perspective. We want to hear from YOU!

    Call in at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.


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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with Shane Stone and Tori Griggs - June 10,2015

    in Paranormal

    On this episode of Incubi Incarnate Broadcast. your host Bill Bachman is joined behind the mic with Danielle Monferrato as they welcome Shane Stone and Tori Griggs of Phenomena Enema Podcast! Be sure to join the interactice chat room on our website at www.incubiincarnate.com/iiblistenlive!

    Shane Stone, known skeptic, outspoken, realistic, yet understanding and empathetic. Shane has a passion for audio editing and software design. Having just only recently started listening to podcasts, several shows influenced him to start his own. You can bet that Phenomena Enema will not be the sole podcast of his future.

    Tori Griggs, outspoken, brutally honest, yet kind, soulful, and determined. Tori is the newest addition to the Phenomena Enema Podcast and is proving her might with every show. Look forward to a bright, informative future as she's really whipping the show into shape. Good things to come.

    To learn more about Shane and Tori and to listen to their show visit www.phenomenaenema.com

    Be sure to follow Incubi Incarnate Broadcast on Twitter @IncubiIncarnate for all your latest news and show updates and to connect with your host follow Bill Bachman @otherdrummer287

    Thanks for listening!

  • Bench Warmers Live (Tori Taylor)

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    Spiritual/Emotional/Mental Journey of Divorce Authors Jerri & Tori Lynn on GD

    in Motivation

    Good Deeds presents Motivational Speaker/Author Tori Lynn.Tori speaks to men and women who are facing or has gone through a divorce or hardship. Tori obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree in three years, graduating in 2000. During this time, she was also a full-time student studying to become a license barber/stylist. Tori was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and in 2002, Dallas, Texas became her new home where she currently resides with her two daughters.

    Tori Lynn travels with her mother, Jerri Lynn, speaker/author of “The Black Woman’s Attitude and The Men Who Want To Love Us,” discussing her new highly anticipated release: The Divorce. Tori speaks on having the confidence to start anew with two children after losing everything: homes, cars, money, her marriage and her Faith. 

    Facing hardship, trials, and tribulations caused the birth of her autobiography “The Divorce” as she began to write about her experiences while empathizing with others’ pain. Tori candidly shares her own pain and the loss of her faith in family, man, and God. The thought of suicide became an option, but God; who she later realized had never left her, stepped in and turned her mess into a message. She wants others to know that God has not left them either so, LIVE!

    On February 20, 2014, Tori released her story in the suspenseful, jaw-dropping, compelling and riveting read, “The Divorce.”

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    Tori Hathaway: Holiday Extravaganza 2014

    in Music

    Holiday Extravagnaza 2014 is your opportunity to hear holiday favourites performed by Tori Hathaway and Friends: Shay Lee, Kasey Kohring, Grace Micallef and Heydon George, with a professional five piece band. These talented Barrie youth bring you the very best holiday entertainment this season! Bring an unwrapped gift for CTV-Barrie Toy Mountain in support of the Children's Aid Society of Simcoe County. 

    This event takes place Dec 12th & 13th at The Mady Centre for the Performing Arts located at 1 Dunlop Street West in Barrie, Ontario. 

    Tickets are available at the box office, online at www.theatres.barrie.ca or by calling 705-739-4228.

    Holiday Extravaganza 2014 is presented in partnership with The City of Barrie

    Tune in to this special edition of In The Country with Dave Woods to hear my conversation with Tori about Holiday Extravaganza 2014. You'll also hear her original holiday song called Christmas Without You.

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    His Abounding Grace. Prophet Tori D. Knox

    in Christianity

    Tori Edwards is here to present Walk It Out Volume 1 "Navigating Your Divine Calling."  She proclaims little to no credit for her life’s accomplishments and passion to pursue her destiny. Tori gives the production of her life all to God who has directed her path through the trenches, to the triumph and victories.  As a prophet and preacher she is very passionate about bringing forth the truth of the gospel and has a love and determination to see men, women, teens   and children breakthrough obstacles into victorious living. Tori is known as The Agent of Change & Voice of Victory for all who encounter her ministry & business. She is known to utilize practical and innovative technology to teach, train and effectively empower and motivate her given audience. Tori is the CEO of multiple companies, one being "Speak Life Coaching" Life beyond Limits.