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    #CREPN 26 Multifamily Markets - Primary vs Secondary & Tertiary

    in Real Estate

    National publications about rent growth, vacancy rates and appreciation can make the news about Multifamily sound GREAT all over.  The truth is; all Real Estate is local; the news in San Francisco, is not the same experience in Topeka.

    Understanding the market; demographics & characteristics of the neighborhoods are essential to any predictable outcome when investing in real estate.  

    John Wilhoit has held positions with Maryland Housing Fund, AIMCO and HUD which provide him a tremendous background from which to draw from when assessing the different market tiers and their unique characteristics.

    “Who” are the people in the market?

    Primary Markets

    What is population size of a Primary Market?
    What is the Median Income?
    How many Primary Markets are there?
    Where are the Primary Markets?
    What features in an MSA define a Primary Market?
    Return on Investment expectations in a Primary Market

    Where are the 24 Hour Cities?

    Secondary Markets

    How far is a Secondary market from a Primary Market?
    What population size determines a Secondary Market?
    What is the employment picture?
    Is there an Airport or Sports Team in a Secondary City?
    What is the growth pattern like?

    Tertiary Markets

    How far is it from a Secondary Market?  
    How many people live in the MSA?
    Does rent increase in a Tertiary Market?
    Is there a Walmart in a Tertiary Market?

    Exclusive for our listeners!  Listen to receive a free full-length eBook from our guest and best-selling Author John Wilhoit.  No strings attached.

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    Saturday High Noon

    in Politics

    Program Summary June 27, 2015

    1st Hour: Speeches from within the Topeka statehouse with commentary and observations of the June 26th rally, investigative hearing of Rep. Valdenia Winn, SCOTUS marriage equality ruling, Kansas state supreme court rulings on abortion ban and school funding formula.

    2nd Hour: Live with retired Senior CIA Analyst Ray McGovern discussing US foreign policy affairs. Audio clips of some of historic confrontations with former Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumfeld, and a recent exchange on CCTV with former congressman Pete Hofestra.


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    in Politics

    Listen to some of the sounds of the Topeka statehouse as it closes the longest session in Kansas history.

    Also today Equality Kansas holds a morning rally on the 1st floor rotunda to 

    Join us this Friday, June 26 at 10am at the Kansas State Capitol for our Dignity and Equality Rally.  Our special guest speaker will be State Representative Valdenia Winn, who is currently being persecuted for speaking her mind in a committee hearing in March.  Rep. Winn, a long-time supporter of equality for LGBT Kansans, will be subjected to an inquisition and a hearing beginning Friday morning at 8:30am, with a break at 10am for the final session (“Sine Die”).  Once the legislature adjourns, the hearing will be concluded with a vote to either reprimand, censure, or expel Rep Winn from the legislature.

    Other speakers include:

    State Representative John Carmichael
    Civil rights attorney Pedro Irigonegaray
    ACLU / Kansas executive director Micah Kubic
    Planned Parentood of Kansas CEO Laura McQuade
    Sunflower Community Action deputy director Reuben Eckles
    Interfaith Power & Light director Rabbi Moti Rieber
    Transgender activist Elle Boatman
    Daily Kos writer Chris Reeves

    The Kansas legislature’s final session this year will be Friday, June 26, at 10:00am. Equality Kansas has reserved the Statehouse Rotunda to rally for something that has been missing from their agenda for the past several years: Equality and dignity.

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    Hauntrepreneur Scares Up Economic Boom in KC's Historic West Bottoms

    in Entrepreneur

    Amber Arnett-Bequeaith brings 20 plus years of leadership and marketing expertise to Full Moon ProductionsI Inc., serving as Vice-President since 2000.  Her duties at Full Moon include responsibility for daily operations, marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations, recruitment, community service activities, charity liaison, event and creative director and strategic planning. 

    Full Moon Productions is a family entertainment venue that originated the haunt industry in 1975, becoming a national model for celebrating Halloween.  Besides Full Moon Productions, Amber also helps oversee operations with Rumely Event Space, Group Real Estate Development, Inc., Authentic Boxing Club, West Bottoms Business District Association and West Bottoms Security, LLC. and she presently serves as a board member of the Central Industrial District Association, Spokesperson and Public Relations Co-Chair for America Haunts, Kansas City Downtown Planning Committee - Mayor Appointment, Committee Member of Boulvardia,  and Vice-President of The West Bottoms Business District Association. She also serves as an Advisor to "Don't be a Monster, Anti-Bullying Campaign.  This charity is partnered with the two newest haunted venues from Full Moon, which include “The Chamber’s of Edgar of Allen Poe” and “Macabre Cinema.” with the money staying in Kansas City. On this episode of Smart Companies Radio find out why The Edge of Hell is truly an Angel to Kansa

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    in Politics

    Caution: there is a 5 min. dead space at the very beginning where my mic was muted. I apologise for the inconvenience.

    The statehouse senate in Topeka goes into record breaking session, and we'll be playing audio clips and commenting on some of the most memorable moments.  The debate held today will be around how to raise tax revenues to fill the $400 million deficit immediately facing the #Brownback led #FailedExperiment.

    We finish with professor Christopher Parker on Talking Stick tv defining Tea Party "conservatives" as "reactionairies" and how he came up with delineating the Republicans among the false "revolutionaires."  

    This should be of particular interest to those in the Kansas "Red Pen Briagade" who are trying to destroy popular social services available to the working poor in Kansas.


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    in Politics

    Hear "Mr. Blue" describe his work life in Kansas, as a public employee.

    News from the Topeka statehouse as the legislature approaches a record breaking session. We'll be cussin'em, so close your ears. Join the Kansas Organization of State Empoyees Union.

    Free Speech Radio New (30 min.) summary: 

    USA Freedom Act replaces Patriot Act provisions, but leaves broad surveillance measures in place

    Paris police demolish tent camp where hundreds of migrants were living

    UN says almost 6500 dead in eastern Ukraine since mid-April; life for civilians stark

    Chilean teachers on indefinite strike, despite newly-signed education reforms

    Corruption scandals in Guatemala fuel demands for political resignations

    Proposed change to Indian labor law would roll back child labor protections

    This Week in Radio News: NSA Surveillance June 6-12 (30 min.) courtesy Tom Roe at WGXC fm 90.7 Wave Farm, Upstate New York.

    Radio headlines this week: Verizon and NASA working on air traffic control for radio-controlled drones; FCC Enforcement drops as budget cuts loom; NSA, FBI domestic frequency surveillance continues; Supreme Court Rules on Facebook Threats; and more audio storytelling on the radio and off. With songs about radio from Chocolate Ghost House, Transmaniacon MC, and The Dust Dive.



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    Mike Bell - Revivalist - Bell Ministry - Topeka, KS

    in Christianity

    Host for Show - Brian Christian

    Bell Ministry was launched on January 1st 2005, as the Evangelistic Ministry of Mike Bell. Mike, who is the Founder of Bell Ministry, became a Christian in April 2001 when he had a powerful encounter with Holy Spirit. Since that time, Mike has been passionately pursuing his calling of seeing the Kingdom of God forcefully advanced and the works of the devil destroyed through the anointing of Holy Spirit.

    In 2007, Mike had the privilege of meeting Oral Roberts at his home in Newport Beach, California. It was then that Oral laid hands on Mike and imparted the gift of healing into his ministry. Mike was mentored and discipled by Oral until he went home to be with the Lord in 2009.

    Mike has had the privilege of preaching in the Ukraine and across the United States of America to thousands of people at Churches, Conferences, Camp Meetings, Outreaches, Door to Door Evangelism, Tent Revivals and Gospel Crusades. In all these meetings, he has witnessed countless decisions and rededications for Jesus Christ. There has also been many healing's that have taken place. Through the anointing of Holy Spirit, Mike has seen the deaf hear, the blind see, the crippled walk, cancers have disappeared without a trace, tumors have dissolved, diabetes and parkinson’s disease healed and so much more for the glory of God.

    In 2012, Mike married his beautiful wife and partner in Ministry - Megan. It was in February of 2014 that God spoke to Mike and called him back into the Evangelistic field. God told Mike, “I want you to bring My identity back into My Church. 

    Today, Mike and Megan, travel wherever God leads with a burning passion to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to ignite the Church with a zeal to share their faith and see the power of Holy Spirit demonstrated through signs, wonders, and miracles.

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #23

    in Sports

    Well, it looks like for, at least a little while, we’re back-on-track with the regular Sunday morning program with the guys in the Frat House Sports Garage. Of course, this weekend is special. It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and also, the BIGGEST day in Motorsports; F-1 running in Monaco – IndyCars at the Indianapolis 500 – the longest NASCAR race of the season at the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway – and, NHRA drag racing out in Topeka, Kansas. WOW! What at day!

    We’re going over ALL of this . . . PLUS last week’s All-Star Race . . . PLUS Uncle Mark’s Over the Wall . . . PLUS Frat House Mike’s NHRA update . . . PLUS Sidekick’s NASCAR Fantasy Picks . . .PLUS an update and new choices for everyone’s Eat-My-Dust Picks!

    The Frat House Sports Garage is BACK OPEN on Sunday and the coffee is flowing . . . you BETTER bring plenty of donuts . . . and your phone calls to 347 – 826 – 9964! 

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    in Politics

    2nd hour co-host Rep. Bill Otto will not be appearing today.  We share our condolences on his family's loss.

    Public Service Alert!

    Rally Against Brownback

    Where: 1st Floor Rotunda, Statehouse, Topeka, Ks. When: 11am, Friday, 22nd May, 2015

    Who: Hear speakers as Tony Piazza delivers petitions (more than 37,000 sigs) protesting Gov. Sam Brownbacks policies.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.) - Counterspin  (30 min.) - Between the Lines Radio (30 min.) Between the Lines Radio broadcasts and streams at KKFI-fm 90.1 Friday 9am (CST)



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    in Politics

    Happy Birthday to #Occupy & Wichita community activist Janice Bradley today!

    She requests the following from her friends on Facebook.

    "I'm asking all my friends today to Call Susan Wagle to get a Committee hearing for HB 2049 which is exempt from the usual procedural deadlines. Wagle is the key as President of the Senate."

    Be polite and respectful, please.

    Susan Wagle Senate President
    Phone: 785-296-2419 Topeka
    Email: Susan.Wagle@senate.ks.gov
    Phone: 316-733-5698

    Read about HB 2040 reducing criminal penalties for Marijuana.

    Show Summary: 

    Radio News from Radio Waves recorded for the week of May 16 - 22, 2015. Produced by Wave Farm and WGXC (90.7-FM) in the Hudson Valley. Wave Farm includes an artists residency program for radio artists, a full-power FM radio station, a Part 15 AM station, and other programs.

    2nd Hour - Hear the latest (released for distribution May 15, 2015) from investigative reporter, Tony Gosling & "Old Labour" Historian Martin Summer as they host from Bristol's community radio station BCFM (93.2 - FM) the "Friday Drivetime" show.

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    Originally aired last Saturday High Noon, April 18, 2015 as part of the TCBH fundraising effort.


    1st Half-hour: Opening with speeches delivered before a crowd of nearly 1000 on the south steps of the Topeka, Ks. statehouse, Feb. 14, 2015. Speakers Equality House rep., RFK's "Wednesday with Witt" executive director Thomas Witt.  He is also co-chair of the Kansas Progressive Caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party.  

    2nd Half-hour and into the second, hear Dave Lindorff, co-founder of the news writer collective THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING (TCBH).  

    TCBH is a five time Project Censored award winner since 2011 and was cited in Department of Homeland Security papers as a "domestic threat" to be monitored.

    Finale Segment: Listen to Charles M. Young from an Oct. 2011 RFK show describing the NYC Occupy Wall Street actions, as they occurred near his home.