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    Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement As A Couple

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    "Surviving Retirement As a Couple"
    Spending time with your spouse is a given in retirement, but how you approach it can be the difference between a good retirement or an anxious one.  Miriam Goodman, the author of Too Much Togetherness (Bonneville Books), has interviewed hundreds of couples on the brink of retirement and found many are anxious and worried about being together all the time. This  book helps readers prepare psychologically for challenges to their long term relationships as they subtly change from career to retirement and the next stage of their lives.
     The rise in divorce rates for people married more than 20 years
    The 5 types of retired men: the glommer, who doesn't want her out of his sight; the ghost, who never leaves the house, the TV or computer;
    the grump, the general, and the gypsy, etc.
    How to keep separate yet together lives
    Signs to watch for if your spouse seems depressed.

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    Too Much Togetherness;surviving Retirement as a Couple

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    http://www.hollischapmanblog.com Look forward to a happier retirement with this fantastic guidebook for couples. You are not alone in your quest for a retirement that is both rewarding and productive. Filled with stories and tips, this book will successfully lead you and your spouse to cope with the changes that retirement brings. Grow closer together and retain your sanity as you fall in love all over again.

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    The System is Rigged

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    We are approaching that time when political talk ramps up from prospective candidates.  We are going to be urged to vote as they tell us that your vote counts.  Is this true, or is the system rigged?  Listen in to determine if you agree with my logic.  I will also touch on a couple of other controversiaI topics.   Call with your perspective now toll-free 888-773-4496.  Look forward to heaering from you.

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    PUFF TV Morning Convo.. '2104 Last Monday"

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    Thank you for all the support this year!

    2104 was a great year and 2015 is going to be much better!

    Thanks for listening to the Puff Tv Morning Convo. If you have any questions about the show please emails us...pufftv@me.com

    Thanks again for the all the support!! 

  • Bonnie Albers On Air: Monday-12.29.2014! Early Morning Coffee with KC & Guests!

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    Join us this morning, 347-838-8864, at 9am EST for 90 minutes for Early Morning Coffee with Bonnie, KC & Spirits!  Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT.  Each week Bonnie will have famous and highly respected guests joining her on her show, bringing exciting talents such as astrology, spirit mediumship, card reading, healing and much more!!

    Get ahold of Bonnie for a personal reading at her email: balbers714@aol.com or call her at : 407-221-2007 - the website is still 'in progress' and as soon as it is fully up and ready, Bonnie will have her 'reading page' up, so readings can be booked through the website! Find Bonnie on Facebook at Bonnie Mozenter Albers, the shows and archive shows are posted there!

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    Index Cards, Computers and Faxes

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    Having been in the recruiting field for as long as he has, he has owned agencies and worked for agencies.

    On this show, Jeff discusses his personal evolution of tech from 4x6 cards to fax machines.

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a professional recruiter for more than 40 years. The American Headhunter podcast is one in which he will talk about his career as a recruiter, challenges he faces, his experience as an agency owner and much more.

    In addition to his work as a recruiter, Jeff creates content for job hunters, HR professionals, small business owners, hiring managers and now recruiters to help you do your job better.

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    having been born again . . . through the Word of God which lives and abides forever.- 1 Peter 1:23                         I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches.-- Psalm 119:14            

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    CO Golf Show

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    This show features Greg Crawford and David Ogrin, it is all about golf, all the time.

    Crawford is a veteran media personality from the Pacific Northwest, who write a daily blog on golf http://crawfordsgolfdaily.blogspot.com and is also the COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management.

    Ogrin is a multiple winner on the PGA Tour, one of America's top golf instructors and a college golf coach.

    This show is full of anlaysis, information, golf tips and much more. It truly is not your typical golf show and a can't miss listen each and every Sunday night.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Like a BarnCat OuTtA HELLL!

    in Weight Loss

    Last Broadcats / Podcats from This Catsforsaken Location. Open Topic Sillinesses too shalt ensue.

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    UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier card breakdown plus 2014 MMA year in review

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    If you have not heard all the hype for Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier you can handle, listen to the Majority Decision for the best fight analysis you can get or at least the only fight analysis that matters. Also we will talk about a couple of the other fights on the UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier card, yes there are other fights taking place that night! We will also reflect a little on the year of 2014. Best fights of the year? Best fighter of the year? More reports that Brock Lesnar is returning the UFC.

    Do not miss a single episode of the Majority Decision every Sunday night at 10 pm central.  

  • Want to be heard? Be CRAZY!

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    Is it just me, or do the theists seem to be getting nuttier?  When pastors can claim that there is semen in your Starbucks latte, when presidential nominees can say the separation of church and state is a Communist idea, it is easy to think all religious people are nuts.

    And what about the atheists?  Don't they say weird stuff too?

    Let's talk about the talk.  I'll give my perspective on the absudity and lunacy we hear from the religious folk.

    Plus your call make the awesome sauce.

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