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  • HTLV – The Making of A Music Artist

    in Indie Music

    HTLV Radio is back!

    And what better way to come back for a our second season with “The Making of An Artist”, with Tea Time (Tea Time Entertainment Promotions) and Toni Breedlove (Former CEO of TSB Entertainment Management Group).

    This is an artist's chance to gain valuable information about what it takes to become successful in the music recording industry. You'll hear tips on:

    Creating a Brand
    Writing an Effective Bio
    Creating Press Kits
    Booking Performances
    and More!

    Join HTLV Radio on Thursday, November 18, 2015, at 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST, as they spill the TEA to aspiring artists. Your questions and comments are welcome by dialing (646)200-3148. Or listen and join the chatroom conversation right here on Blog Talk Radio.

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    HTTR - Imagination Creating Situations: When We Don’t Face Reality

    in Women

    Some people see connections and signs that something is “meant to be.” In some cases, this kind of thinking can translate into a delusional love.

    Toni Breedlove sat down in a very interesting conversation with one of her dearest, long-time friend and supporter, Kim Morris, and discussed how women sometime imagine certain aspects of their “relationship” to be one thing, but actually don’t consider the reality that the “relationship” is something else.   We began to examine how women put blinders on when it comes to facing the reality of what’s really going on when it comes to how women see themselves in relationships, and how their thoughts and imagination can create certain situations in those "relationships".

    Join the Hot Topics Talk Radio team, along with Guest Co-Host, Kim Morris, as we sit down for some real raw conversation about us… “WOMEN”, on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, at 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST.

    We invite you to take part in this really raw discussion by listening and commenting by phone, at (646)200-3148.  Or, listen and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Is it Rock Bottom for Lamar Odom?

    in Basketball

    Beginning in 2006, Lamar Odom has faced one tragic event after another. However, the beginning of his drug use began in 2001, when he was suspended from the Los Angeles Clippers after testing positive for marijuana.

    Now, fast-forward to October 13, 2015, when Odom was discovered unconscious at the “Love Ranch”, in Las Vegas, NV, where later report, his state was due to the heavy use of cocaine and other substances, which rendered him in a coma for a several days and on life support.

    After this very scary event, Lamar Odom is now on the mend, and the Hot Topics Talk Radio team will sit down to discuss Odom's spiraling history, and how athlete's lives can crumble under the pressure of life circumstances, money and fame.

    Join HTTR on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 8pm PST / 11pm EST.

    The live on air number to listen and comment by phone is (646)200-3148. Or listen online and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio.  

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    Patients and Physicians Network about Kidney Cancer

    in Health

    The annual Kidney Cancer Symposium was held this year in Miami, Florida.  It was chaired by Dr. Toni Choueiri of Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute in Boston, and contained a wealth of information for physicians, both urologists and oncologists dealing with kidney cancer.

    This year for the first time in many years more patients and patient advocates were included in the mix.  In the past Joyce has been one of 4-5 patients invited to help report the meeting, under the general editorship of Mike Lawing.  This year, in part to celebrate the 25th anniversary oCaleb f the founding of KCA by a kidney cancer patient, more patients were invited to attend, including two from outside the United States: Caleb from Nigeria and Juanita Ruiz from Peru.

    Billy Foster, a long-time KCA supporter and jazz musician, was on hand to provide wonderful music for the reception.  He has given us permission to broadcast an interview he recorded with Caleb Egwuenu, founder and president of Stand Up to Cancer Naija, http://www.su2c9ja.org  In Nigeria many people still believe that cancer is "juju" or some harmful magical power inflicted by someone else, or as a result of something you did wrong.  The biggest challenge to managing any cancer is that diagnoses are usually after the cancer is already advanced to a late stage.  For Nigeria as for most developing countries, the management of late stage cancer is beyond the skills and budgets of the health care systems.  Their only hope of managing cancer is to find it at early stages.

    Billy's jazz music show can be found at http://billfosterjazzzone.com


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    HTTR 5th Year Anniversary Show

    in Current Events

    We are celebrating 5 years of Hot Topics Talk Radio! Where did the time go?

     We have had a  lot of fun times, sad times and some just, WOW, times! We have touched many lives with topics where some shows would not have touched at all. Our subject matter has ranged from the fight against domestic violence; the fight against human trafficking; the fight against social and judicial injustices; betterment of relationships and family. Through it all, HTTR has helped many through our mission statement and have provided quality programming to our listeners.

     Join us Wednesday, October 28,2015, at 8pm PST/11pm EST, To reflect on some of the greatest times we’ve shared with our listeners thus far. 

    We invite you to listen and comment by phone, by calling (646) 200-3148. Or listen online and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio. 

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    Neil Haley Broadcasts Live From The Miami Book Fair

    in Books

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview authors live from the Miami Book Fair.

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview the following authors:  Thrity Umrigar, Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD, Richard Polt, Harry Lembeck, M.J. (Jessica) Fievre, Asher Price, Mirta Ojito,Toni Tipton-Martin, and Rita Gabis.

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    Psychic Tapestry's Love Show

    in Spirituality

    This is Psychic Tapestry's new show with Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio and Spiritual, Intuitive Transpersonal Practitioner Julia Hoffman, focused on the topic of Love. This show is completely devoted to that topic - finding love, attracting love and learning to love ourselves - and all matters of the heart. We'll be here every Friday at this time, answering your calls and your questions from the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter!

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    The Clubhouse on Real Raw Radio-"Safe Sex.. and the New Slavery..!!"

    in Radio

    Special Guests: Author Desiree Lee and Renee’ LadyByrd Burgess

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    The Scoreboard Sports Show On Real Raw Radio

    in Radio

    Talking Everything Sports With Mrs Toni and Mr Jazz
    Every Tuesday Night 8pm to 9pm

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    Indie Playground TOD: Tamar Braxton Feuding With Sisters Over DWTS??

    in Music

    Indie Playground TOD: Tamar Braxton Feuding With Sisters Over DWTS


    According to DailyMail reports:

    ‘There has been serious family tension among the sisters for some time. While it has been chronicled on their reality show – it is even worse in real life,’ a source close to the family reveals to Daily Mail Online.

    ‘It is pretty much all of the sisters versus Tamar at this point and her signing up to do Dancing made their relationship worse.’

    At the root of the heightened family feud was Tamar’s decision to do Dancing with the Stars even though Towanda tried to get on the show for the last two years.

    The siblings felt as though Tamar’s decision to take an opportunity that Towanda had been working on was disrespectful and believe that’s why she kept the negotiations secret from her family.

    ‘When they announced on Good Morning America that she was a surprise addition to the cast lineup this season, it was the first her sisters had heard of it.

    ‘None of them reached out to congratulate her because they were all appalled she would betray Towanda in this way,’ the source tells Daily Mail Online.

    During the September 2nd unveiling on GMA, Tamar acknowledged that her family was unaware of her decision to sign on for Season 21.

    ‘This is the reveal, I haven’t told them yet. I didn’t tell them but I guess they know now,’ she disclosed to co-host Lara Spencer.