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    MCMI RADIO Ep 34 (Re-run) w/ Swave Sevah, Tonedeff, Screem

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    This is a repeat of MCMI RADIO Ep 34, w/ Guests Swave Sevah, Tonedeff and Billy Screem (Team Homi), previously aired on 3/1/2013 6:00 PM.
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    MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. MC's vs Fighters

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    Hosted by GMS & LR BLITZKRIEG
    Guests TONEDEFF (QN5), ANGEL "Sweetness" GARCIA (Pro Boxer) and NOVELL "Black Taoist" BELL (ManUpStandup / BET's "IRON RING")
    Tonight we will be talking about the Battle Rap scene and how it compares to the fight game. MC Battling has evolved into timed rounds, with Rounds, Judges, rules, point deductions, Belts, Chains and Trophies. Contestants often talk trash and have YouTube "press conferences" before the battle, then shake hands and compliment each other afterwards.
    What do you think about the similarities between MC Battling and Boxing, MMA, Wrestling and other forms of competitive fighting? How is it similar? How is it different?
    What are your favorite battles, MMA fights, Boxers etc.
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    MCMI RADIO: Episode 29 "Best of MCMI RADIO" #3

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    Tonight we are playing the best clips of previous shows, featuring Tonedeff, pro boxer Angel Garcia, Bad Seed and GMS & LR Blitzkrieg premiering the new Plague record "Twelve" ft. HYDRA & DOMINION.
    Next week we will discuss the results of the Meek Mill vs Cassidy poll on MCMIreport.com . Please go vote now. Which diss record is better?
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