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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised State Of Affairs/Saving My TomorrowEpisode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guests: State Of Affairs creator/executive producer/director (and former executive producer/writer/director of The Blacklist) Joe Carnahan, and Amy Schatz, producer-director of HBO family special (and future series) Saving My Tomorrow.

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    Radio [itvt]: "A City Is Another TV Channel" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014

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    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT 2014 session, "A City Is Another TV Channel." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "Entertainment is only one of many content types arriving on television and second and third screens. Increasingly, individuals and households are using these screens to consume services that leverage the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT): One of the most exciting developments in the IoT is taking place around an increasingly sensorized and annotated urban environment. First-generation services like Yelp and Foursquare are early successes. But even greater growth awaits, which will demand more sophisticated solutions, architectures and user interfaces, many of which will employ video and be delivered as televisual experiences. This session will bring together representatives from the world of advanced-television, screen design, urban theory and beyond to explore the ways in which the city will become a channel of the TV of Tomorrow." Panelists included:

    Fabian Birgfeld, Director, W12 Studios
    Don Dulchinos, President, Smart Home and Away (Moderator)
    Melanie Nutter, Consultant (Former Director of the Department of the Environment, City and County of San Francisco)


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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Street Outlaws/Myrtle Manor/Final 2014 Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guests: Craig Coffman, executive producer of Street Outlaws, now in its second season on Discovery Channel, and unscripted series producer/entrepreneur Lucy Treadway, whose credits include Welcome To Myrtle Manor on TLC and the upcoming TruTV series Kart Life. Also: final thoughts on 2014's TV developments and Tomorrow Will Be Televised Remembers, looking back at the on-camera/off-camera talent who passed away this year.

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    Living Like There's No Tomorrow

    in Christianity

    How can we live our best life now?  By living like there's no tomorrow. Truth is we just don't no when our days on earth will end. I know  what you may be thinking..... Don't talk about death or life coming to an end cause I have my whole life ahead of me. But this is exactly why we need to discuss this, because as believers we know there's much more than this world can offer. Afterall, Christ really is enough, but do we live by what we sing each Sunday? Why does it seem to take sorrow, sadness, great pain, illness or difficulty to stop us in our busy lives that crowds out our relationship with God? Join me as we tackle this subject head on.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Sons Of Liberty/Macro Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guests: Sons Of Liberty executive producer/co-writer Stephen David and co-executive producer TIm Kelly, and famed talent agent/founder of new diversity in media venture Macro Charles King.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised D.J. Donaldson Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guest: Best-selling author D.J. Donaldson (Andy Broussard/Kit Franklin mystery novel series).

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Puss In Boots/Women In TV Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guests: Doug Langdale, executive producer of The Adventures Of Puss In Boots, Netflix's first new original series of 2015 which launches today, and Melanie Christy, popular TV/entertainment news blogger, on the status of women in TV.

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    Tomorrow WIll Be Televised Ellen's Design Challenge Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guests: Home & Garden Television vice president of program deveopment Courtney White and Ellen's Design Challenge executive producer Jeff Kleeman. Ellen's Design Challenge premieres January 26 on HGTV.

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    Maybe Tomorrow...

    in Women

    In this episode, we will examine the 'what-ifs' of the next day... I'll be better-thinner-stronger-prettier-sexier-smarter-taller-shorter-darker-... blah blah blah... and other stupid things that we think about ourselves.

    And then, we will look at the other side of the coin:

    Maybe tomorrow, I'll just be.. Me!

    If you are looking for answers, or trying to figure out what the questions are, don't miss this show!

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Wrestling With Death Special Episode

    in Television

    Special Wednesday episode of the program all about TV. Our guest: David George, president of Leftfield Pictures (Pawn Stars) and executive producer of Wrestling With Death, WGN America's first unscripted series.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Safari Live Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guest: National Geographic Wild vice president Dan Salerno, discussing Safari Live, the channel's new live on location natural habitat series.

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