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    The Three Tomatoes

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    Want the skinny on everything from the best facials in New York City to thong underwear that are actually comfortable? How about the latest in hot spots and must-see events in Los Angeles? If you’re looking to find fun and fascinating musings aimed at women over 40, you’ll want to hear all about The Three Tomatoes and their free e-newsletter. Join founder Cheryl Benton and contributor Debbie Zipp as they share the Tomato manifesto on maturity, Botox and the joy of being kids at heart!

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    Go Tomatoes with Dance a GoGo!

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    Bored with your workout routine Tomatoes?! Professional dancer and choreographer Andrea Lin, who has worked with such stars as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey, combines dance and exercise so you can get fit the fun and SEXY way no matter what your age. We’ll be chatting with the multifaceted and brilliantly talented Andrea Lin, a native Taiwanese, about her transition to America at a young age, her successful career and the creation of her video exercise video series DANCE A GO GO and her latest release, DANCE A GO GO SEXY NIGHTCLUB WORKOUT. So if you are tired of all those boring crunches join us Wednesday July 7th IPM EST/10AM PST and get ready to be inspired to dance.

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    Sex in Mommyville that is. Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted to have sex….but she was a mother! Sound familiar? Writer and performer Anna Fishbeyn is our guest this week and her hilarious New York Play SEX IN MOMMYVILLE premieres August 18th in New York City. In this musical feminist comedy, Anna takes the audience on a wild journey into one woman’s sexual awakening, feminist diatribe and ultimate self discovery as she repeatedly tries to have sex with her husband. We tomatoes are anxious to hear about Anna’s journey as a sex-starved mom and what she has learned from being a mother and a woman in today’s hyper-anxious, self- perfecting, wrinkle-eradicating society. Tune in Wednesday August 18th 1PM EST/10AM PST/ 12PM CST. And you could win a VTech Bluetooth cordless phone, as a reminder from VTech about the power of real one-to-on conversations. (Learn more at www.staygrounded.com Go to our Tomatoes in the Trenches Face Book Page(www.facebook.com/tomatoesinthetrenches)for contest details.

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    Car Talk for Tomatoes

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    Our guest this week on Tomatoes in the Trenches is Lauren Fix,a winning professional race car driver, and an award winning, highly regarded and trusted automotive expert. Lauren has appeared numerous times on, TODAY,The View,CNN, NPR,The Early Show and 20/20 to name just a few. Founder of Automotive Aspects and author of numerous books and articles including the award-winning Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car, Lauren provides solid information and an auto industry insider's perspective on a wide range of automotive topics and safety issues. The automotive industry isn't just a man's world. The Tomatoes will be talk'in cars and we'll be taking your calls at 347-838-8868. So empower yourself and join us Wednesday March 10 1PM EST.

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    Beyond Foxy News

    in Current Events

    Todaywe will look at the aftermath of the first presidential debate, broadcast on Fox News. Now that it's had time to sink in to the public consciousness,  we will examine the confronational behavior of the moderators and the post-debate reaction by the public.   Many viewers were especially disappointed by the use of classic Democratic talking points.

    The post-debate controversies also highlighted the role of self-appointed "gatekeepers" in the GOP establishment and allied media, who believe they can intimidate people into suppressing candidate preferences, especially for Trump.   Then there is the question: "Are There Any Alternatives To Fox News?".  That is, for conservatives and independents.  Lefties like the existing configuration just fine!  And in this world of tablets, cell phones, You Tube and streaming video, yes, there are.  When the Foxy Blonds and their henchmen go off the rails, we don't have to put up with it.  

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    Jenni Lipa, President of “Spa Trek Travel” is known as the Spa Guru and she has been to over 1200 spas over the past 35 years all over the world. Yes, that’s no lie! Jenni Lipa knows the latest trends and how to get tomatoes out there totally pampered. It isn’t just indulgence it is therapeutic! Yeah! Jenni’s passion and travels inspired a new passion so she created the nonprofit organization, “Friends of Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization”, which builds water wells, sponsors education and supports orphanages in the rural area of Siem Reap, Cambodia. We’re mixing it up on the show this week talking with Jenni about what is good for you and what good you can do for others. Join this Wednesday March 16th 2PM EST.

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    The First GOP Debate

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    (Note- due to internet problems that surfaced before show-time, I had to do the show from the local McDonald's, which has a TV set to Fox News.  Their wifi crashed a couple of times, and the quality of the audio is spotty.  I'm leaving the show up, but hope to have a better technical setup for future debates.  It was interesting to watch other people watching the debate; they were paying a LOT of attention!  Was it The Donald factor? Who knows!

    Join us live for the August 6 Republican presidential debate!  We will have live chat during the debate and a brief discussion afterwards.  Express your views about your favorite and least favorite candidates!

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    Simply Canning: Preserving tomatoes

    in Gardening

    Sharon Peterson of Simply Canning shares tips for preserving tomatoes. Canning, dehydrating and freezing!  Learn Sharon's favorite trick to reduce time spent canning tomato sauce.  Learn how to peel your tomatoes without blanching and gain insight on making and using your own tomato powder.

    More on preserving tomatoes on Sharon's Show Notes page. Tune in to The Survival Mom Radio Network!

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    PAIRED: Summer Heirloom tomatoes & wine with guest Laura Taylor, Tomato Matters

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    On Paired with Chef Mary and Duane our food and wine experts are talking with Laura Taylor of Tomato Matters learning her heirloom tomato secrets– how to grow heirlooms, the best soil to use, the different varieties, how to store and cut tomatoes – and the recipes and wines that go best with these tart and tangy fruits, yes, fruits.

    The show first broadcasts Saturday, July 26th at 1:30 pm EDT. For more information about Laura and Tomato Matters please go to tomatomatters.com and don’t forget this you can buy your very own heirloom plant before the show and ask questions on how to grow it at your own home this summer, it’s not too late.

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    Rita Cosby, Emmy Winning Journalist, Dishes with the Tomatoes

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    Rita Cosby’s investigative journalism style have won her three Emmy’s and the Jack Anderson Award for investigative excellence. As a prime time anchor at Fox News and MSNBC, and currently as a special correspondent for the top rated CBS syndicated news magazine, Inside Edition, she has interviewed dozens of world leaders and celebrities from Yassar Arafat to Michael Jackson. But perhaps the biggest “investigative” journalistic story of her career, was when she uncovered her father’s secret past, a story of heroism and courage, which she reveals in a compelling and powerful memoir “Quiet Hero, Secrets From My Father’s Past.” Join us live this Wed. 1/26 at 2PM EST/11AM PST. Or on demand at your leisure.

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    Everyday KC - Tomatoes!

    in Gardening

    While we gardeners and foodies appreciate the benefits of this deep, soaking snow on our parched soil, we're ready to put the winter behind us, and get our fingers dirty. 

    In that spirit, today we visit with one of KC's most avid home gardeners - James Worley. James raises hundreds of heirloom tomatoes, speciality peppers and myriad other vegetables on his 1.5 acre yard in south Kansas City, MO. He sells plants and vegetables and he shares his tips, trick, successes and failures on his popular blog, "KC Tomato Times".

    If you're ready for winter's end and long for the taste of garden-fresh produce, you won't want to miss today's show.