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    RealitySpirituality - Guest Tom Fabbri

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    Health-and-Wellness Expert, Entrepreneur, and Life Wrangler
    Tom Fabbri understands firsthand the heights we all can attain once we give ourselves permission to dream. Whether training to become a helicopter/jet pilot, climbing the world’s Seven Summits, or diving with great white sharks, Tom has learned to harness fear to achieve his dreams. Tom is an author & international speaker that challenges himself & his body, while acquiring life lessons of inner strength, passion, and motivation.
    Up from Rock Bottom
    While Tom has achieved abundant successes, they were only reached after a rough and tumultuous journey in his early years of life. In his twenties, Tom lacked direction as he was caught up in drug and alcohol use—eventually joining the military where he spent a short amount of time in the brig. Lacking motivation, Tom then left the military and drifted aimlessly through bankruptcy, jail, and eventually ended up homeless and sleeping in a car. It was from that rock-bottom place that he was able to see clearly that it was time to start over. At the age of 28, while working for minimum-wage at an airport, Tom decided to take his first step towards developing his best-self by ignoring the common notion that he was “too old” for aviation training. In two years, Tom became a captain for a major airline, flying private jets for the Cleveland Browns football team & celebrity clients.
    Tom discusses his life, his challenges and his latest book "Ageless You: The Boomers Guide To Beginning Again"

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    Tom Fabbri Motivational Speaker

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    Have you been told:
    1) You are too old
    2) That is for other people
    3) You want to do what?
    Maybe you have had setbacks such as:
    1) Bankruptcy
    2) Divorce
    3) Drug/alcohol and other issues
    Tom Fabbri has experienced these "issues" first hand and from these challenges he has done what most are afraid to do, and that is better himself and ovecome each challenge.
    Our discussion with Tom will focus on his many acheivements, including; becoming a helicopter and fixed wing pilot, author, a mountain climber, winner of an all natural body building contest at age 53, an author, and a very proud father.
    contact Tom at www.tomfabbrii.com Tom@tomfabbri.com
    or through me
    www.briansos.com Briansos@optonline.net 631-255-3581
    Brian Cohen Strategies of Success Motivational Speaking and sales training  

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    Tom Fabbri Fifth of seven summits

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    Tom Fabbri
    Life Wrangler, Author, Personal Chef, Certified Personal Trainer, Jet Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, certified diver, swims with sharks and a heck of a nice guy.
    Join us as we catch up with Tom Fabbri who is preparing for climb number 5 of the 7 summits, Mt Mckinley.
    Ageless You - Book

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    Adventure Grand Slam The South Pole is the next step for Tom Fabbri

    in Motivation

    Tom Fabbri - 11th American to complete the Adventure Grand Slam? That is the goal and the next climb on this journey is The South Pole.

    The end of this year, Tom will be closer to becoming the 11th American to complete the Adventure Grand Slam. This new adventure will take him to Antarctica to climb Vinson Massif, his 6th of the 7 summits. Around the corner from that will be Everest, the mother of all mountains, but that’s for another program.

    Follow Tom on this journey by joining his mailing list. This can be found at


    For media and speakin engagements please contact
    Brian Cohen

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    host Brian Cohen DTM

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    Tom Fabbri Over 50 and on the summit

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    The second portion of the interview with Tom Fabbri will focus on some the amazing physical acheivements. As of 7.31.13 Tom ahas summited 5 of the highest peaks peaks on each continent around the world. Each one presented a different situation and a different challenge, physical mental or both.
    visit the website for more information www.tomfabbri.com
    To book Tom for your next event contact
    Brian Cohen DTM 631-255-3581 Briansos@optonline.net www.briansos.com

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    The Trek to the South Pole with Tom Fabbri

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    What is it that drives a man to accomplish one goal after another, Chef, Pilot, Author and Adventurer Tom Fabbri will share with ths the challenges, the preparation and the mental preparedness needed to endure an adventure to Vinson Massif the highest peak on the South Pole.

    On November 22, 2014 Tom will be closer to becoming the 9th American to complete the Adventure Grand Slam. This new adventure will take him to Antarctica to climb Vinson Massif, the 6th of the 7 summits. Around the corner from that will be Everest, the mother of all mountains, but that's for another time.

    Join Tom and I as we talk about this climb and how it differs from the previous ones, the new challenges he will face and what it is that we are to learn from his ventures.

    Please sign up for Tom's mailing list at http://tomfabbri.com/blog/ we will update you as best as possible as he ventures to the South Pole.

    For media/sponsorship or speaking opportunities please contact me.

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen


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    Boomer and The Babe w/ Adventurer Tom Fabbri

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    It took a long time to pull it off, but by the time Tom Fabbri was 28 heI had made every life altering mistake a person could make. He drank too much, moved onto drugs, ruined a marriage, went bankrupt, went homeless, and finally ended up in jail. Looking up from that cold, hard place at the bottom – Tom decided to fix the life he had ruined. He had wasted his last minute and set out with purpose to become the person he should have been all along.
    Since then Tom hasachieved every goal that he set. He became a Captain for a major airline as well as a Helicopter Pilot. HeI graduated from culinary school, had a TV gig as a guest chef, became a certified personal trainer, and a columnist for a fitness magazine.  The formula was simple; if he wanted to do something, heI decided to do it….and then did it. It worked every time but it was only after fixing his life that Tom realized exactly how he had ruined it to begin with.
    At 52 Tom is taking that wisdom with him on another life journey. Learn about Tom's newest journey on today's Boomer and The Babe Show. It promises to be an adventure.

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    Johnny and Tom-E Show

    in Comedy

    On today's show Tommy and Johnny talk Super Bowl Tommy finishes up the quiz that he is losing at. Walt calls in with the Wicked Women of the week Brian calls in with his super bowl predictions!!! yes predictions. Join in for the fun!


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    SuperBowl Hangover!

    in Comedy

    Babies will be made, and wives will be beat. All because of a game.

    Drunk drivers will be all over the road. Driving while high on weed or other drugs is the same thing. Don't be a bahstad!

    Peyton Manning has an annoying weirdly deep voice. It make me want to poop.

    Cam Newton keeps sneezing into his arm. Someone give him a benadryl.

    Anonymous is at it again, being basement tough guys while smelling like BO and mildew.

    I heard Peyton yell "NEBRASKA!"


    As I type this, Denver scored another touch down. Looks like Peyton had another ring like his little brother.

    I'm waiting for baseball to start.

    A crane in Manhatten collapsed, and was caught on camera by an italian resident. All you could hear him say was beep beep beeeeeeep.

    Tom Brady was booed during the pre-game introductions.Bill Belicheck paid the crowd to boo.





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    Upbeat w Tom Hayes,Rudy Guarino,George Wilson, B. Porter, "The Sugar Shack"

    in Comedy

    Upbeat w tom Hayes, Rudy Guarino and billy pOrter

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    Episode 54 - Steve Karsay and The Kid -SPECIAL GUEST Tom Verducci of SI.com

    in Baseball


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    It's OFFICIAL ... Tom Verducci of SI.com was our special guest as we begin our annual and instantly famous Pre-Spring Training division-by-division, team-by-team analysis.

    We covered the AL Central team-by-team, so listen to find out our ratings and rankings for each team.  Also, hear our take on the potential for 3 of the AL Central teams making the playoffs.

    Download the audio to hear more ...

    Catch our archives here (guests include Jay Jaffe, Rob Neyer, Jon Pessah, Ken Davidoff, and many others) ...

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