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    Interstate 4 Tolls Violate Florida State Constitution

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    Americans across the country must work together to stop the quadruple taxation and foreign control of our Interstate Highway System. We must not allow our national highway infrastructure to be sold-off to foreign corporations like Cintra.

    Help Block Interstate 4 Toll Taxes
    Lawsuit against FDOT - I-4 Tolls violate Florida Constitution
    FDOT SunPass Over Billing http://landlinemedia.blogspot.com/2015/01/dear-florida-dot.html
    Florida Toll Bill Mistakes http://www.wfla.com/story/27927389/toll-billing-mistakes-call-this-st-petersburg-senator
    Florida Senator Jeff Brandes - Chairman of Transportation Committee  http://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/s22
    Lawsuit against NCDOT  http://wideni77.org/
    Widen I-77 Lawsuit: Project is Unconstitutional   http://corneliusnews.net/blog/2015/01/20/widen-i-77-lawsuit-ncdot-project-is-unconstitutional/

    The Tolling of Interstate 4 is being done with "Public Private Partnerships". 

    Public Private Partnerships violate the Florida State Constitution.  Public Private Partnerships are the collusion of government and the private sector (see below).  Federal funding is being used for I-4 and the Wekiva Parkway Toll Road.  
    Florida SR 408 Toll Taxes equate to a $2.00+ gallon gas tax.  Toll taxes equate to highway robbery, AND they increase our cost of living and harm our national security.  The Interstate Highway system was designed as part of our national defense and here it is being sold off.  We must unite and stop this. "Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstates and Defense Highways"   http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/programadmin/interstate.cfm
    Email AmericanStatesman@1791.com

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    American Infrastructure ....AKA Corruption Boulevard

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    American Infrastructure - Highway Robbery!

    Toll Roads.....Taxation without representation

    "Article on FDOT project to connect the Jacksonville East I-295 (Buckman Bridge) bypass to I-95 and extend capacity by Tolling Express Lanes.  (There is loads of real estate available from original development)"

    "Of note last paragraphs .. Local Resident questioned why "they" couldn't simply make it a "free"way as Federal Tax Dollars pay 75% of the bill anyway."

    "The FDOT response" "Through those studies (by road engineers) and working with the Federal Highway Administration, the determination was made that the best option for expanding capacity would be express lanes."

    "My Cynical Opinion refers me to the Florida Investigative Reporter Eric Barton's story of how the Governor brought in Mr. Poole & the Reason Foundation (?) to "plan" roadway expansion as the real cause for the decision to toll our system of "free"ways."  http://fcir.org/2014/09/14/floridas-toll-lane-boom/





    Response from Terri Hall....Yep, Bob Poole is behind all of it. Why would government turn down a revenue stream they don’t have to ask permission for and that voters can’t control?

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    Pilot reporter Dave Forster talks about toll fails

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    Transportation reporter Dave Forster joins Pilot Radio to discuss issues with billing. Forster has been following the issue of the region’s first large-scale venture into all-electronic tolling for the last eight months. On Tuesday, Sept. 23, The Virginian-Pilot published a story that outlined the various challenges - at least a half dozen - that motorists have exprienced since the venture went into effect eight months ago. 

    Join Dave at 11 a.m. Tuesday to talk about the tolls and what motorists can do to help themselves.

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    LIVE Interview with Christopher Dancel, CEO - IV Pitstop, Inc.

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    Media Nite Radio welcomes to the airwaves CEO, Christopher Dancel of IV Pitstop, Inc.  We will discuss this new inventive way to replenish the body on the go for extreme athletes

    Mr. Dancel is an avid Superbike Track Day enthusiast and has attended many track days in California. During these events he, frequently found that staying hydrated was quite difficult—consuming enough liquids to prevent dehydration left him feeling bloated, which was extremely uncomfortable in the tight leather protective suit.

    On a particularly hot day at Big Willows in Lancaster, the combined heat from his bike and the reflective heat from the asphalt was extremely tolling. He moved into the pits in attempt to cool off and reenergize. As he sat in a chair, rehydrating from the ride, a solution occurred to him: IV rehydration.

    Through his experience a Police K9 Handler, he was familiar with the IV rehydration process; the method is used to relieve officers who endure heat exhaustion on the job. To determine whether this alternative method would work at racing events, he consulted with a close friend and physician, then tried the method at his next racing event. The result: he felt more comfortable physically and did not suffer from dehydration symptoms he encountered at previous races. Thus, IV Pit Stop was created.

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    Chimes Tolling for Elections 2012

    in Politics Progressive

    You may have noticed that Presidential and Congressional elections are nigh. We are willing to comment (yet again) on what's up and who's doing what. Expect predictions!
    Our Boston-area Will Rogers character, John L. Galligan, joins us this week. We'll hit national, state and maybe local races...those that prove points. You can prep by hitting up John's Chimes at Midnight political blog.

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    All-Electronic Tolling: Keeping Traffic Moving in Maryland

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    Maryland drivers are experiencing faster commutes with the recent introduction of the state’s first all-electronic toll (AET) road, the Intercounty Connector (ICC). ACS, A Xerox Company, is behind-the-scenes of this new technology. Join Ken Philmus, senior vice president and managing director, ACS Transportation Systems and Services, in a discussion on Maryland’s new road and how AET is transforming how drivers get from point A to point B.

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    Time Out on Corporate Welfare aka Welfare for Billionaires

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    * * Attention Florida Taxpayers * * The City of Orlando, Orange County and State of Florida continue to Victimize the hard working residents of Central Florida. The "Elected Bank Robbers" of Orlando and Orange County, FL. are once getting ready to write a check from OUR bank account and hand it over to their polticial friends. AND...At the same time, they are wasting $500,000 making plans to increase our taxes via:
    TOLL TAXES to go into downtown Orlando TOLL TAXES on SR 50 - Colonial Drive TOLL TAXES on SR 436 - Semoran Blvd. Does the City of Orlando Need or Want a Major League Soccer Stadium?  Can the City of Orlando afford another unfunded venue?  THE ANSWERS NO AND NO Timeout on Welfare for Billionaires - aka Sports Stadiums! Timeout on More Toll Taxes! Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is just another RINO that supports Corporate Welfare - Welfare or Billionaires.  Contact Mayor Jacobs --Phone 407-836-7370 --Fax 407-836-7360 --Email Mayor@ocfl.net Orange County Commissioners: Phone 407-836-7350 Fax 407-836-5879 District1@ocfl.net  Scott Boyd District2@ocfl.net  Fred Brummer District3@ocfl.net  Pete Clark District4@ocfl.net  Jennifer Thompson District5@ocfl.net  Ted Edwards District6@ocfl.net  Tiffany Moore Russell Orange County Website http://orangecountyfl.net/?tabid=375 More Toll Taxes for Orlando http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2013-08-04/business/os-variable-tolling-expressway-20130804_1_tolls-state-roads-traffic-flow

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    The Great American Highway Robbery aka America For Sale

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    The American Toll Road....... The Great American Highway Robbery aka America For Sale American Politicians Selling Off American Highway Infrastructure to Foreign Corp. American Automobile Assocation Abandons their Members at the Toll Booth. Call AAA 407-444-7000 America for Sale to the Highest Bidder Public Private Partnerships-Collusion of the Government and the Private Sector. Stop I-95, I-4 and I-75 Tolls True Cost of Toll Roads to Every American True Cost of Toll Roads to Our Economy True Cost of Toll Roads to National Security True Cost of Toll Roads to Emergency Services True Cost of Toll Roads to Law Enforcement Key Articles
    Reason Foundation - Give me a Break. Alexander is Right....Toll road contracts are set up as public-private partnerships, which are not the same thing as privatization. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) result in government-sanctioned monopolies granted to one or more favored companies, essentially crony capitalism. Copied from http://reason.org/blog/show/alexanders-concerns-over-tolling-ar President Obama’s proposed budget shows the administration’s commitment to funding transportation and infrastructure. But while the numbers look good for roads and bridges over the short term, critics say the document lacks a long-term funding solution and gets off track in areas such as sharing highway money with rail and expanding the cross-border trucking program.  http://www.landlinemag.com/Story.aspx?StoryID=25032 "On this day, within South Africa, no roads should be privatised." http://www.citizen.co.za/citizen/content/en/citizen/local-news?oid=362309&sn=Detail&pid=334&Marchers-will-take-down-e-toll-gantries--nicely--

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    For Women Veterans, the Battle Continues

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    On, Veteran’s Day, we Americans pause for moments of silence, listen to bells tolling and guns firing and remember the deaths of thousands of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (let alone wars of the more distant past). It’s a day of meditation and sadness–but it must also be a day for feminism and activism.
    For too many women veterans, homecoming represents a whole new battlefield–one strewn with warriors suffering from homelessness, mental disorders and a still-rankling sexism.
    Sometimes the sexism is as simple as a lack of tampons in the bathrooms at the VA hospitals–a small yet definitive reminder that women remain on the fringes of the care the Veterans Affairs department provides. Other times it takes the form of a discriminating policy for diagnosing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a scarcity of VA homeless shelters that offer separate housing for women, and the  devastating rate of sexual assault within military ranks.
    BLOG FROM Ms MAGAZINE November 11, 2010 By Laura Gottesdiener
    Photo from Flickr user Jeffrey Beall under Creative Commons 2.0.

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    AAA Abandons American Automobile Motorists

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    Per AAA "Mission includes protecting and advancing freedom of mobility and improving travel safety"  If that is true..Where is AAA on Interstate Toll Taxes and Public Private Partnerships of our Public Infrastructure? The fact is AAA has abandon the American Motorist.   It is time for the American Motorist to abandon AAA. The NRA is out there fighting to protect our Second Amendment and the rights of the American gun owners. The American Automobile Association - aka - AAA is nowhere to be found when it comes to protecting the American Freeway, the American Motorists or the American Truck Driver. AAA is completely silent on the issue. AAA claims to be against tolling taxes, but they do nothing to help block or defeat the massive takeover of our public infrastructure. AAA is completely silent on the issue. Maybe AAA is in collusion with our corrupt government and is working against the American Motorist and the American Truck Driver in support of political friends and foreign corporations? What game is AAA really playing? AMERICAN MOTORISTS MUST SEND A LOUD MESSAGE TO AAA We Will ABANDON AAA JUST LIKE AMERICANS ABANDONED AARP! AAA has over 50 million members. Call AAA today! Join AAA "Member Advisory Board".  I just did.  Amy Adams is the administrator of the MAB.  Email aaadams@aaasouth.com   Contact AAA http://autoclubsouth.aaa.com/newsandsafety/media.aspx AAA Online Newsroom see what they are NOT doing http://autoclubsouth.aaa.com/newsandsafety/media.aspx

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