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    ATK:pt14 Thyatira – Don’t tolerate Jezebel, STOP the whoredom!

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    In the book of Revelation 2:18-29, Christ rebukes His Community (Kehillah) of believers at Thyatira. They were tolerating the deceptive teachings of Jezebel in committing sexual sin and eating food sacrificed to idols. Some had even learned the “deep secrets” of Satan (vs. 24). It is time to stop the whoredom and come out of Babylon!

    Yahweh gave Elijah the strategy to destroy this enemy and He shares with us today that same spiritual strategy to help us destroy the works of this deceptive spirit destroying the church, homes, and society. Yahweh sad, "Anyone who escapes from Hazael will be killed by Jehu, and those who escape Jehu will be killed by Elisha!" (1 Kings 19:17) The true prophets and saints of the Most High God have the power to cast down this enemy! It is time to thrown down!

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    Torture in America - Business as Usual?

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    With the release of the report on CIA torture of prisoners of war - terrorists having been declared prisoners of war by our government under King George II of America - we are faced with the truth that our immediate past President and Vice President were and are war criminals. While there are, as some pundits have pointed out, statutes of limitations on war crimes in American law, there are not in international law. What will we do about this? Will we sit back and say that these things were necessary to protect our freedom? Will those of us claiming to be people of faith and spirituality simply look the other way, substituting our country and national interests for the God of our understanding? Or will we stand up and call for an end to these practices and an end to our government being accessories after the fact by failing to turn Bush, Cheney, et. al. over to International Justice? As people of faith, can we tolerate this behavior on the part of our government?

    Time permitting, we will look at the much more pedestrian issue of Time magazine actually considering making NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell its person of the year. Even allowing that Time's person of the year may have influenced the news for better or worse, is this bumbling idiot the kind of person we believe is all that important>

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    1. Anger is what unites the black community 
    2.People will awaken and begin to realize they are not a part of America , there lives don't matter and seek identity 
    3.gang members will unite to STOP the violence. 
    4.Rappers will be held accountable for ignorant RAP lyrics, drugs, and violence 
    5.The music industry will become more conscious 
    6.People will be more aware of, negative black images in Hollywood movies, and won't tolerate it anymore.

    If the COP is found guilty, people will continue as business as usual, feel they won a victory, and back to the IGNORANCE

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    From President to King

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    The Congress pretty much gave the President a free pass when they assured him there would be no impeachment. Now the President has taken that and ran with it. Will this Congress tolerate the illegal actions by the President or do what the people have asked for with their votes?

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    Tonight I have edited, for brevity, a show on American Education, our Militaristic Society, and how America has become Prussia. Two Years ago now I did this. And now we have Common Core to underscore my contentions.

    Do you think our “Education System” can be fixed? I disagree, find out why.

    Do you recognize how we are taught the instantly kneel to ‘authority’ be it legitimate in its use against us or not? Why do we tolerate it? Listen and see how that happened.

    This is a one hour presentation and then “Open Mics” should any wish to chime in with their thoughts.

    Please tell you teacher friends to listen in or go to the archives. They may learn why it just gets worse every year regardless of how dedicated they are.

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    Discussing How To Rid America of Islam

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    America was founded on God.  Our country is being overrun by muslims and Islam that believe in Allah and Sharia Law.  We must unite as Amerians and find a way to send them a message as well as those that represent us in government that WE do not want them here and WE will not tolerate it.  Please call in and share you thoughts, opinions, ideas.

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    Does it still take a village to raise a child ?

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    Does it still take a villiage to raise a child? are their any villages left? Are you your own empty village? 

    I want to know what it takes to actually step up , speak up, and get involved with children in the community that aren't our own. How often do you go out of your way to let a teenager know that they're heading in the wrong direction? How often do you tell a young mother that she's crossed a line in parenting and public? How often have you watched a loved one react in a way, towards their child, that you would normally speak up or act out against, had they been a stranger? How about stranger, from lack of knowing them? How often have you said something to your child that you would judge another person for saying to theirs? Do we care about our children and others or do we TOLERATE the childre?  

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    Sake to Me Saturday

    in Education

    I recently saw a short video  by a FB friend, Tha Profit, on the importance of intoxicants to opening up ways of knowing to our Egyptian ancestors in the Americas.  He was under the influence when he made it. So he made his point by demonstration.  I thought it was impressive.  I cannot tolerate cannibis at all and have a very limited tolerance for alcohol. I have the equivalent of about 6 drinks per year.  But, I thought it would be interesting to see how an online conversation  under a light to moderate influence of some sake would go about anything that "black" callers wanted to discuss related to our problems and suggested solutions.   It’s an experiment.  If you decide to participate, please call in either sober or only lightly or moderately intoxicated and be prepared to name the intoxicant.  If it’s not legal, don’t call in because if you lie about being sober or about what intoxicated you, it will invalidate the results.   Also, if you are in recovery for a substance abuse, please do not listen to this broadcast because there’s no need to trigger a re-lapse over some little curiosity on my part.

    Otherwise, LET'S TALK.  And, ladies, PLEASE don't leave me stranded with only male callers....I'll end the broadcast if that happens

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    Help Me Turn My Life Around "How Can I?"

    in Lifestyle

    Live your life in an extrodinary way. No matter what you are facing no matter where you are in life you can be healthy happy and live an amazing life by making the right decisions and choices. Everyone falls down sometimes, along lifes journey, the secret is when you fall, land on your back and look up because the you can see your way to get up. Your want more then you have to expect more, don't just tolerate where you are do more so you can celebrate where you are going in your life. Remember you can do all things through the universal power that blesses you to do more.

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    Interview with Subhash Kommuru for The Magic of Friendship

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    A flock of migrating geese stumble upon Tadoba, the land of the fierce tiger Babbar who does not tolerate anyone in his area. Will Babbar show any mercy? Can he change? Will the geese make it to safety? This is a story about change -- a transformation that comes with the magic of friendship. Personality may not change, but nature can surely change. This story will shows the value of friendship and how that can change a person, particularly one who is lonely and never really had the gift of laughter

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    The Phenomenon of Anonymous

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    The faceless cabal of hactivists and Internet bandits known as Anonymous possesses the power to bring websites to their knees, and it poses a quandary to the modern world: should we tolerate Anonymous or not? Is there a question of "tolerating" a group that appears virtually indestructible? Are they criminals or saviours? Should we fear or admire them? Do they deserve respect? Can they be said to have an agenda, and if so -- what is it? Can they be trusted? Will their effect be good or bad for humankind overall? Stephen & Steve use analytic astrology to probe at the roots and future of this mysterious, powerful group. 

    Also on the table for discussion are recent events on the global political scene, including the latest controversial Israeli action against the al-Aqsa mosque, and the unsurprising-yet-overwhelming GOP victory in the midterm elections. 

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