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    Toil Rock Radio

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    Toil Rock Radio Talk , is about all the goings on in the Toil Records world.

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    The course of human history has been determined by powers hidden from the purview of the average historian. What is generally conceived, as "history" is merely the exoteric (outside) expression of hidden forces. 

    There are two streams running parallel to one another throughout history: the outwardly visible and the invisible. The first is the subject of the historian the second is the province of the initiate. Although the visible is commonly understood as history; hidden behind this outside history is the invisible stream that is the real true expression. 

    It was this hidden stream, or rather, the forces behind it, that was concern of the Mystery Schools of Antiquity. These secrets where guarded with merciless zeal. The Schools of Mystery were only open to the select few.

    The behind the allegory of the Adam and Eve story, described in the Book of Genesis, is the fate awaiting all men. That is the inescapable facts of created life that confronts all mankind: pain, toil, and death. The pain inherent in every birth, the toil required in every life in the face of a hostile world, and death to all created life. This conception of creation is not unique to the religion of the Old Testament but is also the foundation of much older religious systems.

    THESE MUCH OLDER RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS talk about three "other" forces acting upon his inner and outer being. 

    These are Fate, Freedom and Grace.




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    The LORD is Long-Nosed (Heb. Patient) Toward Us

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    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the patience of God.  God knows the intense stresses that we face each day.  He knows that sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  However, as believing ones we must learn the importance allowing God to lead our lives.  His leadership extents to our attitudes and actions.  God does not want us mired in anger,rage, and hostility.  When we are heavy laden with ourselves he wants us to come to him for divine rest from our toil.    

  • C.R.E live chat with Raul and David- Highlights of the week and Relationship Q&A

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    A man need SPACE!. Space Author Deborah Tannen has written brilliantly on the masculine and feminine divide between independence and intimacy (masculine being primarily drawn towards independence and the feminine toward intimacy). Within all of my relationships and the vast majority of my clients, I consistently see that it is the feminine-associated female partner that wants more time spent together and the masculine-associated male partner wanting more time apart. There is no perfect balance to be found here. This will always be a balancing act of closeness and separateness. But rest assured, suffocating a man (either by failing to allow him free time or with overly jealous behaviour) is the fastest way to end a relationship. Men need breathing room in a relationship. We need time for our hobbies, time with our friends, and time to toil away on our projects to feel fulfilled. Traditionally, when women (or the feminine associated partner) needed to solve a problem, they would go further into the tribe – connecting with close friends and family and discussing their issues. Conversely, when men have a problem to solve, they would leave the tribe to be alone with their thoughts. So let him roam. Let him breathe. Leave him to his own devices. A man will be that much happier for you to receive him when he returns, knowing that you trust both him and the strength of your bond enough to let him have his space. - See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/7-things-men-want-in-a-relationship-jgc/#sthash.4rGk6v25.dpuf

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    Sabbath of the 4th Commandment

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    It is lawful to do well on the sabbath days. Matthew 12:12 – {ML 231.1}
    According to the fourth commandment the Sabbath was dedicated to rest and religious worship. All secular employment was to be suspended, but works of mercy and benevolence were in accordance with the purpose of the Lord. They were not to be limited by time or place. To relieve the afflicted, to comfort the sorrowing, is a labor of love that does honor to God’s holy day. – {ML 231.2}
    The necessities of life must be attended to, the sick must be cared for, the wants of the needy must be supplied. He will not be held guiltless who neglects to relieve suffering on the Sabbath. God’s holy rest day was made for man, and acts of mercy are in perfect harmony with its intent. God does not desire His creatures to suffer an hour’s pain that may be relieved upon the Sabbath or any other day.... – {ML 231.3}
    The Sabbath is not intended to be a period of useless inactivity. The law forbids secular labor on the rest day of the Lord; the toil that gains a livelihood must cease; no labor for worldly pleasure or profit is lawful upon that day; but as God ceased His labor of creating, and rested upon the Sabbath and blessed it, so man is to leave the occupations of his daily life and devote those sacred hours to healthful rest, to worship, and to holy deeds. The work of Christ in healing the sick was in perfect accord with the law. It honored the Sabbath. – {ML 231.4}
    Labor to relieve the suffering was pronounced by our Saviour a work of mercy and no violation of the Sabbath. – {ML 231.5}
    The needs of suffering humanity are never to be neglected. The Saviour, by His example, has shown us that it is right to relieve suffering on the Sabbath. – {ML 231.6}

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    Sons Of Anarchy - Toil and Till - TV Review

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    Sons Of Anarchy - Toil and Till - TV Review

    Join our weekly Sons Of Anarchy reviews show on Wednesday’s. The host discuss the highlights of the latest episode. If you watch Sons of Anarchy – feel free to email your thoughts to mikethemovieguy@gmail.com and we’ll read them on own review show. Join the live chat while the show in LIVE – Wednesday’s at 9pm ET.

    Twitter: @TheVRO

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    The Variety Radio Online Host - Amy @AmyVRO - Amber @piratetothenah - Mike @mikethemovieguy - Jesus @Thisfunktional

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    TOIL: Say Yes to Spirit #202

    in Self Help

    Work. Effort. Toil. Do those words make you groan? Does saying YES to Spirit require work, effort or toil?

    You are invited to join in the conversation! 

    Since March 2010 Tracy and Lesley have been talking about the importance of saying YES! to Spirit. Explore different ways to be guided by Spirit. Learn more about the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible. Discover spiritual practices that help you create a life you love!

    Tracy is a licensed spiritual coach and avid rollerskater. Lesley is a psychotherapist and stand-up comedienne. Both are published authors and committed to say YES! to Spirit in their daily lives.

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    "With the Renaissance and widened world of modern thought Africa came no less suddenly with her new-old gift, Shakespeare's "Ancient Pistol " cries: A fortune for the world and worldlings base! I speak of Africa and golden joys!

    He echoes a legend of Gold from the day's of Punt and Ophir to those of Ghana, the Gold Coast, and the Rand. This thought sent the worlds greed scurrying down the hot, mysterious coast of Africa to the Good Hope of gain, until for the first time a real world -commerce was born, albeit it started as a commerce mainly in bodies and souls of men.

    The present problems of problems is nothing more than democracy beating itself helplessly against the color bar, purling, seeping seething, foaming  to burst through, ever and again overwhelming the emerging masses of white men in it's rolling backwaters and held back by those who dream of future kingdoms of greed built on black and brown and yellow slavery.

    The indictment of Africa against Europe is grave. For four hundred years white Europe was chief support of that trade in human beings which first and las robbed Black Africa of a hundred million human beings, transformed the face of her social life, overthrew organized government, distorted ancient industry, and snuffed out the lights of cultural development. today instead of removing laborers from Africa to distant slavery, industry built on a new slavery approaches Africa to deprive the natives of their land, to force them to toil and reap all their profit for the white world." W.E.B. DU BOIS


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    Prospering in affliction

    in Christianity

    Genesis 41:50-52 (KJV) says -

    50 And unto Joseph were born two sons before the years of famine came, which Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On bare unto him.

    51 And Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God, said he, hath made me forget all my toil, and all my father's house.

    52 And the name of the second called he Ephraim: For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

    Joseph went through severe trials and afflictions. He was hated by his brothers, sold as a slave and ended up in a foreign country. He was lied upon and sent to prison. In God's time, he was released from prison, and promoted to be second in command in Egypt. The Lord's hand was upon him, and Joseph acknowledged this in verse 52 when he named his son Ephraim. Joseph confessed that God had caused him to be fruitful in his affliction.

    Can you prosper in your afflction? Yes! Can you prosper as you wait upon God to answer your prayers? Yes!

    Please join us for the study of God's word.


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    Value yourself  like God values you. His relationship with Adam models the same relationship He wants to have with you. He wants to walk, talk and communion with His friend. The mysteries that God would have shared with Adam, He wants to share with you.  Adam gave up his spiritual mind and chose his natural mind. When God told Adam, he would surely die, if he ate of the tree of knowledge (Genesis1:17), his spiritual mind died.  He went from revelation to tribulation, having to toil, with his hands.We have the spirit of the living in us, now. The Holy Spirit that came upon the people of God in the old testament now lives in us! Greater is He that lives in us, then he that lives in the world (I John 4:4). Our great God Jehovah has manifested Himself in us. We have the power to walk and talk like Jesus. Jesus even said greater works shall you do (John 4:12).

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    The AE System: Come all Ye Heavy Laden.. finding rest from toil

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    Luke 12:27.Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

    Are you tired of buying a new bottle of snake oil every 3 months? Give The AE System a try. Learn how The Creator can and does reconcile all things to His Glory. We are real you are real. Why are you worrying about your hair.. as a matter of fact why are you worrying about anything at all?

    Talk with us as we go over the ease of use of The AE Systm once we get beyond tradtions taught by the world and back to what The Creator has truly given us. "Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind"

    Romans 12:2\

    For more information visit us at www.transformationsalondecoiffure.com or www.theaesystem.com