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    Rolling Toe Episode #12 Cupping overview

    in Business

    Mike and Kevin Beckett talk about Tire Wear and Handling Issues on Trucks

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    Grin and giggles... and Toe Tapping all in one PLace ...
    Please enjoy the Crzy Mt Billies and Twisted Tom on a very Happy Show.... 
    Please come to the full web site to enjoy more of these great Artists http://http://vdupew.wix.com/open-the-door-

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    in Self Help


    What childhood pain are you still holding onto that is causing challenges for you in one or more areas of your life?

    What conscious or unconscious thoughts, originating from childhood are creating pain, heartache, discomfort, stagnation, frustration, sadness, fear, anger, etc.?

    What's missing in our lives and is it because of something that happened in our childhood, that we never addressed and/or resolved or healed; and are blocking our path to true joy, happiness, success, prosperity, freedom, peace of mind, fun, excitement, sobriety, self-love self-care, true love, and fulfillment, etc.?

    What will it take to have the courage to recognize, acknowledge, and change these things expeditiously, exponentially and with ease? What else is possible and how does it get even better than that? (Access Consciousness Questions to Live By)

    Be sure to pick up a discounted autographed copy of my book and follow along: "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace" Call Me: 1-773-796-9021 or shoot me a request via email at: marjoriemotivatesme@yahoo.com Sending Love, Light, Peace and Blessings to You and Yours!

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    Strategic Healthy Living

    in Women

    Lynn Smith started her coaching career while she was still a student in the 12-month coaching certification program, Health Coach Training. She launched her programs, websites and global teleclasses as she was preparing for graduation.

    Working as a women's weight loss coach, Lynn began to identify specific emotional factors that contribute to emotional eating and being overweight. This resulted in Lynn creating a signature program that focused on shifting those inner issues. Lynn's passion is helping women step into their power and learning to love and value themselves.

    That passion led her to become a certified Tapping into Wealth coach, where she specializes in helping women entrepreneurs overcome the inner obstacles to being seen and earning their worth.


    Business Description:

    My mission is to help women business owners step up, stand out, and earn their worth.

    There are some financial self-sabotages that hit women particularly hard:

    One is perfectionism
    Another is not wanting to be seen. We hide. We don’t want to be in the spotlight. But if you can’t be visible, perfect clients and customers can’t see you.
    A third, which is a biggie, is feeling deserving. If a woman has nagging thoughts of “Am I good enough?” it’s sending out the message of “I don’t deserve more.”

    Nobody wants to talk about this. But if someone doesn’t, women aren’t going to find the help they need.

    If you aren’t experiencing the success you desire, there may be these things at play below the surface.

    You can’t change your relationship with money until you change your relationship with yourself.

    That’s why I’m here. My mission is to help women entrepreneurs experience success faster than I did.

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    Mud Toe at Midnight - 4th Anniversary Show

    in Spirituality

    Mud Toe discusses the evolution of his show and himself over the past four years.

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    Rolling Toe Episode #11 Trailers

    in Business

    Mike and Kevin Beckett talk about tire wear and handling issues on trucks.

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    The Friday Nightcap w/ Emiaj and Taylor

    in Entertainment

    Every Friday night you can find us getting down and dirty and tapping into our "Bad Girl" and "Bad Boy" sides. We will discuss several topics and take calls from the listeners. Sometimes our topics are not for the faint at heart. You can leave inhibitions at the door. This not for the prude in you.. So sit back relax and lets get into a little trouble together.

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    Peaceful Warrior of Compassion Program

    in Self Help

    Readings from religious texts, novels, sci-fi books, articles and other written material that help us explore what it means to be free in our society.  This freedom means having the power to choose.  It means cleansing oneself of the internal voices that hinder and tapping into the larger voice, or type of knowing, called the truth.  Along with this, we explore various topics, provide commentary on current events, and give you the opportunity to agree or disagree, accept or dismiss, accept or reject.  The main point is that the power to do so is left in your hands.  There is no censorship so you are allowed to make your own decisions about what to keep and what to let go.  That is what real freedom is all about.

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    The People's Thursday on Apex Talk Radio

    in Entertainment

    This episode is about the people, you! Yes you can call and talk about whatever is on your mind. Ask Big Mike some questions, see whose the funniet on the show or whatever is on your mind. Call us and be on Live!!!

    Join us tonight LIVE by Calling 646-716-8552, wait for the que and host to answer and get you into the show.  If you want to listen, you can still call in and let the host know or log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/apextalk and enjoy the show.  Follow us on Facebook and listen to us by tapping the link left on our timeline for the show. Thank you for spending time with us. Take Care! 


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    The Cypher

    in Entertainment

    Remember those brothers who brought you a little late night talk show "...Where REAL MEN Talked" a while back? Well...




    Presenting "The Cypher"! Another late night talk show featuring "Bigg" Rich Muscadin, Ray "The Atypical" Jones, and Timothy 'DJ Kemetik' Sifford. It's going to be more of the same topics, more of the same vibe, more of the same profoundness and MUCH MORE of the same hilarity! So get ready for another 90 minutes of REAL TALK from some of the most impassioned brothers on the Internet. This Wednesday, and every Wednesday night starting at 10 pm EST. In addition, listeners will also be able to weigh in with their thoughts and questions as well, by hitting us up at 818-369-0344. Make sure you have us tuned in and locked.


    New name, same brothers, elevated attitudes! It's The Cypher...Tapping Into Your Subconscious!

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    in Culture

    Come join us on the Ringing Stone Network, April 29th @9pm-11pm with your hostess GallacticSoul. Our guest will be  Bro. Anthony speaking on "Releasing The Hidden Treasures Within". He will be discussing the guidelines of tapping into our inner powers thus releasing our hidden treasures of knowledge. With Mother's Day Celebrations all over the world, the importance of respecting the Goddess vibrational energy of nurturing and love should be honored through us all.
    So join us and tell others. Thank you for your support.

    Love, Peace & Prosperity For Us All!