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    Alternative Mortgage Lending, Janc/Morgensen - Angel Oak Home Loans

    in Finance

    Although some investors are still holding tight to credit standards, mortgage credit availability loosened last month, according to a recent Mortgage Bankers Association report.  The MBA concluded that the Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI) increased 0.5 percent to 122 in April.

    Of the index’s four components, Government lending saw the greatest easing and was up 1.1 percent over the month. The Jumbo index increased of 0.8 percent and the Conforming index saw an increase of 0.2 percent. The Conventional index decreased 0.6 percent.

    It appears the increase was driven by new offerings of FHA’s 203(k) home improvement program, new VA offerings and new jumbo products. The increase was partially offset by some investors tightening underwriting criteria on conventional cash out offerings.”

    Joining me today to discuss alternative mortgage lending is Lee Janc, a Strategy and Business Development Executive for the Financial Service Industry and Eric Morgensen of Angel Oak Home Loans.  Angel Oak Home Loans serves both the Retail and the Wholesale markets and specializes in non-conforming products.


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    A Theory of Parenting - The Morgan Library & Museum

    in Art



    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today we would like to recap our visit to the Morgan Library and Museum aka The Pierpont Morgan Library 

    The website is www.morgan.org

    Address: 225 Madison Ave, at East 36th Street NYC

    Price: Free on Friday from 7-9pm

    On exhibit The Lincoln Speaks words that transform a Nation

    The exhibit featured:

    -Theater shows

    -Private Gallery





    -Bust hand and head

    -The Emancipation Proclamation


    The Museum is a Multifloor building with a cafe, small scale model of the Morgan, Live Music, Dining Room, Store, A slant of Light, and Oil Sketches




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    Don't call me Bruce!

    in Comedy

    Today I discuss the man that was Jenner

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    AUDIT VAT and Barbados Revenue Authority

    in Radio

    Join Rawle Maycock, political correspondent and Alex Mitchell today to talk about VAT, BRA, Banks, Credit Unions, etc.

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    Back To Basics - Conservatives Need To Learn To Win Again

    in Politics Conservative

    I use a great number of sports analogies on my show.  As the 2016 election approach I see consevatives as a team that may have forgotten what it takes to win.  Like in sports there are talented and experienced teams that just should be winning more often but don't.  Most of the time it is after losing time and time again it is ecause they as a team have forgetten what it take to win.

    Like the Super Bowl team that doesn't even make the playoffs the following season. That is what we will talk about today.  What will it take to win  in 2016 and beyond. So today we get back to the basics.

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    Dr. Fred Says .... "AGX Digestive" - Zija Int'l and AMEO's (tm) Newest Product

    in Health

    Dr. Fred Says ... Continuing the Series on the AMEO tm Essential Oils.

    Join Dr. Fred Valdes today at 12 NOON CST, as he speaks about Zija's latest AMEO tm Essential Oil blend, AGX Digestive and a deeper look into how digestive enzymes paly a role in our overall health and balance. 

    Each Wednesday, Dr. Valdes - along with his associate Dlynn Saumer - brings us up-to-date information on the state of health in the world today. 

    Presently Dr. Valdes teaches part-time at a medical school close to Miami. His background is emergency medicine and he has spent many years studying complementary medicine. Within his team are doctors, chiropractors. therapists, alternative health care practitioners and professional athletes.

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    Choose Peace

    in Goals

       On today's podcast Arthur will  empower you with skills that you can use to increase Peace in your life and our world. Peace begins in your choices to be a peacemaker or a troublemaker. Arthur's skills will inspire you to adjust your thinking and find your power to be a positive force for peace in your world.


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    Depression,How Can You Tell?

    in Radio

    Well today show is going to be on depression , there are a lot of people out here screaming for help but all some of us do is walk right by are if we do stop all we tell them is to pray and let God take the wheel. Well that might work for some but what about the ones that dont believe in God, that is another story on how can we help that person, do we go straight at them about the bible are do we try to hear them out and work with them in there time. Who is to say what is the right move. Lets talk on this.


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    Learned Behavior

    in Spirituality

    Often we behave in ways that are contrary to our best interests. What makes that so? It's kind of like declaring we're heading out to California, which lies west of us, and getting into a vehicle headed east. Along the way it might dawn on us we have taken action that moves us in the opposite direction of our intended goal so we'll make a course correction. Depending on what behaviors we've learned in our past we make a slight correction, only to discover after many miles that we are now simply headed SE.


    Today let's talk about how to catch those 'learned behaviors' that are getting in the way of the Truth! Join us in the conversation.

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    That's Entertainment Radio

    in Entertainment

    Is Caitlyn Jenner a recipient of this year's ESPY Awards?  Will the emotional damage that Tracy Morgan suffered stop him from returning to comedy? Which actor believes we should all be walking around with guns?  Why was Lil Wayne out of control at a charity basketball game?  And what profession is Shonda Rhimes adding to her resume?   Tune in to That's Entertainment!  Your #1 source for entertainment news and pop culture, with your host Tammy Jones-Gibbs, today at 1pm ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs or call in to listen at 347-637-2656  

    Like that's entertainment on fb at - facebook.com/thatsentertainment.radio

    Follow us on twitter at - thatsentertain1

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    "Walking In GRACE"

    in The Bible

    We say that it is the unmerrited favor of ELOHIM...is it really?

    After further investigation it goes beyond the cliche and into a deeper revelation. Grace is the power by which a believer in Messiah actually lives and exists. HIS grace is all that we can achieve. However Grace must be put inproper perspective.

    Well how do we do that?

    By giving heed to HIS Word from the writ. Well,... lets get into the word today and discus this element &  source of life, called "Grace".

    Don't miss this exciting teaching and study on "Walking In Grace"