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    Life drama, children, blended families, culture issues, community concerns, creative people, social concerns, relationships, spirituality, cooking, traveling, dreaming out loud, entrepreneurship, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, self-esteem, self-worth, teen drama, self-respect, character building, racism, sports, interactive, stinking thinking, mindsets, role models, mentors, bullying, peer pressure, neighborhoods, creative thinking, mental illness, impaired thinking, poor impulses, ... profiling, social conscience , sense of right and wrong, family dynamics, environments, social justice, moving forward, positive people, integrity, honor, home associations, economy, education, we the consumers, child development, stages of life, liberty, empowerment, embracing life challenges, keep life moving, self-evaluations, assessments, political red tape, it's who you know not what you know

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    Selling Logistics in the Supply Chain

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    Are you familiar with the logistics of operating a business?  Do you value your companies supply chain or even understand it?  Well, it's time you understood!  Joe James, President of L -Sync Logisitics will bring us along and answer the HOT questions about diversity in the supply chain space.  Don't forget to tune in, listen and learn, your next delivery might depend on it!  Host of Diversity In Selling, David Tyson, extends a special invitation for you to take a break and listen to this special segment.

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    “Rednecks + Culchies,” Irish Director examines the apathy towards America’s work

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Anthony Monaghan.

    In Rednecks + Culchies, the budding director who owns a thriving construction company gives an intimate glimpse of the other side of St. Louis through the lives of his workers and the stories that deeply connects them to his mission to end poverty by providing opportunities. Despite the fact that Monaghan had worked construction jobs around the world, never before had he encountered anything like the harsh disparities in the lives of American construction workers. Rednecks + Culchies delves inside the hidden world of Monaghan’s workers who are brilliantly skilled craftsmen, but suffer from poor work habits, drug dependency, alcohol addictions and past criminal behavior. Astonished by the rough lifestyles of his workers, Tony was motivated to share their stories and awaken society to issues they prefer to ignore. Heartbreaking yet inspiring.

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    Nats Nightly: Cubs pound Nationals, 8-6, Max Scherzer gives up four more HRs

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    Washington Nationals' starter Max Scherzer's home run issues continued as he gave up four homers and seven runs in five innings in Wrigley Field this afternoon in what ended up a 8-6 loss to the Chicago Cubs. Two straight losses for the Nats (19-10). The Nationals scored four late to make it look closer than it was and Daniel Murphy had a 4 for 4 day at the plate to get his average back up over .400, but it was another loss for the Nats and another disappointing outing for Max Scherzer. Two more with the Cubs to come.

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    Fox Sports 1340am Soul N Sports w/ Mike P & Crew #lockitup

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    FOX Sports introduces the educated, passionate, and objective voice of sports talk radio that belongs to none other than Mike Pearman. The Delaware native, by way of Chicago has found his home in the DMV area. The hardcore podcaster has been making waves in internet radio since he founded the BDSIR Network 7 years ago; covering everything from Pro-Wrestling, the entire gamut of sports, as well as entertainment, Mike brings barbershop-style talk to the airwaves. While Mike wears his heart on his sleeve, the devoted yet intelligent sports fan can appreciate the sometimes hot-blooded conversations between the host and The Untouchables as they delve deep into the current events in the world of America's favorite pastimes. Being a man of fairness, and a man of ethics, the show definitely doesn't shy away from lighting a flame under the biggest names in sports and entertainment in the event that they exhibit morally controversial behaviors. Listen in from 5pm to 7pm eastern standard time and be a part of the newest and most impactful voice in sports radio today. Soon enough, you will find yourself joining in with his signature ; ?How can you wake up and say to yourself, ‘I love me some me!' and don't love GOD?! That's crazy!? Listen to the Soul N Sports with Mike Pearman every weekday on WHAP Fox Sports Radio 1340 AM 5-7pm est

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    Trump probably thought what?!? ima get that niggajh!!!

    in Comedy

    Listen up and LIsten good, Raw emotion: how comfortable are you with it? Do you think our political system fair?

    WE bring laughs to your ears....... and we love to make you laugh.


    Trump said what?!? ...... WE thought what?






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    The Real Deal No Bs With Host Queen Akaiha & King Umar Johnson

    in Current Events

    Welcome Royal Family, Todays show is dedicated to my Royal Mother Happy Mothers to all the Queens.  Now calling our royal court to order Kings, Queens, Prince & Princess take your royal seats. You are in for a stimulating thought provocative conversation on what going on in our lives. Consciousness for sure does Black life really matter to you? Today show is on the Black Elite.  Whats really going on in our Community.   It dosent matter if Christian are you Muslim or spiritual.  How do we keep it all together. Where is this self hate come from? Why are we so angry?  Lets chat about where do these illiness come from today show will talk about this and much more.
       The Royal court in session with Dr. Umar A. Johnson from Hidden Colors 1,2,3, documentary about the real and untold history of people of color around the globe.

    Dr.Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who is considered an expert on the education and mental health of Afrikan and Afrikan-American children. Dr.Umar, as he is known to friends, is a paternal blood relative of both the Great Abolitionist Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) and the late Bishop Alexander Wayman (1821-1895), 7th Bishop of the AME Church, both from Maryland's Eastern Shore. Dr.Umar is an educational diagnostician who specializes in special education issues.

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    EDL Radio~ Council Of Southend Beaches Asking Woman Not To Wear Bikinis!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the English Defense League Radio Show, with your Host, Geoff Mitchell and Panelists, Jan Rennie and Dave Milner, where we discuss the issues of the week.

    This *is* the place where we are not afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV, and terrestial radio won’t touch. You will hear the truth, and can join the discussion, which we encourage! (This is an open line talk radio program).

    We engage in dialogue pertaining to the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truths that the authorities and MSM present in an attempt to throw you into a state of complacency. http://southendnewsnetwork.com/news/three-southend-beaches-to-ban-bikinis-this-summer-in-trial/    




    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTp9cur8fT1AeSPkdZ0oig

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmund Burke

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter” ~ George Washington

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    Its Friday... ahh! yyyyyyyeah.

    in Comedy

    touching on hot topics and crazy cover your ear questions... join us for one of our last ever show for everyone!!!!  so we suggest you may want to listen in and sit back and enjoy this one. because rememeber "USOLDBITCHESDOKNOWSOMETHIN"

    our topics for today include: Janet Jackson Pregnant at 50, Cali weather what are we really paying for; whats really hiding in the dark?; has anyone ever saved your life?; Where is the worst place youve ever been stuck at; impossible things but possible.


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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Faaantastic!  FDN Support Talk Radio is here for you to get information that matters most!  Get together with Reed Davis, FDN Mentors and Special Guests.  Submit questions ahead of time, or better yet, call in live and join in the discussion.  This is your chance to pick what's left of Reed's brain to improve your understanding of lab interpretations, case management challenges, and business issues you may be facing.

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    Refugee Resettlement & Illegal Aliens, Good or Bad?

    in Politics Conservative

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis and Curtis "CS" Bennett.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

    Visit our website at Southern-Sense.com.

    Guest: Mike Cutler, Immigration Expert  "Since the attacks of 9/11 I have endeavored to do whatever I can in order to provide my perspectives on immigration that impact everything from national security and criminal justice to the economy, the environment, education, health care and other issues.

    The immigration issue is so incredibly important to our nation and, while it is often portrayed as being of great concern to so-called political “Conservatives,” in my view, it must be of great concern to all Americans of all political perspectives and affiliations.  In fact, I have been a registered Democrat ever since I cast my first ballot as a college student.

    Democracy is supposed to be about discourse and the honest and open debate in which all perspectives are considered before critical decisions are made.  My goal is to provide the insight that I have acquired during my career which spanned some 30 years and continued through my interaction with politicians, journalists and others with whom I have interacted as an INS officer and since my departure from that agency and my involvement in Congressional hearings and media appearances."

    Dedicacation: Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Charlie Keating IV, killed Tuesday, May 3, 2016