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    Save South Carolina State University

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    Tonight is your night to speak up!!!  Let your voices be heard!!!  Should SCSU be closed for a year or should SCSU continue to stay open to provide education to its current and future students.  There is 119 years of history in one school that is being threatened.  There are many great alumni that has graduated from SCSU, and many of those students was provided a chance at education when other colleges did not accept them into their 4 year universities.  Join us tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio, and our Special Guests SCSU Alum Hamilton Grant, Former Board of Trustee member Dr Walter Tobin and other special guests as we discuss 
    - What Happened to SCSU - The Facts 
    - Why is SCSU is in this predicament - Who is responsible? 
    - How to fix the issues at SCSU 
    - Is closing the school a bad or good thing? 
    - Close for a year SCSU Agree of Disagree? 
    If you are an alum of SCSU, current, or future student of SCSU we would love to hear from you!  If you are for closing SCSU we want to hear from you, and we ask you to be respectful to our guest and to each other.  Our goal tonight is to find answers to the problem and get SCSU back on track and to give you all a chance to sound off.   
    To call us dial 347-884-9373 and press 1 to speak to us.....If you have skype you can go click on the show link and click on the skype icon and it will put you in queue.  If you do not have access to the internet you can listen by calling 347-884-9373 
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    Patrick Tobin: Screenwriter of CAKE - LIVE!

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    Can you have your cake and eat it to?  You'll find out tonight with Hollywood Screenwriter, Patrick Tobin, joins Rated G Radio!

    Patrick will talk about his current movie CAKE which is generating all of the Award Season Buzz including Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actress - Motion Picture - Drama (Jennifer Aniston).

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Patrick a question!

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    Epiphany's House welcomes Teri Tobin!

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    I love love love finding wonderful artists to share with you all!!!  Teri Tobin is a treasure..I promise you..please join us as we sit a spell and chew a bit...see ya at the show..Love,Epiphany

    There are layers to award-winning, soul singer/songwriter Teri Tobin.  Each layer reveals a lusher depth, a more meaningful experience, an expressive passion and an abiding generosity, in Tobin’s music and womanhood.  All of who Tobin is and what she’s lived through comes through her testimonial verses and agile instrument. Four projects deep, Tobin’s artistry has blossomed on her latest offering, Truth Is… (Top Notch/Ingrooves/Universal).

    With the winter 2014 release of Truth Is…, Tobin is preparing for her inaugural international tour to share further gratitude to the worldwide fans who have kept her music dreams alive against an unforgiving business and embraced her just as she is. With a sack full of honest and empowering songs in tow, now it’s Teri Tobin’s turn to encourage listeners to allow love and support to happen in their lives, and to stand just as boldly and proudly in their truth as they have allowed Teri Tobin, with dignity and grace. And that’s the truth.

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    Tonight a discussion on Frequency with Alice Tobin

    in Spirituality

    Searching for the answers to life's mysteries? So are we. Let's look for them together. Join us as we try to cut through the lies and deceit on the way to elightenment. Don't let The New World Order seperate YOU from your OWN Divinity!

    Tonight we will be visited by Alice Tobin from  The Energy Center where she performs Intergrative Holistic Care via frequency healing with the use of Gongs, Tuning Forks and Himilayan Singing Bowls.



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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0001 First Show of 2015!

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    I remark, first, on the fact that the Christmas season actually came to end yesterday with the Epiphany of the Lord and discussed how it is celebrated among Latinos. I go on to read Pope Francis's comments on this important celebration of Christmas. I read an article about Bishop Tobin in Rhode Island rejected an invitation to participate in the inauguration of that state's pro-abortion governor. Abortion, the Bishop said, is a "grave moral evil" and I fully agree as do most Latinos in America. I then read another article regarding the struggle against the culture of death in the form of homosexual "marriage" which is the sanctioning of a moral outrage and is an effort to undermine the very fabric of the American culture. I read an article from Florida where that state has been forced by a court to begin conducting such unions. Finally, I read that most of the new congress is Christian and many are also Catholic. In the next segment I read an important article from the Texas Tribune which chronicles the activities of the Tea party agitators and how the seek to overtake the Republican leadership in Austin and Washington DC. I also comment how the GOP seeks to placate these radicals who bring with them the white supremacist goals of the Tanton Network and don't care if they alienate the Latino vote. the article talks about Louie Gohmert's effort to unseat John Boehner and other efforts to undermine John Cornyn proving my points. Then, in the last segment I discuss more action from Jeb Bush in that he has formed a new PAC that will promote a run for the Presidency. I discuss the dynamics of that and point out that Bush is the only candidate who actually has Latino issues and Latinos in mind when he runs. The very things that make me like him also make the Tea party types hate him and call him the destruction of the Republican Party.

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    Truth Is...The Neo Soul Show is Back!!!!

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    Our long awaited return is finally upon us. Not only are we excited to return to the airwaves but we get to do it with one of our favorite artists!  With the release of her latest project on November 18, 2014, Teri Tobin returns to what's become her home away from home. Not to mention, the Q-man returns and he won't be alone. The Neo Soul Show is back!!

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    Beantown Pal, with Lori Tobin, 'Renaissance Mother'

    in Family

    Lori Tobin is the author of 'Rennaissance Mother', a TV cooking host, designer and producer of children's sportswear, mother and wife. Join us for a discussion on how to raise kids by being a Renaissance Mother.

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    The Wake Up Mission Show with special guest CHRISTINA TOBIN

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    Christina Tobin is making a career of helping honest, earnest candidates to run for political office. In order to shift power back to individual voter, Tobin founded The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, a non-partisan, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to creating open and transparent elections in 2008. Free and Equal is the platform that’s helping thousands of citizens work together, who want to clean up politics for once and for all. Increasing visibility of alternative candidates by providing debate forums is part of Tobin’s larger strategy to inspire passionate activists and young people, who do not have major money sources, to run for public office. She recently organized a multi-city United We Stand Festival series. It started at UCLA on May 10, 2014 and is crossing the country during the Fall of 2014, to raise awareness for congressional elections.


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    SAW: Tenth Anniversay!

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    2014 marks 10 years since SAW was unleashed on the world!  Join us as we discuss the original SAW!

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    Africans Facial Marks Decode Underground Railroad Quilts w/ Teresa Kemp!

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    The photos of enslaved  West Africans show these quilted coded patterns from the quilts  "ichie" marks cut  into their skin

    If you read the book, Hidden In Plain View, written by Jackie Tobin  should tune in to The Gist of Freedom with Roy Paul (@RoyPaulReports) and his guest, author Mrs.Teresa Kemp! Teresa book  The Keeper of the Fire book covers not just Igbo Tribe's slavery but slavery in Africa by Arabs and Africans.  

    Many people questions the encoded quilts. They argue enslaved Africans  were not intelligent enough to out smart the Slavers. What many fail to understand, that most Africans were multi-langual. They wrote and read in more than on language. Many asked who could understand the coded quilt pattern language. Tonight's guest, Mrs. Kemp has  posters from Nigeria that date the symbols and patterns to 1400 AD this is clearly before the Civil War in America 1861-1865. We have the linage of 3 Eze's of Igbo land to 1042, 1087, 1092 BC.


    Join The Gist of Freedom at www.BlackHistoryBLOG.com and at WWW.BlackHistoryUniversity.com

    Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8pm ET @GISTofFREEDOM


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    EpicLove w/ Tobin&Lorina ~ Find the Treasure/Transform the Crap in Deep Intimacy

    in Relationships

    Join relationship coaches and co-hosts Tobin Giblin and Lorina Manzanita as they share insights and inspiration on how to navigate the icky stuff that rises up to the surface in the wake of deep love and intimacy.  Learn how to recognize and heal the wounds of the past to help you cultivate Epic Love.

    Bring healing awareness to the cycle of deepening intimacy and rising difficulty (aka the flotsam and jetsam effect)
    The importance of the the loving ourselves through it
    Distinguishing between the ghosts of the past and the present moment reality
    Learn about implicit memory’s role in our unconscious relationship patterns
    Learn tools and skills to metabolize and navigate the wounded places in your psyche
    Recognize when your inner child is activated and meeting it with love and compassion
    Tips to hold a healing space for your partner when they get triggered
    The importance of reality checking
     Get familiar with the natural arch of healing old traumas
    Staying inside your body and heart rather than leaping outside of yourself and thus perpetuating self-abandonment and drama  
    Liberate life force by transforming uncomfortable emotions and sensations with loving presence


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