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    This weeks paranormal talk-back is open, call in you deside

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to Planet Core NZ talck-back radio, this week your host George Shiels is having an open disscution about the paranormal/supernatural. So if you have some time on your hands on Tuesday the 28th New Zealand time at 7.15pm please linten in and, and if you have the urge call in and have your say then please do so.

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    The Sand Box - With Craig Sicilia

    in Social Networking

    Didn't some long lost realitive tell you it's not polite to throw sand into someones face, Now you have gone and done it what do you have to say for yourself, see how tghe other side does or dosent do it you deside what it is.  Wtill trying to figure it all out my self.


    Coming This Fall, What a Stupid Law that is

    covering the worlds most rediculous laws on record and those effected by them.  Presented only as someone with a brain injury could.....

    And Featuring the annics of the fact or smack duo

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    La moralidad

    in Training

    The speaker presents a situation in which morality is in jeapardy and ask the audience for opinions

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    Afterglow - Interview with Morgan Sorensen

    in Religion

    We bring back Morgan Sorensen tonight to discuss his book.  Rapture and it's Seven Different orders.  We'll bring you the arguments for different eschatologies.  You deside.  email troden@etex.net. 
    Tim Roden Host, Speaker, Blogger.
    Vince Tarquini, Cohost, Chaplin, Apologist.

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    in Hip Hop Music

    THIS WEEK WE HIT U WITH Beanie Sigel & JADAKISS mixtape.. U deside which is HOTTEST!!!!!!

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    Should I Be a DBA or Corporation?

    in Business

    Should I Be a DBA or Corporation? This show will talk about why it is importance of structuring your business in a proper way to build creditability and begin branding your newly formed company. We will talk about were to go to get set up in your county and state and why this structure is important.
    Sole Proprietorship ( DBA) is the simplest form of business, in which a sole owner and his or her business are not legally distinct entities, and the owner is personally liable for business debts.
    Corporation is an organization authorized by state law to act as a legal entity distinct from its owners. A corporation has its own name and powers to achieve legal purposes, and therefore is a separate legal entity.
    Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a hybrid between a corporation and a limited partnership. LLCs provide protection from personal liability, just as corporations do, yet LLCs receive the tax treatment of limited partnerships, or a C corporation, whichever the members of the LLC desire.
    Where you deside a DBA or Corporation for your business structure, having a legal business formation make you look more professional to creditor, business association and your customers - they want what they dealing.
    Apple Capital Group, Inc., is a commercial finance company that specialize in asset based loan program in the US and Canada. For more information, check out our website at http://www.applecapitalgroup.com or call use at 866-611-7457. Check out our daily small business blog by http://blog.applecapitalgroup.com

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