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    this is a repeat of our second show with Tito Carlyle

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    In this repeat show our 2nd show we bought bark Digitunzz recording artist El gran tito and ask him inimate questions about his early career and situations pertaining to that. this show the #2 show was viewed 1500 times in only the second show with little promotions...a must hear for Tito fans!!!

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    Jansenius "Tito". Lange Jr., would like to thank everyone on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for following WISE MIND, on BTR every Sunday night from 6- 6:30 pm EST.   On last Sunday's show, Tito, Richard Knight and radio host, "Gigi" discussed "DISCORAGEMENT" and why it happens. Tito is a modern philospoher who teaches each inividual how to effectively change their negative environment into a powerful energy source that will enhance their life in all capacities on the radio show and in private lessons.    On the next upcoming show on 5/01/2016, Tito will discuss how to "DEFEAT DISCOURAGEMENT"

    We look forward to your support and invite you to  join in on the conversation with your questions and comments right here, live on BTR.  Please call in: 646-200-3817 on the scheduled time of 6 to 6:30 every Sunday night right here on  WISE MIND. 

    *To schedule a private class with Tito please E Mail him: lange@yahoo.com

    **To schedule an appointment for an interview: giwizproductionsllc.gae@gmail.com

    ***WISE MIND (The Book) can be purchased at WWW.Wiseminddevelopment.Org

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    Glenn Miller and Tito Schipa My 20 cents of Music

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    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      S3productions

    Glenn Miller and Tito Schipa  My 20 cents of Music 

    Glenn Miller & His Orchestra ‎– It Was Written In the Stars

    Johnson Rag

    Tito Schipa Rigoletto-La Donna e mobile (Woman is Fickle)

    O Sole Mio (My Sunshine)


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Glenn Miller & His Orchestra ‎– It Was Written In the Stars / Johnson Rag

    Black Label: Bluebird  ‎– B-10498

    Record Company – RCA Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Format: Shellac, 10", 78 RPM 

    Released: 1939

    Genre: Jazz

    A: It Was Written In the Stars

    Vocals [Refrain] – Ray Eberle Composer – Cole Porter

    Side A - From the musical production, "Dubarry Was a Lady".

    B: Johnson Rag

    Composer – Guy Hall, Henry Kleinkauf

    Red net. 11:30 P.M. A band remote from The Cafe Rouge of the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City. The first tune is, "Johnson Rag."  According to http://www.oldtimeradiodownloads.com/

    Glenn Miller - Glenn Miller's Music 40-01-05 First Song

    Victor Records 1099

    A: Rigoletto-La Donna e mobile (Woman is Fickle)

    Act 3 Verdi

    Performed by Tito Schipa

    Tenor with orchestra in Italian

    B: O Sole Mio (My Sunshine)

    Giovanni Composers Capurro – Eduardo Di Capua

    Performed by Tito Schipa

    Tito Schipa 27 December 1888 – 16 December 1965) was an Italian tenor di grazia

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    PWR Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem-Giving Back

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    Tonight once again we have to toll the bell for two of our fraternity that passed away over the last several days. Joanie Laurer was of course an international superstar, the first female wrestler to break a lot of barriers on the big stage, but toiling away in independents throughout the country was a man named Mike Rice. Mike was a decent wrestler who won a Steve Austin lookalike contest, and with the permission of the Texas Rattlesnake, used the name Even Colder Mike Austin as he plied his trade throughout the country. He and Steve were good friends and worked together quite a bit over the years.Both will be missed by their fans.

    We call tonight "Giving Back" because in our first hour we are bringing on promoters, and possibly wrestlers, who will be involved in three different charity shows this weekend, each for a different cause. Tito Santana is the featured attraction on two of those cards, both on the East Coast. Friday night in Avenel, NJ, Santana, Koko B.Ware and former NXT star Bull Dempsey will headline a benefit hosted by Superstars Wrestling Federation that will benefit the American Cancer Society. On Saturday Tito heads to Freeland, Pa for another benefit, this one benefitting Autism Awareness hosted by Allstar Wrestling Alliance. Central Illinois is represented by Rumble For The Kids. Now in it's fifth year, this event, organized by former Windy City Wrestling star Frankie "The Chi Town Hit Man" Wolsfeld benefits the Pricnceton Elementary Schools and is always packed with well over 1000 people crowding the Logan Jr. High School. Steve will be there for the third year and MAY don the stripes one more time. Our second hour will be our RAW recap so we look forward to your questions or comments in the chat, on Skype, or by calling (347) 850-8033.

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    Join Jansenius T. Lange Jr. and Radio Host Gigi, Guest Richard Knight , Learning The Mind

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    Would you like to know more  about mind control, seeking positive energies, and being a productive part in society ?  Join Jansenius T.  (Tito) Lange Jr. with radio host Gigi, as he presents to you learning tools to enhance your mind.  Learn how to efficiently lose the negative baggage that bogs your spirit down.  Re-direct your life on a new life pathway with Learning The Mind and all of the capabilities it offers you.  Tito is a modern philosopher who has the experience in teaching you all the elemental keys to a better life.  You can find more in detail in his book, Wise Mind by visiting www.wiseminddevelopment.org.

    We hope to have a very special guest on this Sundays show, renowed author,poet, creative writer with many other titiles, Richard Knight.  You can call in to speak with Tito ,Richard and Gigi, on the show live: 646-200-3817. We hope you engage with us in a thought provoking and enriched show tonight.

    Contact Tito: ange@gmail.com

    Contact Gigi: giwizproductionsllc.gae@gmail.com

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    TKRS Raw Pre-Game #10 2016

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    Get Ken's take on IWF's Loud and Proud event! What was it like to be in a battle royal with Tito Santana? How did producer Michele do on her quest for gold?? Steve Off joins the guys talking a little "Magic". Shane O Mac is large and in charge, does this mean changes for Monday Night Raw?? If so are these changes good?? Ken and Dave discuss. Plus the Dave 5 news report and so much more!! We need to hear from you!! Call us 347 838 9815


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    Greetings everyone and thank you for your caller and listener support in advance for the WISE MIND radio show, with Modern Philosopher Jansensius T. Lange Jr.  On tonight’s show he will discuss why some people become DISCOURAGED.  Sometimes DISCOURAGEMENT can destroy a person's ability to move forward. (EZRA 4:4) They become DISAPPOINTED.   In a Christian sense, sometimes people, after praying do not get their prayers answered automatically,  DISAPPOINTMENT sets in, and the person loses belief in praying .   DISCOURAGEMENT can cause serious consequences in our lives and Jansenius T. Lange Jr. will discuss how to overcome DISCOURAGEMENT with his callers on the show tonight and every Sunday night from 6:00-6:30 pm EST on  WISE MIND, produced by Gigi Evans in connection with the Artist's Loft on BTR. We look forward to hearing from you. Call in tonight 646-200-3817 and chat, share and ask questions.  "Tito" will share solutions and assist you in empowering your mind with extended classes.

    E Mail:  Mr. Lange : lange@yahoo.com


    To schedule an interview as a guest on the show E mail the producer Gigi: gwenevans63@gmail.com



    To schedule an interview as a guest on the show E mail the producer Gigi: gwenevans63@gmail.com

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    "It Is The SoundThat Makes Its Tune"

    Join "Tito lange every Sunday as he broadcasts live on my show, The Artists Loft   His univesal and spiritual teachings ;WISE MINDS, hosted by Gigi Evans of the Artists Loft on BTR and narrated by Tito who teaches how to develope your mind and tap into the gifts from the universe. His modern philosophy is rewarding to those who listen and learn how to become better in mind, body and spirit to help them live a happy productive life.   Call in to the studio to speak with Tito; 646-200-3817 from 6-6:30 PM EST, every Sunday night.

    Jansenius (“Tito”) Lange, Jr. was born in 1955 in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. The son of a prominent minister, Tito learned at a very early age that cultivation of integrity through honesty was the only foundation on which to cultivate character. The ensuing study of ‘universal wisdom’ captivated his curiosity so completely that he determined early on to educate all teenagers in the spiritual wisdom of honesty and has never looked back.
    This life vision led to his discovery of ‘mind as energies,’ from which he created Self-Development Wisdom Institute and it’s parallel production, Wise Mind Wisdom Education, designed specifically to stop bullying and suicide practices among adolescents of the world. These educational approaches have been tested and found reliable for personal freedom cultivation for minds of any age.



    Jansenius T. Lange




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    Jazz Music and The African American Community

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    Appreciation Through Re-education...

    " Without question, jazz music is a powerful vehicle for human expression.  Everywhere we look or open our ears, we can discern the emotional, creative, and musical effects of this particular mode of human expression.  Interestingly though, when we are discussing jazz music, we are also moving into the realm of controversy.  What is the source, and why does this specific musical expression engender so much praise, or on the other hand is disdained by its critics?

    It is crucial at this time that we engage in discussion about jazz music, because we as African-Americans cannot afford the dissension, and to be at cross purposes with one another, as to whether it is only secular, but not sacred...in essence it is both. " M. Ruth McCants, Phd


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    Cage Side Submissions Ep:113 Kinner Piocos McGeary Schnell Beltran

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    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions,Brought to you by Future Legend Apperal We plan to  provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) And Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze

    Our first guest is Ed Kinner we will be discussing all aspects of the MMA Bill Passing in NY 

    Our Second guest is Wmma Writer MarQ Piocos and Owner of Wombat Sports 

    Our Second guest is Undefeated 11-0  Bellator MMA Light-Heavyweight Champion Liam McGeary (@liam_mcgeary) last time out he submitted Tito Ortiz Inverted Triangle at Belltor mma & Glory 1 Dynamite to retain is Light-heavyweight title 

    Our Third guest is 9-2 Matt "Danger" Schnell Matt is on a six fight winning streak and is coming off a first round submission victory over Klayton Mia Capturing the Legacy Fighting Championships Flyweight Title March 25th 

    And our final guest is Referee Mike Beltran (@RefMikeBeltran) Mike is well known for having the Best Beard in MMA 

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    Jansenius T. LangeJ Jr. Presents episode 4 of Wise Minds. He takes each listener on a journey of wisdom to help each one learn the correct way to empower their spiritual awareness and awaken their senses to a a better life.   Join Jansenius T. Lange  Jr. on his new show WISE MINDS with radio host Gwen"Gigi" Evans on the The Artists Loft.  Call in to chat with Jansensius  "Tito" Lange Jr.  right here on The Artists Loft 646-200-3817 on 3/27/2016 from 6-6:30 PM EST. Tito looks forward to chatting with you and answering your questions.  Happy Easter to everyone!'