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    TOC 12 FIGHTER INTERVIEW with Hannah Elswick

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    Brought to you by Southern Tire & Muffler, Wytheville, VA

    TITANS OF THE CAGE #12 on SATURDAY, APRIL 11th at George Wythe H.S. In Wytheville, VA!!
    In a 130 lb. catchweight battle it will be Hannah Elswick Rosario of Team Superior MMA returning to the cage to face "The Odd Lil' Cookie" Tiffani Underwood of Team SWMA. Both of these girls are experienced inside the cage, with both of them coming off of tough losses in title fights in their last fights inside the octagon. Underwoods last trip inside the cage was a 3rd round loss to former TOC Bantamweight champ, Charity Walker, while Hannah comes off of a loss to Underwoods teammate and current womens bantamweight champ, Rayanne Harl . The winner of this bout will become the #1 contender for the TOC womens 125 lb. belt!! 

    You do not want to missed this epic evening of fights....as TOC has put together another stacked fight card!!  Tickets & Event Info:  www.titansofthecage.com


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    Friday, March 20, 2012 | 11:00 pm  Featured Interview with TOC 12 FIGHTERS Sam Warren and Brian Maxwell. 

    This TOC RADIO broadcast is brought to you by Fresh Perspectives Media and Attorney Alex Gomex.

    TOC Radio will feature two rising fighters from the Roanoke, VA area.  Each fighter is scheduled to enter the TOC 12 Octagaon on a mission to claim TOC Champion Titles.

    In the TOC 12 170 lb. title bout, TOC  will feature two unbeaten fighters when Sam Warren of Modern Gladiators in Roanoke, VA steps inside the cage to challenge Current TOC Champion, Austin Cooper of Team SWMA in Wytheville. Both fighters come out of legit training facilities, so we look for a very competitive battle between two well rounded fighters with the championship belt up for grabs! 

    In the CO-MAIN event of the evening it will be Christian "the politician" Bradberry stepping inside the cage to do battle with Brian Maxwell of Round 30 out of Roanoke, VA with the vacant Titans of the Cage 185 lb belt on the line.

    Brian Maxwell has won and held numerous belts for various promotions in the 205 lb divsion, as well as the 185 lb divison. Bradberry has faced strong competitors inside the cage with wins over CJ Burleson, Dakota Parton, Isaiah Thompson, Cody Gibson and Jeremy Hopkins, but Maxwell will without a doubt be his most experienced and most accomplished competitor to date. 

    TOC 12 Tickets and Event Information http://www.titansofthecage.com


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    magar hour vs titans and giants

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    we get the main brains behind
    titans and giants
    whats next whos nexts?
    these dudes are smashing al the beats you 
    347 215 7638

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    MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans Have A Golden Ticket

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    With the news last week that Tommy Smith was retiring from the Titans and the team will be looking to hire a Nashville-based CEO to lead all football operations, things are getting pretty interesting. For the first time in the history of the franchise the Titans' buck will stop at someone who has absolutely no relation or personal connection to Bud Adams.

    On tonight's episode, which starts live at 8:00 pm CST, hosts August West and Danomite will react to the news and break down what Titans fans should be looking out for over the next few months. We'll also discuss the latest developments related to the 2015 NFL Draft and free agency.

    And be sure to check out Music City Miracles for all of your Titans needs!


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    MCM Radio: Titans Round n' Round With The 2015 NFL Draft

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    We're two weeks and one day away from the 2015 NFL Draft, and the Tennessee Titans' pick is as unpredictable as it's ever been. There's smoke to be found for just about any direction you can image for the 2nd overall pick: trading for players, trading back, taking a QB, taking a DL, and so on...

    MCM Radio is back tonight to cut through the obfuscation to deliver the most concise and grounded analysis of all the possabilities possible. We'll get started tonight at 8:00 CST, so be sure to tune in for the live show and chat room fun.

    Can't make the live show? Be sure to subscribe to the podcast version via iTunes so you get the exclusive bonus time discussion you won't get with the live stream!

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    MCM Radio: Welcoming Richard LeBeau to the Titans

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    MCM Radio is back tonight with tons of Titans news to talk about! First and foremost we'll have reactions and analysis of the news that Dick LeBeau will be joining the Tennessee Titans' coaching staff. From there, we'll be talking about the firing of Lake Dawson, the Super Bowl, the draft and much more.

    Tune in tonight at 8:00 CST for the live broadcast and chatroom, then download the podcast version for our exclusive bonus time content!

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    General NFL, Tennessee Titans free agency talk

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    Within just a five minute stretch, quarterbacks were traded, Ndamukong Suh appeared to have been replaced in Detriot with Baltimore's Haloti Ngata and the Saints' Jimmy Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a really good center in Max Unger. These weren't the only headlines, but I'll touch on that five-minute stretch, as well as other big free agents and their moves to new teams, such as Darrelle Revis going back to the Jets.

    Along with league-wide news, I'll talk about what the Titans did during day one of free agency, and what they need to do up to and in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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    MCM Radio: TITANS WIN!

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    The Titans were just moments away from squandering yet another 4th quarter lead today, but a blocked FG resulted in the first victory for our boys in over a month. 

    Tune is at 8:00 CDT to hear our recap and updates


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    MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans and Our April Fools Draft

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    It's April Fools Day, and what better to celebrate the day of hoaxes and pranks than by hosting the first MCM Radio Mock Draft of 2015??? We can't think of a better way, so we'll be plowing through the first 33 picks (including the Titans' pick at the top of the 2nd round) of the draft Wednesday night at 8:00 CST!

    In other news, I can't be the only Titans fans hoping that all of this QB draft talk is just one big prank...

    The Tennesee Titans have been making  tons of noise regarding the top two QBs in the 2015 NFL Draft, but just how much of it is a smokescreen? We'll discuss that was well on this week's edition of MCM Radio!

    Until then, be sure to check out Music CIty Miracles for all of your Titans news and analysis!

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    MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans Free Agency Refreshed and Refocused

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    Last week your faithful hosts unleashed a torrent of frustration and disappointment on MCM Radio listeners the likes of which we will (hopefully) never hear again. Lost opportunities were lamented, stagnation was decried... by the end of it, we'd literally hit the bargaining stage of the grief process. Within 24 hours the Titans had responded with a flurry of signings, re-signings and leaked info that trumped the entire two months that preceded it.

    You're welcome, Titans fans.

    This week's episode will breakdown the moves we've seen in free agency so far, and we'll detail who it impacts the plans moving into the 2015 NFL Draft. Expect much more chipper hosts this time, but you'll have to tune in to see if it's a full-on love fest of crow eating.


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    MCM Radio: Titans Eaten by Giants

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    A other Sunday, another complete FAIL on the part of our Titans. Now this game featured an offensive starting line-up awash with guys who weren't good enough to make the opening day roster, never mind win a starting job on the basis of merit, but that excuse only explains a little of what happened out on the field today.

    Hosts August West and Danomite will break it all down tonight at 6:00 CST. Tune in then for the chatroom and live stream, then check back later for the archive/podcast version with out exclusive bonus time rants!

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