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    ENVISION THIS: You can find balance, peace of mind and the joy & health benefits through skilled yoga practice!

    Our guest, Tisha Bremner, will help to support and encourage you to access your positive internal resources and intrinsic motivation to create and manage the best life you can dream of for yourself.  Let her walk with you on your journey to better health, happiness, and wellbeing. She is owner of Inner Light Yoga of Maine and a co-founder of the Integrative Wellness Council of Maine, a one-stop connection to integrative health and wellness in Maine where folks can discover the many aspects of holistic health in your life and how you can be happy, connected, and supported within your community.

    Tisha says, “Yoga is about finding cohesion in all aspects of ourselves, so that we can live in better balance, joy and harmony. ” She is a dedicated teacher who links skillful actions and movement to breath in a fun, safe and effective way.  She incorporates smart sequencing into each of her classes, so your body feels balanced, vibrant and well prepared to open in new ways. Her motto is “Movement is medicine and proper alignment heals.” 

    The vision of the Integrative Wellness Council of Maine is to support, promote and educate individuals, organizations and our community on the benefits and practices of holistic, evidence-based wellness and self-care.  Their mission is to “Empower people, practitioners, and organizations within Maine to realize their full potential to be healthy and well through the transformative practices of integrative wellness.”

    See the new book by your co-hosts, to be published in March 2015, at www.envisionthismedia.com/sophia-s-web

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    The Badlands Combat Sports Radio Show - Iris Rodrigues Interview

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    The Badlands Combat Radio Show is the show for you if you are a fan of boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and all other forms of unarmed hand-to-hand combat sports. Join me for interviews with fighters and overall combat sports news and discussions. You can listen by going to www.blogtalkradio.com/aow_productions or by calling +1 (832) 999-8125 and select option 1. Be sure to follow me on Twitter - @BadLandsCSR and check out my official website at www.octagon8125.com.

    My guest this week is M.M.A. fighter, Iris Rodrigues from Windhoek, Namibia.

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    Someone to Talk To with Tisha Tyler

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    Hknest, open dialouge about everyday life topics. Special guests, expert panels.


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    Someone to Talk To with Tisha Tyler

    in Lifestyle

    Hknest, open dialouge about everyday life topics. Special guests, expert panels.


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    Someone to Talk To with Tisha Tyler

    in Lifestyle

    Hknest, open dialouge about everyday life topics. Special guests, expert panels.


  • Someone to Talk To hosted by Tisha Tyler

    in Lifestyle

    Honest, open dialouge about everyday life topics. Special guests, expert panels.


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    Gezell Rodreguiz will be talking to me about human trafficking.

    Presenter: Giselle Rodriguez, State Outreach Coordinator for Florida Coalition against Human Trafficking (FCAHT)


    Presentation: Slavery still exists. 


    Giselle Rodriguez is the State Outreach Coordinator for the Florida Coalition against Human Trafficking.  She has trained staff members in numerous code enforcement, law enforcement, faith based organizations, health care providers, social service providers, judges and prosecutors. Giselle has also spoken at local high schools and colleges regarding the issue of HumanTrafficking within the state of Florida.

    Giselle is the Founder of the Tampa Bay Rescue and Restore and the Co-Founder of the Orlando Rescue and Restore. The Tampa Bay Rescue and Restore solely focuses on the issue of DMST.

    Giselle has been able to collaborate and volunteer as a trainer for the Organization of America States Anti Trafficking in Persons Unit.  Giselle has been able to train law enforcement officials, immigration officials, judges, prosecutors and consular officials on the issue of human Trafficking in countries that include Jamaica, St. Kitts and various other countries throughout the Caribbean. Recently Giselle was invited to partake in an Anti-Trafficking in Persons strategic meeting that will be taken place at the Ministry of Affairs office in Lima Peru.

    Recently, Giselle’s work against human trafficking was commended by Florida U.S Senator Marco Rubio, FBI Special Agent Gregory Christopher and Florida Department of Children and Families Suncoast Regional Director, Dr. Mike Carroll.


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    MARYELLEN RODRIGUES Medium - Other Side Contact & John of God Missions

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    Mary Ellen is a gifted clairvoyant medium who has honed her abilities throughout her life. Since a young age, Mary Ellen knew that she had a special gift but it wasn’t until later in life that she fully realized how she could help others with her abilities. She started her spiritual studies in 1990, is ordained as a minister with the Fellowship of the Spirit church and an active member in the psychic medium community.

    Part of her time is spent as a Casa guide at St John of God's Casa in Abadiania, Brazil, and she has spent much time with this esteemed healer. 

    MaryEllen also does investigative work with police departments in the US and in Canada.


    Spirit Communication Reading

    As a clairvoyant, Mary Ellen can see and communicate with those on the higher side of life. For those who have lost a loved one and are trying to communicate with them, Mary Ellen will use her gifts to attempt to connect with a particular loved-one or she will talk with whoever is around you. 

    Visit her at: http://www.maryellenrodrigues.com

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    Someone to Talk To hosted by Tisha Tyler

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    Hknest, open dialouge about everyday life topics. Special guests, expert panels.


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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Christine Bannon-Rodrigues & R Marcos Taylor

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    Sunday October 19th, 11:00 am  The SUNDAY BRUNCH SHOW!

    Join us as we welcome Christine Bannon-Rodrigues and R Marcos Taylor, incredible martial artists and acting professionals!

    Christine is an 8th degree Black Belt,  holds 9 World Championships, including consecutive 3-time World Titles at the W.A.K.O Games. Christine has acted for both film and television, including the feature films Sci-Fighter (aka X-Treme Fighter) and 27 Dresses. Her stunt work can be seen in a number of Hollywood productions, including Batman and Robin, and The Next Karate Kid. She has appeared on TV in WMAC Masters & Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and did the martial arts choreography for the film Champions of the Deep (2012). 

    Marcos began intensive training in: Karate Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and Hapkido, and has more than twenty years of training in these forms. Marcus holds the rank of Kru in Muay Thai and also trains in other martial art forms including: Kung Fu, Boxing, Judo, Ninjitsu, and Gracie Jui Jitsu.  He is the NJ StateTaekwondo Champion 1994, YB Choi Taekwondo Invitational Champion 1995, and the Muay Thai Warriors Cup Super-Heavy Weight Champion 2010. He was also a certified personal trainer, gym owner, professional fighter, bodyguard, and has taught martial arts and self-defense locally and internationally for the last twenty-four years. Marcus also works as an actor and stuntman.

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    Team Race 4 marathon runners fundraising for Kenya

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    Guests: Anna Rodrigues, Delis Alejandro and Nataly Garcia

    On March 14 and 15, 2015, St. Monica Parishioners (Santa Monica, CA) will participate in the 5K walk and run of the LA Marathon raising funds for Veronika’s Place.

    Veronika’s Place is a nutritional support program, in Dandora, Kenya. That
    provides food each month for 400 men, women, and children with HIV/AIDS.

    Team Race 4 Veronika's Place is in its 3rd year as an official charity
    partnering with the ASICS LA Marathon. Over the past 2 years we have had 55
    team members and raised money to provide food to Veronika's Place for two

    Many of those who receive this food are single mothers and their children.
    The monthly food distribution through the Veronika’s Place ministry
    provides them with basic nutrition, including cooking oil, flour and rice.
    It is extremely important for patients to maintain weight for medication to
    be effective.

    Veronika Lineberry Manzella, a member of the Holy Cross Africa Ministry
    Core Team at St. Monica's Church, was determined to make a difference when
    she saw a video about the struggles, despair and plight of the people of
    Dandora, Kenya. She set out to raise funds for the Brother Andre Dispensary
    and the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clinic in Africa. In 2007,
    following Veronika’s untimely passing, the people of Dandora dedicated the
    VCT Clinic in her honor and renamed it “Veronika’s Place.”

    Ourgoal for our 3rd year is to raise approximately $30,000

    dollars per year to maintain the food distribution at its current level.

    If you would like to support the runners representing Veronika’s Place
    please visit: http://www.crowdrise.com/2015R4VP

    We are a committee of the St. Monica Holy Cross Africa Ministry.

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