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    CDL interviews Kel Fritzi and Tim Burton

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    Jan Interviews Kel Fritzi from Red Fox Radio and Tim Burton 



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    Tim Burton Directed Batman Films

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    In this episode we will discuss the two Tim Burton directed Batman films, Batman and Batman Returns!

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    RFB Welcomes Tim Burton

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    Tim Burton is a tireless voice in the UK, apprising the Public about the ongoing threat of Islam, and he has ideas of truth and consciousness he shares with you. He will not be silent and he uses his voice - and the mighty pen - in a world gone mad.
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    Also read Tim's article (one of many) from the New English Review: "In Defence of the English Defence League."
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    RFB Welcomes Back Tim Burton

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    The Freedom Loving Infidel is back for an encore! It is with great pleasure that Mr. Burton, from England, is rejoining the RFB and sharing his insights, educated opinions, and developments regarding Islam in the UK.
    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with Kel, heard here @ 3PM ET Mondays and 7PM ET Fridays.
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    REELTalk: Brooke Goldstein, Tim Burton (UK) & Wayne Simmons

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    Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk -  Human Rights Attorney & Dir. of The Lawfare Project, BROOKE GOLDSTEIN, will be with us to discuss the "Honor Diaries", PLUS, TIM BURTON will be back with us, direct from the UK to share about his legal victory against Islamic censorship on Twitter. AND, the great WAYNE SIMMONS will be with us to discuss Benghazi and Obama's continued disastrous Foreign Policy. Fighting the good fight continues!!

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    REELTalk: Wayne Simmons & Tim Burton from UK

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    Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews - as we enter the New Year, will Benghazi be left behind in 2013? Not if my guest has anything to say about it...for CIA Agent and Author, WAYNE SIMMONS will be with us to talk about that and MUCH more. PLUS, direct from the UK, Liberty GB Radio Host, who was arrested for telling the truth about Islam AND exposing the UK Islamic sham organization Tell MAMA, TIM BURTON will join us! We've got TRUTH in our crosshairs!!! 

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    Interview w/Shana Burton

    in Books

    This week's surgeon is Shana Burton author of fictional novels such as Suddenly Sngle, First Comes Love, Catt Chasin, and countless others. 

    Jurneywith Tabitha Vinson as she intervew Burton about her latest release Flawbulous.

    About the Book

    Has there ever been a time when you did the one thing you swore you’d never do?
    For fabulously flawed friends Lawson, Sullivan, Kina, Angel, and Reginell, that time is now! When Lawson is pushed against the wall, she fights back by betraying those closest to her. A split decision changes Sullivan’s fate and family dynamics forever. Kina is searching for love again but finds it in all the wrong places. Happiness is finally within Angel’s reach, but another woman may cause it to slip through her fingers once again. Reginell has made her share of mistakes in the past, but she never thought trusting her sister would be one of them until now. All of the lies, drama, love, fights, and prayers have led to this moment. Join the ladies for one last ride in this critically-acclaimed book series!


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    REELTalk: Tim Burton from the UK, Doug Giles of ClashDaily.com

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    Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews - direct from the UK, Liberty GB Radio Host, who was arrested for telling the truth about Islam AND exposing the UK Islamic sham organization Tell MAMA, TIM BURTON will join us to give us the status on his case and a jihad update from across the Pond! PLUS,DOUG GILES, Editor of ClashDaily.com will be with us to lay some truth on us. We've got FREEDOM in our crosshairs!!!

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    RADIO DIVAS Interviews Tyrone Burton (Season 1 Finale Ep.10)

    in Entertainment

    Season 1 Finale of Radio Divas Hosted by: Gucci Montana & Syd The Sav. Join the ladies for an exclusive interview with Actor "Tyrone Burton" whom credit includes "ParentHood" and "That's So Raven". Also current events, beauty tips, and more. Call-in 323-693-3043 and press "1" to talk to the panel of hosts. Presented by: GrindHard Radio.

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    Susan Burton - What Is Prop 47?

    in Family

    Susan Burton, noted South Los Angeles Community Activist, and other Community Activists will participate in a dialogue about the state of our communities, today. The topic is Proposition 47! Very important to our incarcerated neighbors! It is on the November ballot. Tune in to hear What Proposition 47 is about. Call in. Comment. This is YOUR SHOW!! Your opportunity to speak YOUR MIND!

    According to a recent newspaper article, 

    "I would also call your attention to the recent landmark study requested by Placer County. The study, after surveying its justice system, recommended a reduction of jail admissions, and an increase in drug detoxification and mental health treatment services coupled with an expansion of other rehabilitation services.

    There is widespread support for Prop 47 from a diverse range of law enforcement, public safety, judicial and elected public officials as well as the faith based community — see www.safety and schools.com.

    “In the spirit of advocating for an informed public, I encourage you to carefully assess the arguments offered by the bill’s opponents. To my mind, they are driven by a punishment first ideology, rather than any fact-based assessment.” Whyman (Oct., 2014)



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    Confederate Heritage is back With Freda Mincey and Justin Burton

    in History

    A Confederate page where you can Express Your Southern Pride! God BLESS DIXIE AND THE REBEL FLA...G AND ALL OF THE CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR OUR SOUTHERN STATES. Keep those flags flying high and proud!

    No, I'm no more racist than the next person. The fact is that the War between the states A had very little to do with slavery. In fact, it had nothing to with slavery until 1863 when Lincoln used it as a political agenda to save his sorry, dictator wannabe butt.

    The War Between the States was about state rights. The north was imposing tariffs out the wazoo on the south. Illegal tariffs, I might add.

    Sure, the south wasn't perfect; who is? All I'm saying is that they were the ones ultimately in the right in that 19th century fiasco and they took the flack for it because the winners write the history books. No the true history is written by warriors.

    If you want to argue with me, please, argue intelligently. I loath hippies.
    Just remember two things: 1) THE NORTHERN STATES HAD MANY SLAVES; 2)The emancipation proclamation claimed (because it had no legal authority) to free only the slaves in the "rebelling states." Northerners were free to keep their slaves until the 13th Amendment.

    Why does it matter? Because a lot of heroes died trying to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, which was, at the time, still the Supreme Law of the Land in most cases. After this atrocity more commonly known as the "Civil War," all clauses and amendments regarding states rights have been ignored in every case that didn't directly benefit the federal government.

    Confederate Rebel Burton

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    Confederate Rebel Burton and Freda Mincey Burton: Page Directors

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