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    Soldiers Family Talk To The Troops at Tilted Kilt Schaumburg

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    The SOldiers Family TV & Radio Present "Talk To The Troops" 
    Tonight Thursday February 2nd, 5-8pm at 1140 E Higgins Rd, Schaumburg, Il. Join us and Welcome Home our Troops' All Troops WW II, Korea, Vietnam-Kosovo-Iraq and Afghanistan. All of our Soldiers and Their Families are welcome to come and Shake the Hand of A True American HERO.
     Thanks to the Tilted Kilt of Schaumburg, Schaumburg Honda Automobiles, Inland Home Mortgage, Wounded Hero Foundation, Tix4Cause and all our friends at EMB Consultants, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Internet Streaming Corporation, US Army, Us Navy, Marines Coast Guard and US Air Force. Go to our website: www.SFTVR.com 

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    Has "Research" into "Mysteries" gone too "Mainstream?"

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    Have Paranormal Research shows become more Entertainment than Research? Has the Search for Monsters tilted More toward Recreation than Research? Have the UFO and Aliens shows got their heads inthe clouds for Real this time? Time to ask eachother and ourselves, what are we really in/to this for?

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    Thursday March 1st  5-8pm TALK TO THE TROOPS at Schaumburg Tilted Kilt 1140 E Higgins, SChaumburg, Il 
     The Soldiers Family TV & Radio would like to invite you to our 1st Party of the year "Talk To The Troops" at the Tilted Kilt Conf Ctr 1140 E.Higgins Thurs March 1st, 5-8pm Come and Shake the Hand of a True American Soldier and Hero Thursday Night! This is also a B2B network night with the Schaumburg Business association so please bring your business cards and at 6:30 our "LIVE" Radio & TV show .Send any Soldier, Soldiers Family or Veteran a "FREE" 1 minute  message via SKYPE on the SFTVR Internet TV & Radio show . All attendees will be given a FREE radio show for their favorite charity for just attending this event. Know an organization that supports our Soldiers? Invite them! Can you please bring a can of food or non perishable for our Homeless? Over 30% of all homeless are Veterans.and please BRING A FRIEND! We have come to your events please join us and  celebrate"Welcome Home Troops" now on www.SFTVR.com 24/7   NEW TV STUDIO in Lombard opens March 6th and in Chicago March 30th!

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    The Romance Bookmark with Renee Bernard presents: Madeline Martin

    in Books

    Love, Laughter and a Life filled with Books!  The Romance Bookmark is about making sure that a life dominated by a love of books is never anything to be embarrassed about...and the ultimate quest for more room on our TBR shelves! Tonight we welcome Scottish  Historical Romance author, Madeline Martin, into our giddy corner to to take a peek at DECEPTION OF A HIGHLANDER and see if she can tell me why wool in my closet is an itchy, unattractive thing but the minute it's in a novel where someone is wearing a kilt--I can't see a thing wrong with that fabric! www.madelinemartin.com

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    Your Job Sucks!

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    It's Cinco de Mayo which means there will be talk of Mexican celebrations throughout the U.S.  Although a majority of the people who will be celebrating aren't Mexicans or even want them in the country, Coronas will still be tilted up.  The U.S. loves any excuse to "pop a cold one."

    I'm not planning on discussing Cinco de Mayo, but I do want to discuss the Mexican stereotype of Latinos accepting jobs that blacks and whites no longer want.  How can a race of people be blamed for "taking our jobs" that we refuse to do anyway?

    We'll also discuss jobs that people don't want, but they're not necessarily manual labor type of jobs.  Sometimes you don't want a job due to the reputation that comes along with having it.  What do I mean?  Tune in and see!

    Also on the show, we'll discuss the situation with ESPN talking head, "Britt" McHenry.  She downgraded someone for doing their job and received a slap on the wrist for it in my opinion.  Maybe you disagree?

    All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts. Just opinions."

    Show No. 471

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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    Pet Radio-Handicap Heroes Trooper the 3 legged Corgy and Emerson the Cat

    in Pets

    We were the first to bring you the story of Emerson the cat on our blog petradioshow.com last week, and this week you will hear the whole story of Emerson firsthand. Emerson was physically abused and his neck was broken and spinal cord damaged. He gets around with a wheel cart and his head is tilted to one side,

    Trooper the 3 legged Corgy was born with a deformed leg and became a loving member of Denice's family. 

    You will hear how the resiliance of these two animals has inspired many to help other animals in need and face challenges in their own lives. Join us and share in the joy that has risen from sadness,

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    Author Shawn Reilly talks about her new book, “Bug”.

    About “Bug”: "I stood in the clearing in the heart of the woods where the stars looked down upon the night. Head tilted back toward the darkened sky, eyes closed, I listened. The woods bordered my house—all one-hundred and thirty-something acres. Every little sound, every gurgle, rustle, bustle, buzz, hiss, peep, screech, hoot, cry, creak, crack or croak, I knew well. Harvest came every third Friday of the month. On that night, regardless of the weather, I carried the leather pouch into the woods to collect my mother’s specimens. I had done this for as long as I could remember. In the life of Bug Martin there are three things that are for certain.... "

    About Shawn Reilly: Shawn Reilly lives in the small town of Mt. Comfort, Indiana with her husband, three daughters, and far too many pets. She grew up in the era of Star Trek and Star Wars. On Friday nights, with popcorn and Kool-Aid ready, along with her twin sister Jill, she watched Sammy Terry--a fictional vampire host of a local television station that played old monster flicks. The black and whites were her favorite. Eventually she began to write in the genres she loved--science fiction, paranormal and fantasy. She is the author of the Union Series, a paranormal, fantasy, suspense, with a dash of romance thrown in. You can find her and keep up with the latest Union news on these social sites.

    Feel free to call in and talk to Shawn. The number is: 1-646-564-9980.

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    Spiritual and political governance from a pan-african perspective

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    Destiny of a people is determined by the thing you do today. Truth centred apllied knowledge from african edenic institutionised knowledge base needs to be utilised today to restore justice and balance to mankind.The past 2 millineiums have be progressively evolving to a domination of governance from the Greco- Roman model till we have today an awesome collussus of nation states based on these doctrines. Yet the world is now more polutted, socially inequitable, materially raped, and tilted in favour of a few to the massive dehumanization of the world's population.

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    Soldiers Family Talk To The Troops Tilted Kilt Vernon Hills

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    SFTVR "TALK TO THE TROOPS" with Steve Tomaszewski and New Co-Hosts: Dana Griffin and Lillian Pagan .
     JOIN SFTVR "LIVE 5-8pm at the Tilted Kilt in Vernon Hills and meet new Friends and a military network night. Its a Party, Welcome Home Troops and New friends & "LIVE" on www.SFTVR Tv & Radio 630-730pm Welcome Home Troops. Come send a 1 Min Message to any Soldier,Soldiers Family or veteran anywhere in the World FREE on SKYPE! Send any Soldier, Soldiers Family or veteran a FREE 1 Minute Msg via Skype on www.SFTVR.com Today 1-909-202-8714 press 1 to Talk To The Troops! Got an Idea for a show? Contact Steve@SFTVR.com

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    SOLDIERS FAMILY Welcome Home Troops Tilted Kilt Schaumburg

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    3:30- 5:00  Steve Tomaszewski Startegy session no broadcast. Sponsors invited by invitation only.
    JOIN US With The WOUNDED HEROES FOUNDATION www.Woundedheroesfund.net http://www.woundedheroesfund.net
    with Skip Hermann, Tony Nashar, Jeff Doering, Johnny Bollack on the latest news and update on these events locally, regionally and nationally with Kevin Nemetz and www.TIX4Cause.com  Get a FREE ONLINE Ticket platform from Tix4Cause today and start selling Tickets online Tomorrow!
    6:30-8:00pm "LIVE" Welcome Home Troops & Talk To The Troops" at The Tilted Kilt, 1140 East Higgins, SChaumburg, Il. 60173 Come and SHAKE The Hand of a TRUE American HERO and Please Bring a Friend!