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    Hitler, Tila Tequila, Sharkeisha & Kanye Round 12

    in Comedy

    Tonight's show will continue the discussion from the last show about Sharkeisha and Sharmichael.  We'll also be reading excerpts from Tila Tequila's blog "Why I Sympathize With Hitler", as well as quickly talking about Kanye's current madness since we were cut off last week.  We might even verbally assault each other with homosexual barrages and forget we hate each other for five minutes.



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    Rescission in NonJudicial States

    in Finance

    Attorney Charles Marshall, Jim Macklin, and Dan Edstrom sit in for Neil Garfield to discuss the very latest in litigation strategies relating to rescission, enforcement of rescission and dealing with motions from the banks. As the banks try to rewrite the law indirectly, they are coming up against a brick wall: judges are reserving ruling, signaling their dislike for rescission but their acknowledgment that the procedure of TILA rescission cannot be rewritten or interpreted.

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    Taking Shots On The AIR!!!

    in Comedy

    It's Friday, time to unwind with shots of tequila! Let's see how the show goes!

    Houston is trying to pass a proposition to allow trandgenders to use their opposing restrooms. Sally Firld has come in to promote it...why?

    Have you found someone to cuff? Cuddle? Snuggle? It's getting cold...either get a boobae, or a blanket.

    So now it's okay to act up in class, or act an ass in public. People will call a cop, but don't want to cops to arrest the subject. So people want cops to just stand around...I'm okay with that. 

    A man dide after being catapulted out of his car during a rollover accident. He ended up on the freeway sign. Yes, they needed a ladder to put a tarp over him. That's called flying down the freeway.

    Basketball has started...making hockey irrelevant as usual.

    Halloween is here again. Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner is the most popular costume. Chopping off your dick is optional.


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    Kip Marlow--Giving It Away Can Help You Build An Empire #2832

    in Finance

    Kip Marlow is a successful entrepreneur, small business teacher and advisor. He describes how John Paul DeJoria went from living in a car with his son to being worth nearly $3 billion. Would you believe that DeJoria gives away 75 percent of his money, to causes of his choice? Why does the founder of such household brands as Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila do it? Listen and find out. The reasons might surprise you. 

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    California Charles Marshall Returns for Talk on Rescission and Foreclosure

    in Finance

    Charles Marshall returns tonight to delve deeper into the non-judicial cancellation of loans (TILA Rescission). We are getting reports of seminars across the country devoting a large part of their presentation to rescission. The Banks know they are in trouble --- rescission levels the playing field and will force the disclosure of the identity of the true creditors. The answer is likely to be they are unknown because investor money was (a) never delivered to the trusts that issued the certificates that investors thought they bought and (b) investors money was never segregated into separate accounts, never subject to the control of the trustee or its trustee, and was all mixed together from thousands of trusts. There is most likely no way to determine whose money was used to fund any loan. 

    Rescission could clear the path to solutions for homeowners and Federal, State and Local governments deprived of revenue by entities that existed only on paper to obscure the real transactions and avoid taxes, fees and costs.

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    The Real Estate RIVAlution: Upcoming Changes In The Mortgage Industry TRID

    in Real Estate

    On October 3, 2015, TRID goes into effect.  What exactly does this mean for the consumer?

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    All The Rage , August 29 2015

    in Entertainment

    Tropical Storm Erika Kills

    Migrant crisis: Four arrests over Austria lorry deaths

    Ashley Madison Hack: CEO Noel Biderman Is Stepping Down

    Owen Labrie Found Not Guilty of Felony Sexual Assault in Prep School Trial

    Virginia teen gets more than 11 years for supporting ISIS

    Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.

    Steve Jobs

    Tila Tequila

    Booted from 'Celebrity Big Brother'

    Over Hitler Rant

    Celebrity TV Judge Joe Brown turns himself into Memphis jail

    Lucy Liu Welcomes a Son


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    Jill Smith, Esq. Licensed in Washington State. New Mexico Joins the Fight

    in Finance

    Jill J. Smith established her law practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For eighteen years she has represented a wide variety of clients in employment law, land use, environmental, public lands and water law, Indian law, tax-exempt organizations, and election and campaign finance law.  Jill served as the Executive Director of New Mexico Conservation Voters Alliance, New Mexico Conservation Education Fund, and Washington Wilderness Coalition.  Most recently, Jill served as in-house counsel for the Pueblo of Sandia in New Mexico.  Jill was formerly Legal Director for Futurewise, a land use watchdog organization in Seattle.  Jill is a graduate of Vermont Law School, where she won the Academic Excellence Award for Natural Resources Law, and top honors in Federal Indian Law.  Now She is one of the pre-eminent foreclosure defense attorneys on the West Coast.


    Jill Smith, Attorney

    Natural Resource Law Group, PLLC

    5470 Shilshole Ave. NW, Suite 520

    Seattle, WA 98107

    (206) 227-9800

    Welcome to our show.

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    Franchise Interview with Franchise Expert and Consultant Dante Vespignani

    in Entrepreneur

    We are meeting with Dante Vespignani of Turma Inc. dba, The Entrepreneuers Source. Dante Vespignani has spent his entire career in the food and restaurant industry. Prior to starting Turma, Inc., he entered the business in 1973 with an Arby’s franchisee, growing the franchise to 21 restaurants with two full service concepts

    Tequila Junction and the Samari Steakhouse, Switching from franchise to company operations Vespignani held various senior management positions before leaving in 1993 as Director Operations NE United States, encompassing over 800 restaurants with 227 franchise groups. Prior to starting his own restaurant consulting firm he was the Director of Franchise Operations/Sales for a start up, full serve restaurant chain, growing that concept to over 100 restaurants.

    Turma, Inc., DBA The Entrepreneurs Source, evolved as a need based organization, bridging the gap for many franchise operators with different concepts, whose expertise was lacking in the areas of marketing, operations, P&L and cost analysis. Additionally, there was a need for his considerable consulting/coaching skills in mentoring would be business owners, thru the often muddy waters of business ownership.

    A native of Pittsburgh, PA, he attended The Pennsylvania State University, Blanchard Training and Development, Management 2000 and various American Management Association courses. Married and now living outside Portland Maine, his business acumen and experience gives him a unique perspective of the models necessary to succeed in the New England market


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    How does the TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule Affect You?

    in Real Estate

    Join real estate influencer and leader Vija Williams and her husband co-host Ben Williams for Real Estate radio via Vija. This week they talk to Cody Touchette, of Caliber Home Loans, about the new TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule, which went into effect August 1, 2015.  Cody will talk about the important changes, their impact on future transacations and what you need to know to be sure your closings happen on time and glitch free.

    This is a weekly show where we talk about what's buzzing in the Puget Sound real estate market and across the nation. Vija Williams is a well known real estate agent in the Seattle area and her husband co-host is also a Realtor in Seattle. Vija and Ben discuss consumer and industry related topics in a fast-paced, witty and entertaining way.

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    BLAME GAME - The Lack Of Accountability

    in Radio

    REVEALED: How Miami police union in attempted to smear woman who posted video of cop BEATING handcuffed man inside squad car

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3199758/President-Miami-police-union-attempts-besmirch-woman-dared-post-online-video-police-officer-JUMPING-handcuffed-man.html#ixzz3izUIIFJr
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    The moment a mother was caught on camera teaching daughter to steal tequila

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3199196/Florida-mom-seen-teaching-daughter-steal-tequila-Pembroke-Park-s-24-7-Liquors.html#ixzz3izUP6wm3
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