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    Callywood After Dark with Tico Wells

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    Callywood After Dark with
    Tico Wells
    Mr. Wells gained his first big national exposure on The Cosby Show, as Dr. Jerry Taylor, who delivered Saundra’s twins. While in New York, Tico performed on television shows and commercials, working with the likes of Denzel Washington, Francis Ford Coppola, Spike Lee, Al Pacino, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and so on. It wasn’t until he got a break with Robert Townsend in The Five Heartbeats, that he felt it was time for Hollywood. He has been out in the land of stars ever since, honing his skills and enjoying the beautiful weather of California. He is a seasoned veteran that never gives up. His movie career includes:  newly released films, Love and Other 4 Letter Words and Sister’s Keeper. Other films are, Forgiveness,Wild Hearts, Monster Makers, One Special Moment, Big Ain’t Bad, All About You, The Relic, The Ernest Green Story, Universal Soldier, Trespass, Mississippi Masasla, The Dream Team. A partial list of television shows are: Bones, All of Us, Wanda Does It, ER, 24, JAG, Drew Carey, Law and Order, Boy Meets World, Martin, Beverly Hills 90210, 227 and so forth.
    As a writer, his first book, “Sign Language: Messages from the Heart, the Soul, and Beyond”, is currently available and he is set to release his second book, “30 Days to Peace, Prosperity and Power” in the near future.  He started a peace awareness channel on youtube, called makepeaceu, where he asks the question, “how do we create peace?”. 

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    Exclusive Interview With Tico Wells

    in Lifestyle

    Radio Host: Joi

    Guest: Tico Wells



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    I'm Just Sayin'...™ - Tico Wells on the Super Bowl

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    I'm Just Sayin'...™    Special guest: Actor (and Health Crusader) Tico Wells joined CG to discuss all things football. This means, of course, the Super Bowl!
    You can keep up with Tico when you visit his blog at http://www.ticowellsblog.com/ Oh, and here's his previous appearance on IJS™  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ijs/2011/03/31/im-just-sayin--encore-presentation-tico-wells-of-the-five-heartbeats-talks-healthy-living And here's even more "stuff"!
    HILARIOUS DHCH™  episode right here!  SWAG! right here!

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    A Tribute to Black History Month: Ida B. Wells

    in History

    Join Long Story Short as the host, Dr. William Hardy, takes listeners on a journey through the life of Ida B. Wells.

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    Let's Get Raw with Michael Carnahan and Tim Wells 2-18-2015

    in Wrestling

    Join the "Voice of Indie Wrestling" Michael Carnahan and Wrestler Tim Wells as they get RAW on wrestling topics from all over the place. You'll get their opinion on wrestling's hottest news from their perspective. It's all live and uncut. It's an inside look at the business of professional wrestling like you've never heard before. From WWE to whatever they feel like speaking about it's all the action you can handle.

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes WEEKEND EDITION! Spotlight Jennifer Foehner Wells!

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    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell-Jordan your hosts and today I am happy to have the oportunity to chat with Speculative Fiction Author Jennifer Foehner Wells as part of her Premier Virtual Author Book Tour!

    Jennifer Foehner Wells 

    Jennifer Foehner Wells lives an alternately chaotic and fairly bucolic existence in Indiana with two boisterous little boys, a supportive husband, a mildly unhinged Labrador retriever, and three adorable pet rats as housemates.

    Having studied biology, Jen’s possessed with a keen interest in science and technology. She’s 100% geek and proud of it.

    FLUENCY was Jen’s debut. It spent weeks in the Kindle Top 100, going as high as number 4. It remains prominent in several Science Fiction categories. It has garnered 848 five star reviews, to date.

    Website: www.jenniferfoehnerwells.com

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    In Today's America with special guest: Dem. Presidential Candidate Robby Wells

    in Current Events


    This is a special show, in the 8:00 hour, joining us will be Democratic Presidential Candidate Robby Wells! We are very happy that he has taken the time to come on the show, and we hope that everyone listening will enjoy listening to the interview! Mr. Wells ran for President in 2012 as the candidate for the Constitutionalist Party, and now he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination! He will be discussing his plan to fix the economic problems in the United States, as well as other social problems we are facing!

    You can learn more about him on his site: www.robbywells2016.com

    For this show we will not be answering any calls during the last two hours, however, if you have any questions you would like to ask, you can tweet at the show: @intodaysamerica, and you can find us on facebook by clicking on the "facebook" icon on our homepage at www.blogtalkradio.com/lufaca and we will have the chat room where you are welcome to start a discussion or bring up other topics and ask questions!

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    A Warning To The Priesthood By Jordan Wells

    in Christianity

    The bible predicts that towards the end of the age, many false prophets would arise and decieve many. However, Jesus also tells us that there will be mass deception, this message will be sent to many church leaders, and believers a like. Even though the bible predicts a great falling away, which we see taking place, he also promised a remnant, and I believe that there are still true men of God, who are being sucked into the harlot church system. This message is for church leaders, Pastor, Evangelist, Sunday School Teachers, and even regular believers with a love for truth, be sure to send this to your pastor, that it may sparl something in his spirit God Bless.

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  • Civil Disobedience Is The American Way w/Bill Wells

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    Civil Disobedience Is The American Way: 

    Fighting Injustice with New Forms of Peaceful Protest

    From Trayvon Martin to Jordan Davis to Michael Brown to Eric Garner to DJ Henry. America has a problem.  A race and gender problem.   And sitting right in the bullseye are countless Black men, young and old victimized by police tactics that work against them in grand jury rulings and court house verdicts.  We can no longer look the other way…Americans are finally saying ENOUGH to the senseless killings that are happening throughout the land. 

    Important details missing from a dispatcher’s call to police resulted in a 12 year old child being gunned down by a rookie cop in Cleveland.  And a man with asthma desperately calling out “I can’t breathe” succumbed to a New York cop’s chokehold that finished his life forever.

    Veteran diversity professional and former chair of the National Black MBA Association Bill Wells will discuss the direction of our country as we wrestle with police brutality and its fatal impact on Black men everywhere.  And we’ll also look at the  groundswell of peaceful protests around the country and the world that are waking us all up the the changes needed to fix the injustices so badly derailing our nation.

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    Author Reggie Wells comes to Cream City to talk INSTINCTS & DESIRES

    in Entertainment

    Reggie Wells is CEO and President of Power Rich Media and No Smiles Allowed Entertainment. He is an author, publisher, screenplay writer and motivational speaker. What do you know about this that's classic? Lots of laughs, I'm sure. It's ENOUGH ROOM for US ALL to SHINE! Now that's classic!To get on the show as a guest OR To place a CCC $5.00 AD inquire to CreamCityClassica@hotmail.com CALL IN NUMBER (713) 955-0635

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