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  • The Power Hour w. Daiva MacKenzie

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    The Power of Fitprenuership – You do not have to be a fitness guru to start a business in fitness. Developing your own interest in a healthy lifestyle may easily lend itself to becoming a fitprenuer. Socrates said "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for." Listen in as we talk to Allison Tibbs certified personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach.

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    Allison Tibbs: Position Yourself for Success

    in Marketing

    Allison Tibbs is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and author of over 8 books.  She's the owner of the marketing firm, Marquise, LLC, and training company, Allison Tibbs International.  Allison’s the founder of the Empower A Girl Foundation and Empowering Girls Worldwide. She's also co-founder of corporate training company, Power Pair Divas, and women’s empowerment organization, The Empowered Circle.
    For over 8 years, Allison has specialized in marketing and social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, authors, and aspiring entrepreneurs.
    She’s shared the stage and co-authored over 8 books with world-renowned speakers and authors like Les Brown, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen, focusing on marketing and sharing her life experiences to empower audiences to reach success breakthroughs In their lives.

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    Road to NBA Finals

    in Sports

    Trendy sports topics. the NBA finals match up, Tibbs out, FIFA scandal

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    The V-Bar Soap with Tanya Tibbs & Dr. Rogers

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    MGN Radio chats with The V-Bar Lady aka Tanya Tibbs about her best selling hygiene product line, which includes her number #1 best selling soap, "The V-Bar Feminine Hygiene Bar." With over 25 years of experience as a natural hair care specialist, Tanya's transition into hygiene products was an instant success.  The V-Bar has been endorsed by Dr. Tosha Rogers, a certified OBGYN. Tanya has been featured on numerous media outlets such as the Dr. OZ show and FOX 5 DC News. She is in negotiatons with Wal-Mart to have the V-Bar available in all their stores nationwide. Join us on Friday, November 2nd at 9pm EST as we chat about hygience, soap, and more! with Tanya Tibbs & Dr. Tosha Rogers. You don't want to miss this show!! 
    MGN Radio is a proud sponsor of  Dare 2 Aspire Conference. Visualize Success. Please visit www.d2aspire.com. Get your tickets NOW!

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    the Family Meeting

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    To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar (album review)

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    Hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar just dropped his 3rd studio album, To Pimp A Butterfly, on March 16. The album was supposed to come out on March 23 but was released early and set the music industry on fire. 

    For the first time on the 12 Radio Show, the host 12kyle will have a full album review for To Pimp A Butterfly. If you're a fan of Kendrick Lamar or a hip hop fan...you don't want to miss this!!!

    The show will only be for an hour and will air March 21st (Saturday) at 2pm est. You can listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/12kyle or (347)215-7162

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    Living Hope presents: Author:Charletta Tibbs

    in History

    Charletta Tibbs was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL by her two parents who were jazz musicians. She resides in the Hyde Park area just two blocks down from President Barak Obama’s house.

    More information listed under extras.

    She served as judge of Elections in her ward for several years. She was featured in the New York Times with the then U. S. Senator Barak Obama on Election Day, November 2008.

    Charletta Tibbs is a retired nurse, an accomplished vocalist, and a former member of the Rainbow Coalition Push Choir, founded by Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Ms Tibbs is a divorcé and has two sons, Marcus and Tyrone

    Book Summary, Play Betty, Play

    The reason for publishing this book, ‘Play Betty Play,’ is to give tribute to my mother.

    She was an extremely talented musician. She was a strong African- American woman whose devotion to her music was namely her ‘breath of air’. I believe this story will relate to all ages. It tells about the struggles as well as the accomplishments she received. The challenges she faced while performing a so called male instrument in a male-dominated field.

    Finally, I want to show what positive impact music can have on and individual’s life.

    Betty Overton was an accomplished jazz bassist and performed in variously places around the Chicago area. She also performed many background sessions with Ms. Ella Jenkins at the PBS television station in Chicago.

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    The Final Word Podcast BHM In The Heat Of The Night (1967) Review

    in Film

    Join us as we celebrate the 28 Black films that everyone must see for Black History Month at 8pm (EST) 5pm (PST) LIVE nightly. Each is a must-see as it reflects the real life circumstances that many black people have experienced or can relate to. Watch as these films represent a community with a rich and significant contribution to the world. These movies are in no particular order. Don't see a particular movie on the list? Email us: TheFinalWordPodcast@yahoo.com

    If you would like to call in and share your thoughts or ask questions you can call into 347-826-7899 to appear in the queue for the show, press 1 to talk to the host.

    African-American Philadelphia police detective Virgil Tibbs (Sidney Poitier) is arrested on suspicion of murder by Bill Gillespie (Rod Steiger), the racist police chief of tiny Sparta, Mississippi. After Tibbs proves not only his own innocence but that of another man, he joins forces with Gillespie to track down the real killer. Their investigation takes them through every social level of the town, with Tibbs making enemies as well as unlikely friends as he hunts for the truth.

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    The Final Word podcast is now available on iTunes!!

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    DSD17 Relationships- The 90 Day Rule

    in Lifestyle

    We all heard of this 90 day rule. It has stirred up debate at parties, in the work place and is the subject of books. The DSD crew as always is prepared to dig deep and tell you what you want to know. Only Down South and Dirty can go there like this. So join myself Scout Smith and my co-hosts Christy Harvey and Deric Tibbs aka Harlem Atl as we talk about Relationships and the 90 Day Rule.

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    DSD15 She Don't Need You.......

    in Lifestyle

    The African-American family is in trouble!  Mass incarceration, fatherless children, high unemployment, blended families. Men and Women in the African-American community are not getting along why Doesn't she need you? The African-American man who is blamed for being for being absent is being pushed out sometimes against his will why? How is this effecting African-Americans economics, family dynamics and it's collective power. Co-hosts Christy Harvey and Deric Tibbs will be joining Host Scout Smith as a part of DSD team!!

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    NIce Girls Reading Naughty Books--Valerie Tibbs

    in Books

    Romance novelist Bernadette Walsh will interview the very talented ebook cover artist Valerie Tibbs and they will discuss what makes an effective and successful ebook cover and trends in romance ebook covers.