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    KEI Radio Host Interviews Minister Rebecca D. Huggins I LEAD Institute for Girls

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Radio Host - Donna Ghanney interviews Minister Rebecca D. Huggins regarding the "I LEAD Institute for Girls' upcoming Gala on April 22, 2015 at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    Get involved and make a positive impact for the young ladies of tomorrow.

    Call in to speak to the guest: (646) 668-2413

    CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN ONLINE:  http://tobtr.com/7539663

    About Minister Rebecca D. Huggins

    Minister Rebecca D. Huggins is an anointed bold woman of God who operates in the prophetic, healing and teaching gifts.  Additionally, she is a 21st Century transformational speaker and instructional leader who has 20 years of proven success.

    About I LEAD Institute for Girls

    I LEAD Institue for Girls is established to cultivate  the leadership skill in young ladies so tht they are able to successfully matriculate academically and professionally.  They are committed to developing 21st Century Global Leaders who are able to positively contribute to society.

    Learn more information here: Kingdom Empowerment Magazine

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    Tongiht on MnTc Radio Rappr/Entertainer Kontagious will be stopping through. He will coming back as a part 3 f hi last exclusive interview. Since his last time on the show there has been many hings brewing in his career and tht will all be discussed on tonight's show including ome of his rumored beefs he has with other artist. Make sure to call in at 718-508-9559 and press 1 to go live.

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    World Wide Africa the Voice of the Pan African Movement

    in Politics

    In light of the present turmoil in Southern Africa we must take a look at what Hisrtory has to say about these differences.

    "A deeper look at the long term differences tht have developed inthe Black Community due to the Willy Lynch Slave Brreaking Methods ised by the White Establishment in slavery and Colonization.  once I make them plain to you, you will understand wht is the problem today with African People the world over and why there is so much Black on Balck Crime.  This problem of Xonophobia, self hatred is ingrained in us because of how we were psycologolically conditioned in the past. There are 3 categories that the Jamacain Slave holder Presented to the Virginia Plantation owners on how to deal with African People and Negro Indegenous people called Indians in the Americas.  "I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves: and I take these differences an make them bigger. I use fear, distrust, and envy for control purposes.  These methods have orked on my nodest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South.  Take this simple little list of differences, and think abouth them.  On top of my list is Age, but it is there only because it starts with an A: the second is Color or Shade, there is intelligence, size, sex size of the plantations, status on the platatntion, attitude of the owners, whether the slave lives in the vally or on a hill, east, west, north, south, have fine hair, coarse hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences.  I shall give you an outline of action-but before that I shall assure you that distrust is stronger thatn trust and envy is stronger that adulation, respect or admiration.  These are the obsticles we are faced  with in the African Community World Wide, Self hate and mistrust on each othe on issues thta should have been resloved peacably without killing one another.



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    Facebook: Digital Bull$hit or Truth Serum?

    in Radio

    It's getting more and more prevelant that Facebook has made people claim to be tht which they are not. But with some, it shows exactly who they are. When it comes to Worldly matters, people seem to have more of a "Sheep" mentality. Following the flock or a silly Meme. Whereas something more tame, such as Sex, everyone is all of a sudden a Sex Specialists and has done EVERYTHING. But don't call them a "Whore"! Plus our take on South Carolina and Walter Scott. Join us.

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

    in Books

    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club DanaP Speaks Network Talk Live Radio Show is Host Becky G., 2 little piece of heaven right here on earth. Thanks to God, DanaP., and all of the listener supporter for all you do to support and follow my desire to aspire to greatness.

    2 Samuel 13: 1-22

    Tamar Daughter of King David Her Name Means "Date Tree" or "Palm Tree"

    Tamar shared her father's, David's good looks. Young and innocent, she was naive to the danger that threatened from her own family. (Her Character)....That her half brother saw her only as an object for his lust, destroying her future as a result, and that her father, the king, did nothing to protect her. (Her Sorrow).....David's daughter Tamar was a knockout. No doubt she was destined for marriage tht would strengthen the king's political alliances. Though not under lock an key, she probably live a rather protecte life. But all the precautions in the world couldn't save her from the danger that threatened from David's inner circle.

    Amnon was David's heir. As the king's eldest son, he was used to getting his way. But lately he'd grown despondent. Something was bothering him, chasing away his slep, gnawing at his heart. One day, Jonadab, Amnon's cousin, asked him: "Why do you, the king's son look so haggard morning after morning? Won't you tell me?" Amnon confided in his friend, saying, "I'm in love with Tamar, my brother Absalom's sister. (Plan devised) "Go to bed and pretend to be ill," Jonadab shrewdly advised. "When your father comes to see you, say to him, "I would like my sister Tamar to come and give me something to eat. Let her prepare the food in my sight, so I may eat from her hand."

    Come and catch th BLAZE, dial (347)205-9535 at 11:00 pm/am EST...Be there!


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    "The Campaign For America!" with Dennis Andrew Ball

    in POTUS

    Discusses issues tht impacts you and your family!

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    LIVE! with Cathi---How we write about LOVE!

    in Fitness

    Did you know there are health benefits of writing in a deeply personal way.  Whether it's an upset, unfulfilled expectaions, disappointsments studies have shown that writing introspectively on a regular basis can lead to lowered blood pressure, improved liver function.  The study revealed tht those that wrote for short periods each day about their turbulent emotions, experiences found that they were less stressful and in a better emotional state to handle the challenge.

    First and most basic: How we write about LOVE depends on how old we are.  The young are anxious and hopeful asking "What is it going to be for me."


    Mid-Life, is this...etc.

    Older people are just...etc.

    How we met our...etc.

    Second guessing...etc.

    Men and women write differently about...etc.

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    Real Ghost Storied with Special Guest Anastasya from THT

    in Spirituality

    Topic and discussion includes Pagan news items, dates of interest, and after the break Anastasya from the Temple of Hekate's Torch will be our special guest.  We'll be talking about REAL Ghost Stories and some of the best known ghost legends from different places and cultures. We'll also chat about how can you open yourself to spirit visitations.  Come spooktify with us!!!   Comments and questions from callers and chat room participants welcome!  Let's Chat!

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    Main Street Universe: Eileen Troemel/ Spiritual Insight with Darren BuCare

    in Spirituality

    Join host Daniel Mchael and associate producer Genise R White as they welcome their guest Eileen Troemel.

    Eileen is an author of many books including tht "Wayfarer Clans" ,"Secret Past" and many others.

    Topics range from fiction to meditation to nature crafts.


    Then stick around as we welcome back Darren BuCare!

    His new scheduled shotime is everyWednesday at 9 pm eastern time.

    Darren is am intuitive consultant at Marie Lavaue's House of Voodoo in New Orleans!

    This week Darren will be discussing working with the element of Earth.

    Join us!!

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    in Music

    The new social media, topics of the week, to arrive at your opinion of something depends on how you cconnect tht dots,

    also where are yoy going to have Turky day.  or pick you own topic, (respectfully)

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    Quick Conflict Resolution

    in Business

    One of the leading killers of our productivity is conflict. It consumes a great deal of emotion and can suck everyone in with it like a twister that pulls everything within its reach. No one and nothing is spared. I read a recent statistic tht over 45% of a managers job is spent in inner office conflict. We have better uses of our managers time than to be resolving unceessary conflict.

    We are going to talk on todays show about how and why this challenge persists. Learn tips on how to get quick resolution to conflict, be more open to the perspectives of others and solving challenges and problems before they arise.

    Guest profile:

    Alex Evans

    Alexander Evans is a public speaker, trainer and communication strategist. His goals are to build healthy relationships through open and honest communication.