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    Breathing Through Paper Presents - Dancing with Wolves

    in Poetry

    Welcome to Breathing Through Paper with your hosts Lyrical Movements and WritteninPain... Tonight -- We Welcome The Wolf Pack...

    This will be a Night to Remember... Join us -- Live From The Wolves Den... 

    Come Breathe Through Paper!!

    It is Open Mic Poetry Night!!

    Monday's @ 11PM EST

    Call In or Listen Live - 516.666.8427

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    Kiss Me I'm Psychic Presents "Through The Darkness"

    in Spirituality

    Today on "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Presents "Through The Darkness" we will be discussing "Spiritual" health. Keeping ourselves spiritually healthy.
    Question~Why should we keep ourselves spiritually healthy?
    A~Because our spiritual health very much determines what energies and thus what entities can and will be attracted to us.
    Also explored on Tonights show~

    The topic of "Abuse and it's affect on spirituality
    Religion versus Spirituality (What if what the Churches are telling us to "think and do" is not so great) 
    Exorcism and Deliverence is force truly necessary.
    Why such an increase in demonic or inhuman cases?
    Are the rituals done in Churches really working?
    And more!

    Your voice matters join Christine and her guests as we discuss these subjects and more on tonights episode of "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" "Through The Darkness"
    JOIN us in chat or call in at 323-642-1591


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    Kiss Me I'm Psychic Presents "Through The Darkness" Curses Hexes and Spells...

    in Spirituality

    Tonight On "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Presents "Through The Darkness" we will be discussing that perennial favorite "Curses" also we will talk about hexes and spells and HOW these can be used to bring demonic beings into a persons life..and how they can be used to repel them.

    What is the difference between spells and hexes.
    What is a curse exactly?
    Is prayer enough to remove or reverse a curse?
    Can a Voodoo Priest or a Witch remove a curse the same as a Minister or even better? 
    Spiritual Laws.
    Signs of a curse.
    Prayers and spells, the similarites.

    This is a thinking show..we all need to THINK about what is going on in the spiritual realm..thinking brings understanding and undersanding brings wisdom this is not a show for debates about one religion over another, or one theory over another or one practice over another.
     Is'nt there enough of that already? 
    this show is intended as a means to discuss these issues in the spiritual realm. To help those who are suffering needlessly..that always should be our common thread. 
    Many people have many different experiences and sharing those expereinces can help and encourage each other so please feel free to chime in and share what has worked for you..what has not. What you think and what your opinions are!  :)

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    "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" presents "Through The Darkness" Topic ~RELIGIOUS spirits

    in Spirituality

    Tonight On "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" "Through The Darkness"
    We will discuss "Religious spirits".
    When demons use religion against us. 

    Join us to chat about~

    Signs of a religious spirit.
    How to deal with a religious spirt within yourself or someone else. 
    How do we get religious spirits.
    How can we keep ourselves free from them.
    How can we respond to people who say there are no demons.
    Should we respond at all?

    We will explore other topics today as well. 

    The psychological needs of the client.
    How to understand that spirits will stop at nothing to convince us the client is "nutty" or a "problem" client.
    How can we recognize if a person is not really under the influence of a spirit and is just suffering from emotional or mental issues? Can we tell? .
    What to pray and how long to discern IF a demon is involved.Is it really a one size fits all in this work?
    Is force necessary?
    If forced is used or provacation what damage can be caused the person affected?

    I hope you will join us as we go "Through The Darkness" and learn to find hope and light in a sometimes dark world. Helping ourselves and others to stay safe and as connected to God and the Holy Spirit as we should be. 



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    "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Presents~ "Through The Darkness w Christine Corda

    in Spirituality

    Christine Corda is a Psychic Medium and a good one. 

    God gave her these gifts though as a small child Christine lived in a haunted home with abusive parents.
    Both of whom dabbled in the occult. Abuse and dark spirituality do not mix and this created a perfect storm to allow and even encourage negative entities to attack and take hold.

    For 6 long years as a child and teen she lived in the basement of that home.
    Alone and haunted. 
    The results were horrific the hauntings went on for years.
    The teaching and empowement were incredible. 

    What is the lesson here? 
    A: God is amazing and DOES bring us through the darkness....no matter what we are living in. 
    God heals and strengthnes even through the most terrible of places.

    There were human spirits, inhuman spirits and many situations of demonic oppression infestation at which time Christine was nearly fully possessed.
    With a formal exorcism botched abandoned by the Roman Catholic Church Christine had nothing left to use to help her but her gifts. 
    Hers is a scary story a sad story a courageous story but it is above all an enlightening story and one of hope and goodness inspite of the darkness God has led her to light to empowerment and now she helps others who go through hauntings. 

    Join us as Christine explores different accounts of hauntings.
    Come with Episodes of demonic posession and opression. Prayers that work and prayers that do not. 
    Different ways that people of many different faiths work to free the world from negative energies and entites. 

    We will have many different guest and many different subjects and hope you will join us! 


    BE FREED!!!




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    WKPJB Radio Presents Back to Basix Open mic

    in Poetry

    Back to Basix Open mic is going to be a celebration of the wonderful worx of art that these poets possess. We will return to the art of allowing everyone a chance to speak freely. Bring a piece or come to get peace. We are all here to feel comfortable and share. If you just need to talk, or express yourself in other ways, this is the time and place to do it... I thank you all for taking this journey with us... It is about to get crazy!

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    Back Like We Never Left

    in Comedy

    It's been a long time; let's catch up. Time has passed, new things have developed, while Bunny and Kina have slept since then.  Same ol same ol and those that dont know who we are welcome to the madness.

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    HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D

    in Women

    Her sisters died in the house fire

    Her sisters died in the house fire; the only reason she lived is her father carried her out first before running back in for her sisters where they all perished. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy was three years old and living in an idyllic family in Northern California. Raised by a mother whose life was shattered by the tragedy and today would be called a victim of PTSD. Cockrum-Murphy’s childhood was jolted again when her step-father died in a logging accident a few years later and culminates in the murder of her mother. The book "Living Hope Steps To Leaving Sufering Behind" follows Cockrum-Murphy’s life from those tragedies forward to today.

    Lynne is an intuitive consultant specializing in supporting her clients to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs, to change work and life conditions to a happier state, and to embrace an expanding sense of self and possibility. She uses ThetaHealing, Access Bars ®, channeling and counseling skills to support clients in all their personal goals.


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    Over and Back: 100 Facts About Wilt Chamberlain's 100

    in Basketball

    We're celebrating Episode #100 of the Over and Back Podcast and what better topic to cover than Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game on March 2, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. To ensure we kept it "100" we uncovered 100 facts about Wilt's 100 point game. Facts and tidbits include a look at where the game ranks all-time statistically, anecdotes about many of the players involved including Al Attles, Paul Arizin, Tom Meschery, Guy Rodgers, "Jumpin'" Johnny Green, York Larese, Darrall Imhoff, Cleveland Buckner and many more.

    We tell the fascinating tale of Ermo and Evo Ionni, the iconic "100" picture and what happened to the game ball. Lastly, we look back at March 2, 1962 in history with a peek at the Peanuts Comic strip of the day, who was on the cover of that day's TIME magazine, what famous rock star was born on this very day and, of course, Billboard's Number One song. 

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    Were back and we have much to talk about. Lets get started.

    in Art

    we are talking. call in to speak your opinion.

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