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    KITM/News/Jada Speaks on Oscar/Flint Water Contamination/Our Case for Reparations

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           Hang on to your hats and prepare your EARS for the sound festival they will come to learn to appreciate.  KINGS IN THE MORNING – we doin’ it baby!!  347-205-9366 is the number for all the JAY KING NETWORK shows function from, so call in, and fall in – we will keep you rolling on the floor ROTF ballin’.  Tickles to the brain, and schooling for the insane – you got to try us on, and see how well we fit.  Tell your friends, spread the word to your relatives – its ON like POPCORN!

         It's Wednesday, you know what that means? WILD WEDNESDAY with one Johnny Davis IN DA HOUSE with his musical THROWDOWN!!!

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    Jay'e R. Talks with Ivory Tower Project

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    Jay'e R. is pleased to present Ivory Tower Project, a NY Rock band who have hit songs like "Burning". They wlll be talking with Jay'e R. about their music and taking LIVE calls. Jay'e R. will also be doing the Underground Throwdown to kick off the weekend as well. Guests and listeners can call in at 713-955-0745. Or can listen LIVE on the website, contact Jay'e R. at jayer.undergroundsoundz@gmail.com

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    The HyperSloth Happy Hour

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    It's time for a Thursday Throwdown! We're not sure what that means, but it sounds cool as hell, so join us and see what happens!

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    KINGS IN THE MORNING/News/Tamir Rice/Our History Is Lost In Us/Wild Wed

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          The very first show for KINGS IN THE MORNING - 347-205-9366.  This is the show that started off, 3 hours on Tuesday, and 3 hours on Thursday.  And as the show grew in popularity and become more everyday - (although this is no everyday show) it was expanded, to 2 hours a day, Monday through Friday.  347-205-9366.  The show has gone through several changes, however Jay King & myself remain constant, when I'm not sleep. (joke) (if you are not laughing)  Long time neighborhood friend, Johnny Davis joined as the hosts varied, then came D L W, Darryl Williams who joined the cast and that's the way it's been for quite some time.  KINGS IN THE MORNING! 347-205-9366.  Let me state clearly - THIS SHOW AIN'T FOR EVERYBODY - 347-205-9366, but YOU may be the somebody it is for.


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    Tonight we will be discussing beef that has went on this past week. Communicate in the chat box below with any questions or topics!

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    Thursday Night "Underground Throwdown"

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    As a part of "Throwback Thursday", Underground Soundz will be doing it's own version. Thursday Night Underground Throwdown, where your host, Jay'e R. will be playing songs from back in the day as well as new music from up and coming Independent Artists. On tonight's show, Jay'e R. will be playing new music by Simply T. and Ace Dino & Cali Quice. Listeners and guests can call in to Underground Soundz at  713-955-0745 or by tuning in at http://blogtalkradio.com/undergroundsoundz. To reach Jay'e R. by email, contact him at: jayer.undergroundsoundz@gmail.com

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    Underground Soundz: The Friday Night Show

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    Underground Soundz is now moving to Friday Nights to make room for the Thursday Night Underground Throwdown. On tonight's show, your host, Jay'e R. will be talking about a new radio show that is in the works. He will be taking LIVE calls from listeners and playing some of the best music from some of the hottest unsigned and Independent artists from around the world. Call in to chat with Jay'e R. at 713-955-0745, or you can reach Jay'e R. by email at jayer.undergroundsoundz@gmail.com. 

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    2015-12/02 TBhr1 Ray Didinger

    in Sports

    Hour One of the show featured some early microphone issues as Tony had his unplugged and is scolded for it. The crew got into some NBA talk about Kobe Bryants farewell tour and loss to the Lowly Phila 76'ers who were 0-18 and hadn't won a game since March.
    Jahlil Okafor's  suspension was also discussed as Tony nailed on Twitter earlier the team would suspend him at least 1 game after more video surfaced of the rookie throwdown with some punks after a loss in Boston. Okafor got to set 2 games for his early off-court issues.
    Johnny Manziel situation in Cleveland was a hot button issue as no one could figure out why the lowly Browns won't just start the Number 1 draft pick for the remaining games to see if they could potentially get something if the wanted to trade him instead of releasing him.
    Miss Robin did her "this week in Florida update" about a son who tried to electrocute his dad after finding out he was the sole beneficiary on the will.  It didn't work and the son is in jail.
    Legendary sports writer, analyst and NFL HOF writer Ray Didinger stopped by and dealt with all kinds of questions about Chip Kelly and the struggling Philadelphia Eagles. A solid 30 minutes of football chatter, from the NFC East, to job openings and speculation about coaches in trouble.

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    TW44: We're Going Streaking!

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    We've got a huge crew together for this show. Mark is back in the host chair while Chris and Jonathan see if they have what it takes to lead their teams to victory. Chris is partnered with the lovely and talented Carmela while Jonathan pairs up with Uncle Chip for an epic throwdown. Which teams has what it takes to bring home the win? Only one way to find out!

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    Christmas 2015 Music Throwdown on American Variety Network!!!!

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    On this special episode of the American Variety Network, Alex Cardinale is going to throwdown Christmas with a whole bunch of Christmas music! This is going to be a fun show! I love Christmas music so I can not wait to play a whole bunch of Christmas music!!! There will be all sorts of Christmas songs playing on this show and it will be fun!!!

    Some Christmas Songs that will be played:

    -Dominic The Donkey

    -Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

    -Jingle Bells

    -White Christmas

    - Frosty the Snowman

    AND MORE!!!

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    in Romance


         Reports say, and you'll have to research if it really matters to you, that infidelity is UP in 2015.  Why do people come together, establish a front?  Are they afraid to be alone?  Maybe you need to be alone to establish who YOU are before you tag another person's life and waste time.  You follow?  Stephanie Beard is here to help you, and she get's sporty with it - Have you listened to her show on Sunday?  She is the REAL THROWDOWN.  A strong opinioned woman with a lot of great that she wants to share with you.  347-205-9366.  Call in, be a part of it.