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    A Celebration of LGBT Youth:Rocky Horror & A Thousand Moms

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    Save the Date: Sat. July 30. The Rocky Horror Outdoor Experience
    Today on A Thousand Moms Talk: Rocky Horror, The Unconventional Convention. Join us as we kick off the event of the summer. That’s Rocky Horror Under the Stars for A Thousand Moms. Book the date: Saturday, July 30. Today we’ll talk with members of the Whip it Outskirts and  A Thousand Moms staff about how we’ve come together and what this night means for lgbt/q youth. Today on A Thousand Moms talk.

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    Q&A Day for A Thousand Moms

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    Q & A is all the rage on YouTube. Here's our version, with everything you wanted to know about Fred, Ray and Dave. Hear from Sarah in Alaska, Vladimir in Russia, George W. in Texas...and much more!

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    Hot Tub Sale Ventura, Thousand Oaks 805-654-9000

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    How to Relieve Arthritis Pain- Without Medication

    Here are three ways to ease arthritis pain that are natural, safe and proven to work.

    Get Up and Go
    Within reason of course, moderate exercise can actually reduce arthritis symptoms.

    Get Informed
    Staying educated is a smart way to find advice on how to lead a more fulfilling life with arthritis.

    Get In the Hot Tub
    With intense heat, relaxing massage and buoyancy, a hot tub is a recipe for success. A few minutes in the water is all it takes for muscles to relax and aches and pains to disappear.

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    Hot Tub Sale Ventura, CA

    Hot Tub Sale Thousand Oaks, CA

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    A Thousand Colours

    in Entertainment

    A Thousand Colours joins us to talk about their music and what to expect from them in 2013

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    A picture worth a thousand words

    in Current Events

    The video of the murder of Michael Scott has opened the door to jurisdictions begging for body cameras. But will they work? Are they effective enough to prevent more police brutality?

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    Depression and the Brain: A Treatable Disorder

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    Does depression affect adults only? No. For singer and songwriter Judy Collins, depression began in her teenage years and is as vivid to her now as it was then. For Collins, her depression led to alcoholism, which damaged her vocal cords and threatened her career.

    Can depression travel through families? Yes. In her particular case, Judy Collins described her depression as a family legacy. It affected her father, herself, and her son, Clark, who committed suicide in 1992. In fact, scientists are currently investigating the hereditary, genetic bases for depression.

    A Thousand Moms is releasing as a e-book, The Sourcebook of Brain Science. Knowledge of the brain is essential for parents, teachers, students, the general public to make good decisions, reduce the toll of suffering of patients and families.  Depression, manic depression, and schizophrenia are illnesses that originate in the brain, affect the brain, and also affect all those things most affect what we think of as human characteristics: our mood, our thinking, our behavior, our energy levels, our patterns of sleep, according to brain scientist Kay Redfield Jamison.

    I am Dave Balog, CIO of A Thousand Moms.....

    Order your copy of the Sourcebook of Brain Science by visiting our Web site, www.athousandmoms.org. Two links at the upper right will allow you to order a copy right away and/or get more information on this resource. Www.athousandmoms.org We ask a donation of just $10 to support the work of A Thousand Moms.


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    Coffee gone! McDonald's laying off 18 THOUSAND! Chris rock, useless!

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    Hr1   Starbucks hacked! Stores closed across the country. How will we survive?

    McDonalds closing 900 stores. 18,000 losing jobs, don't worry, they're going to raise wages of those who still have jobs.

    Sweet Cakes for Melissa had a GoFundMe to raise money to pay $135,000 in fines for not baking a lesbian wedding cake. GoFundMe shut them down!

    California’s Polytechnic University's Queer Student’s Union have organized a “sh*t-in” to push for more gender-neutral bathrooms. SERIOUSLY!

    University students cant name ANY of our country's Bill of Rights. Hear that toilet sound!

    Hr2  Man-on-the-street interviewer asks college students to identify a picture of President Ronald Reagan.
    Their answers? John Wayne, George Bush... good grief!

    Steve Iffer, author of Jimmie Lee and James, talks about the Selma march and the details of 2 ordinary citizens who had a profound impact on history.

    Mark Dice, man-on-the-street interviewer asks college kids what book they're reading right now. Shocking how many aren't reading anything. Shouldn't they be studying... A BOOK? "Who needs books when you can just skate through life on your looks?" 

    Hr3  Christians massacred at Kenyan university. It's pretty sad when your own army won't engage terrorists attack on campus!

    Chris Rock says whites must ‘own the actions’ of racist ancestors. Why do you go to his shows, stop giving him money!

    Democrat lawmaker suggests euthanize the disabled.   HUH!

    Mrs Obama's Gross school lunches.

    And now... anyone supporting traditional marriage is an enemy of the LGBTQ community. Really? 

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    A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Content Marketing Trends

    in Marketing

    The old cliche, "A picture is worth a thousand words", is very true with online marketing. Great images help your content stand out and boost your chances for viral marketing, social media sharing, attracting search engine traffic and more. But how do you ethically and legally obtain images for your B2B content marketing needs? What do you need to know to take or choose great images? And what other options are there for visual content besides images? Marketing writer Jeanne Grunert from Seven Oaks Consulting shares tips for choosing great images to boost online content marketing efforts and offers insight into visual content marketing trends.

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    Prodigal son, we have heard this a thousand times...

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    This has been on my mind all morning, let's talk about it!

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    A Thousand Colours

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    A Thousand Colours –Houston, Texas natives A Thousand Colours began 2013 with 3 nominations for the Texas Buzz Awards (Alternative Band of the Year, Band of the Year, and Guitarist of the Year – Kenyon Puntenney). Comprised of former members of several heavy-hitting bands in the south (Morningside Drive, The Finalist, Makeshifte, and American Fangs to name a few), the band has already gained notoriety within the first year of its development.The singer, Kenyon Puntenney, is the son of singer-songwriter Saylor White (known for recording with such Country Music legends as Lyle Lovett, Nancy Griffen, and European artist Calvin Russel). Spending his life brought up in a fog of Folk Festivals, open mic-nights, and singer-songwriter showcases, Puntenney learned his talent for guitar by ear at an early age. During his time in American Fangs he toured with known acts such as Sick Puppies, Hurt, Saul Williams, Deftones, Theory of a Deadman, 10 Years, and more. He states A Thousand Colours is what he’d like to think of as “the modest man’s band”. The group has no interest in the rock-n-roll lifestyle or super stardom, but wants to create music that “thrills us as songwriters” for a living. Other notable accomplishments from band members include: Rick Graham (bassist) who performed at 2006 Lollapalooza, and toured with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, and played select dates on Taste of Chaos, SXSW, and Warped Tour; Doug Adams (drummer) played with The Finalist touring the US, recorded a full length album with legendary producer G.G. Garth, and was signed at the age of 18 to Maverick Records.

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    “The journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step”

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    A single step Join Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles show today Having faith, in yourself, your dreams, your experiences and mission, allow you with great joy to take your first step and many more! Join Charles for inspiration, and Join in to share your journey, experience, or what is holding you back from taking the first step on journey towards mind, body, spirit awareness and your dreams and experiences all coming to YOU! 

    “The journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step” Lao-tzo

    If you had the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains, Jesus Matthew 17:20 He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”