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    Women and Thoth

    in Spirituality

    A new take on the THOTH TABLETS witha feminine twist today..some new music and a look at creative worrd play...

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    KTL RADIO presents LORD THOTH REVISITED ft Gano Grills

    in News

    Join Know The Ledge Radio in conjunction with Galighticus.com on a journey that spans continents and time spans. 

    One of the most ancient dieties in the Kemetic pantheons is THOTH aka Tehuti, the Messenger, Lord of Communications. 

    As the modalities of communication remain open, new messages are always coming through to those he communicates with. 

    Join us tonight as Gano Grills recaps a recent trip he took to the United Kingdom which culminated in Kemet, where he received some key messages from the Lord Messenger, THOTH. 

    Also Gano will be unveiling methods to quicken your enlightenment and speaking candidly on his upcoming lecture series here in NYC. 

    Kundalini Reiki Empowerment: Nov 9th
    Multidimensional self presentation: Nov16th

    For more information on these upcoming events, and a reference to these past events which will be discussed, please go to:




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    Goddess Alive Radio - Normandi Ellis and Indigo Ronlov

    in Spirituality

    Goddess Alive Radio will be hummmming with Egyptian vibes on November 19 as we welcome back the amazing Normandi Ellis and welcome for the first time, Indigo Ronlov! Tune in as we discuss Egypt, Egyptian Goddesses, and the NEW book just released by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully: The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt

    Normandi Ellis is the author of six books, including two award-winning collections of fiction, Sorrowful Mysteries and Fresh Fleshed Sisters. Her spiritual autobiography, Dreams of Isis, has been the touchstone for many modern day seekers.Her translations of the Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, is regarded as the essential text for any pilgrimage through the ancient Egyptian temples. See more on NormandiEllis.com

    In 2014, Indigo Ronlov, MA, founded The Zahra Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to educating women about the value of handwork, especially when created from reclaimed materials. She received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and is a Minister of Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies.

  • The Tower of Possibility: Space Is Only the Beginning

    in Technology

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon  return to one of their favorite topics -- The Adjacent Possible -- "a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself." 

    How do the plans of Thoth, a Canadian aerospace firm, to construct a 20-KM-high inflatable space elevator demonstrate the adjacent possible? Such a tower would have obvious implications for space travel, but what about energy, terrestrial travel, communications, recreation, sports, etc.? The possibilities are vast once you begin exploring them.

    Plus: a Modafinil update.

    Join us!


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    Patrick Speaks about Global Currency Reset

    in Current Events

    The globe is now in the strangest shift ever known to this civilization. With extraterrestrials at our doorstep and rumors of a huge shift in currency and the wiping out of poverty, everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats. Patrick will cover the latest on the RV and call out the bullshit that is runnning rampant and causing many to lose everything and completely shirk responsibility. If you are holding foriegn currency in hopes of a huge payday, listen to this show.

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    Beyond the Law of Attraction Pt 2 | 30 More Days to Success

    in Motivation

    Beyond the Law of Attraction Pt 2 | 30 More Days to Success


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    Moving Beyond the Law of Attraction | 30 Days to Success

    in Motivation

    Moving Beyond the Law of Attraction | 30 Days to Success


  • The Webster Phenomena - Omega Point Revelation

    in Current Events



    We are now in the midst of the Omega Point of a grand cycle. I will explain to as much as I can in 2 hours. The Webster Phenomena is the discovery of non-human beings that are actually creating our reality. Join me for intelligent conversation. Finally someone who is making sense of all this. It's time for humanity to wake up. This is the call, this is the knowledge humanity has been seeking, since the beginning of this civilization. Now, the mystery is over, and the secret is no more.

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    The Secret Chamber of Osiris with: Scott Creighton

    in Spirituality

    After nearly 200 years of the pyramid-as-tomb theory, a growing body of evidence suggests the first 16 pyramids of ancient Egypt were not royal tombs but nearly indestructible recovery vaults designed to revive civilization after an anticipated major catastrophe, the Deluge of Thoth. 

    Scott Creighton examines the prophecy of catastrophe and the ancient Egyptians’ massive undertaking to ensure the survival of their civilization. He explains how the pyramids acted as easily located storehouses for seeds, tools, and civilizing knowledge, yet they would have been too visible to house the precious treasures necessary to restore the rich culture of ancient Egypt. For this, the ancients created a secret chamber whose existence was hidden in myth and whose location was encoded in the Giza pyramids. 

    Creighton shows how, collectively, the first 16 pyramids represent the allegorical “dismembered body of Osiris,” the Egyptian god of agriculture and rebirth, and, as in the myth of Osiris, one part is missing or hidden--a secret chamber under the sands of the Giza plateau. Creighton reveals how the 3 great pyramids of Giza “point” to the secret location and how they were built with technology akin to modern hot air balloons, used to “fly the stones into place” as cited in Egyptian legends and shown in ancient art. 

    His website is: http://www.scottcreighton.co.uk/index.html

    For More Soul Talk Episodes: http://www.soultalkradio.org

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    Thoth: Geneticist Who Created Humanity

    in History

    Humanity owes its existence and survival to Thoth, whose ancient name was Ningishzidda, the greatest architect, geneticist and musician on Earth. He joined Ninmah and his father Enki, creating us, the slave race, and made us able to breed with each other.  Thoth built the Sinai Spaceport and the Giza Pyramids and hid tablets in the Halls of Amenti) under the Pyramid. He also built and was the initial face on the Sphinx. Enlilites counted Thoth, though an Enkiite, an ally, since Enlil was, though his mother, Ereshkigal, Thoth’s grandfather. Both Enkiites and Enlilites accepted Thoth, so the Commander, at the Peace Treaty of 8670 B.C., made Thoth ruler of Egypt. Then Thoth’s older brother Ra/ Marduk returned from exile and, for the next 350 years, sent armies in Egypt against him. Enki, in 4350BC, ordered Thoth to leave Egypt to Marduk. Thoth moved on: he build the Stonehenge observatory, then, in 3113 B.C., boated Sumerian overseers and Black technicians with him to Mesoamerica, where descendants of Ka-in, whom he'd marked with facial hairlessnes

  • The Webster Phenomena is Empowering Humanity

    in Current Events

    The Webster Phenomena is the greatest discovery of all time. The journey through the most major discovery of this civilization has led to the obvious need for humanity to remember who they are, empower themselves and reunite with Mother Earth. Patrick Webster Small is leading the mission to fund and build a food production facility that provides for humanity. This is just one of the major focuses of Visionary Research Group, empowering humanity and reminding this planet full of people that Mother Earth is abundant beyond our imagination. Join the broadcast and the movement towards a New Earth for all of humanity.

    Please visit www.TheWebsterPhenomena.com for more information

    Twitter @ patrickwsmall

    FB.com/patricksmallonline   FB.com/thewebsterphenomena   FB.com/visionaryresearch