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    Neil Carlson, Robert Hawkins, Erica West

    in Business

    Neil Carlson has over 40 years in sales. 30 years researching sales people and why and how they give customers reasons not to buy, set appointments, etc. Shopped over 5000 sales people around the country. Recorded thousands of sales people. Neil teach salespeople how to change their thinking and their conditioning. Key note speaker, work shops, seminars, training classes and authored numerous articles for sales magazines

    Robert Hawkins globally recognized, adult financial educator, fiduciary & CEO of Hawkins Wealth Advisory, a fee-based Financial firm. The team has worked businesses and families, helping them build wealth, expand fortunes and protect their assets from Wall Street & Washington

    Erica West former teacher and curriculum administrator. She started Real estate career in 1984 and sold it in 2000 and subsequently opened Erica West and Company which they sold in 2005.They currently work there at the same franchise today. She is a recipient of the ReMax Lifetime Achievement Award and a member of the ReMax Hall of Fame. Contributor to best seller “Transform”

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    Positive Impact Radio Dr. Kevin, Nicole Brown,Charles Hyatt Making a Difference

    in Entrepreneur

    2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern: "Positive Impact Radio," host Carol Wachniak

    Join Carol every week, to talk to people who are making a Positive Impact in the world!

    Dr. Kevin Ross Emery is a sought after leader, innovator, author, teacher, synergetic catalyst, speaker, and an expert in the ADD/HD field. He has worked for such companies as American Express, Dartmouth College, Hilton, and Sheraton. In the 80's, he was a driving force for the creation and implementation of training programs in the banking, retail, food and financial service industries.

    Dr. Kevin's work in both, the professional and personal development fields, as well as, the corporate, small business, and entrepreneurial fields has given him a wide platform to work from. He helps the business owner maximize their potential as well as their teams' and their businesses' potential. Synergizing Your Team is his way of allowing your business to be greater than the sum of its parts.

    This week's episode will feature Co-host, Nicole Brown, who is a talent agent from Kingston, Jamaica. Nicole believes in doing more than booking talent and will be using this broadcast to provide an avenue for stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things with their lives by their actions and how it impacts the world around them. 

    This week's guest is Charles Hyatt Jr. who  has spent his life thinking about one thing, people. He has spent that life trying to make sure that people are able to reach their highest potential at every chance available. From working as a seasonal gardener to the president of a group of companies, Mr. Hyatt’s life has been about supporting, uplifting, and enhancing people’s lives. 

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    Creating wellness

    in Health

    Each week Doctors Epley and Gofourth discuss current health news and noteworthy studies, and their impact on our health.  Our emphysis is primarily wellness based health care.   More speicifically, how to get well and stay well, and avoid those things that make us unwell.   Optimal health, which includes optimal cell function, can be created by eating well, moving well, and thinking well.   Altered cell function occurs when your cells are exposed to toxins or they are deficient in what they require.  when you cells are toxic and deficient their function is altered and you body adapts via the stress response which adversely effects your health.  Tune in to today's show for a discussion on toxicity, deficiency, stress and optimal health.

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    Stop the Race Against Time: Move Past the Rush to "Get it all In?"

    in Self Help

    Do you run on-time?  Or, do you tend to run either a little early or a little late? Regardless of whether you have a reputation for being punctual or habitually late, we all seem to be in a race against time.  Have you ever stopped to think about your relationship with time?  Today we're going to do just that.  Many of us are unconsciouslly obsessed with time! We either put our attention and focus on the past, where we lament the decisions or a time-like our youth-gone by, or we look forward to the future because we have plans for creating a happier life.

    Regardless of whether we're thinking of the past or the future, these thoughts keeps you from being aware of and grounded in the present moment.  What is time anyway?  Join us for a living and engaging conversation as we explore how we can use time in a way that expands us.



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    A favor from God isn't always pretty!

    in Culture

    Just because you ask for something in a prayer doesn't mean it will always happen.  But when it does, make sure you keep the faith and patience during the process.  From my recent experience I learned that my Creator is still in control and still expects me to play my part of the prayer.  Have you submitted a prayer that was more of a wishful thinking request. Please listen to this message.  This program is POWERED BY BIRD INC! 

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    Update With Kate Episode 111 Truth, Destroyer of Babble-Loan-Lyin's Langu-ish's

    in Education

    The updates will be an ongoing clarification of the legal name fraud all of humanity has been duped into being a part of and thus, serving all manner of evil and harm in this reality we call "normal". How incredibly ruthless mirrored only in its' simplicity, legal name fraud is the crux, literally, of all man's woes. It is the only thing that separates you from YOU and thus, all of creation. You can serve only one master, the master of life, truth or, the master of death, legal sorcery. The greatest trick the Devil ever played wasn't convincing you that "he" didn't exist, it was convincing YOU that you didn't exist. Legal Name PROVES you don't exist if you worship this fall-se' I.D.-doll thinking it's you or you're I.D./it.....kate

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    Life drama, children, blended families, culture issues, community concerns, creative people, social concerns, relationships, spirituality, cooking, traveling, dreaming out loud, entrepreneurship, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, self-esteem, self-worth, teen drama, self-respect, character building, racism, sports, interactive, stinking thinking, mindsets, role models, mentors, bullying, peer pressure, neighborhoods, creative thinking, mental illness, impaired thinking, poor impulses, profiling, social conscience , sense of right and wrong, family dynamics, environments, social justice, moving forward, positive people, integrity, honor, home associations, economy, education, we the consumers, child development, stages of life, liberty, empowerment, embracing life challenges, keep life moving, self-evaluations, assessments, political red tape, it's who you know not what you know

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    Expect The Unexplainable! With DrFaye

    in Christianity

    What Are You Expecting God To Do In Your Life? He Wants You To Expect The Unexplainable! Expect God To Wow You! Expect God To Do Something So Out Of This World! Expect To Be Whole; Nothing Missing And Nothing Broken! Expect It! Look For It!

    Who Are You Serving? Who Are You Looking To? The God Of The Whole Earth. There Is Nothing Too Difficult For Him. Listen in As DrFaye Delivers A Powerful, Life-Changing Word That Will Surely Shift Your Thinking And Move You Into His Life; His Character, His Nature, His Heart For Humanity.

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    Episode 7 - Starpeople

    in Spirituality

    We invite you to join us at 'Unseen Realms' on Sunday, May 1st at 4 pm EST to talk about Starpeople, Starseeds and their characteristics.  Do you know anyone or have every felt like you just landed here on Earth?  Do you have dreams of flying, looking in the sky and seeing more than two suns, navigating Dune like landscapes, or having amazing abilities that seem to disappear on awakening?  Do ever feel like you were dropped on the Earth without any instructions on how to survive among earthlings?  Do you go out at night and look up thinking that your home is somewhere among all those stars and planets?  If so, there is a good chance that you are a Starperson or have a Starseed origin.  Edgar Cayce in his many, many readings made the point that while we are all one, some of us, for our soul's growth and development have spent life times on different stars or planets before coming to earth.  For instance, you may have spent time on planets such as Neptune or Venus or you could be from a star constellation such as Sirius or Orion.  Come join us this week while we discuss the origins of some Starpeople and their characteristics during the first half of the show and for the second half, we will be taking callers and doing readings.  See you then!

  • Staying Young Takes An Understanding That Body, Mind & Spirit Are Interconnected

    in Self Help

    Staying young takes an understanding that body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. What good is a “young” 90-year-old body if your mind and spirit haven't grown old? Or, how would you feel if your mind was sharp, but physically and spiritually you weren’t at your peak? You get the idea. Without the balance of all three, staying young wouldn’t be worthwhile.

    So how do we do this? How do we stay young in body, mind, and spirit? What steps do we take?

    It’s time to follow your heart, honor your uniqueness, and discover your true meaning. Gather your answers and decide how to incorporate this newfound knowledge into your life. Assessing your uniqueness takes careful thought. We all have a passion—something that makes us light up inside, something we want to do more than anything else. We bring our own uniqueness to our passion. Following it will help us find true meaning in life.

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    Word Sound Is Power. The Power In Thought With Action Equal Success

    in Self Help

    Join Rasta B And Smoke As We Build On Positive Thinking And The Words You Use And How It Affects Your Environment. How Adding Action To Yout Thoughts Always End In Success. And Other Topics In Black America