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    Think Like Zuck-2013 Paradigm #BBSradio

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    Digital Media Splash Agent & Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds in Business Success Mindset and Web 2.0 tools, techniques and strategies. Michele Price, the Breakthrough Specialist enjoys bringing you high powered guest each week as well as everyday business owners so you can build your online presence through relationships. 
    Ekaterina Walter, author of "Think Like Zuck" we will dig into the value for us thinking like Zuck.  Ekaterina the social media innovator for Intel is a return guest.
    Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic (tm) brings us our first Monday Sales tip, leveling up the start of 2013.
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    Money How To Think Like A Millionaire Bob Proctor

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    For 40 years, Bob Proctor has focused his entire agenda around helping people create lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness.

    Bob Proctor knows how to help you because he comes from a life of want and limitation himself. In 1960, he was a high-school dropout with a resume of dead-end jobs and a future clouded in debt. One book was placed in his hands - Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich - which planted the seed of hope in Bob's mind. In just months, and with further support from the works of Earl Nightingale, Bob's life literally spun on a dime. In a year, he was making more than $100,000 and soon topped the $1 million mark.

    Bob then moved to Chicago to work for his real-life mentors, Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant. After rising to the position of Vice President of Sales at Nightingale-Conant, he established his own seminar company. Bob Proctor now travels the globe, teaching thousands of people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds.

    Your better life is already housed within you..

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    Goddess Alive Radio with Tosha Silver on Think Like a Goddess

    in Spirituality

    Tosha Silver, author of  “Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead”, is back in the MotherHouse on Goddess Alive Radio and we are thrilled!  Her book is one of our all time favorites for divine living and joyful connection!  And now ... Tosha has a new offering to facilitate ways to connect daily with the Divine - Living "Outrageous Openness" Think Like a Goddess learning program! 

    Wednesday, February 4 at 11am eastern to hang with Tosha & learn about living Outrageous Openness - Think Like a Goddess and how you can join!  

    Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly Blogtalk Radio show for the MotherHouse of the Goddess and is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore & Tracey Paradiso (the Creator and Co-Creator) of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. We focus on topics about Women’s Empowerment, Alternative Medicine, and Living Mythology – how the Goddess is moving through our lives today. Priestesses, Practitioners, Healers, and Shamans will be joining us to discuss their practices and experiences with the Goddess. Every month, we hold an online meditation to connect with Goddess energy just prior to the Full Moon and New Moon in our Goddess Moon Meditations.

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    Think & Grow Rich Mastermind Discussions with Havilah Malone and Hillary Vargas

    in Lifestyle

    The International Mastermind Association (#IMA)  Call 661.554.9219 every  Saturday morning at 8 AM EST as we walk through Napoleon Hill's best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich and other writings by Dr. Napoleon Hill.

    Hillary Vargas, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

    She is the founder of Ms. Hillary’s Kids, a nonprofit organization designed to support and empower young adults with learning disabilities, behavior challenges or who come from rough or underprivileged backgrounds, reach their full and highest potential. mshillaryvargas@gmail.com

    Arleen Palma, Youth Mentee @ Ms.Hillary's Kids & future Peditrican attending the American University of Antigua

    Ivy Barclay, Youth Mentee @ Ms.Hillary's Kids & Freshman Pharmacy Student

    During this Masterminding-at-it's-finest - REAL-TIME DISCUSSION, we invite you to read along, comment, discuss the benefits, and share your ideas on the Accountability Principles that have helped thousands of other successful people.

    Whether you are part of #IMA or you've never heard of it, you will see how MasterMinding can help you Think AND Grow Rich.



    Twitter: @intlmastermind #IMABTR2015

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    Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Discussions with Barry Martin Tax Specialist

    in Lifestyle

    Join the Palm Beach Life Planners and the International Mastermind Association (#IMA) as we help you to mastermind in the "financial area of our life". We will be talking with Barry Martin CPA and Tax Specialist who will help us navigate the scay world of doing our taxes every year. Call  661.554.9219 Saturday morning at 8AM EST.  Join us every Saturday morning as we continue to walk through Napoleon Hill's best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich.


    During the REAL TIME DISCUSSION, we invite you to read along, comment, discuss the benefits and share your ideas on the importance of Masterminding Your Thoughts and Your Words.



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    How She Made Her Husband to Shut Up, and Stay Home (Think & Grow Rich)

    in Motivation


    To get you ready for today's show I will like to sharpen your thinking in asking you to answer the following important questions;

    1. why should a powerful king such as King David of the Bible, who had alot of wives still fell for a woman?

    2. Why should a powerful man like Sampson, who had both spiritual and physical strength fell for a woman?

    3. why should a great president like Bill Clinton fall for a woman even having a wonderful, intelligent, and beautiful wife?

    4. Why should a great religious leader like "(fill in the blank)" fall for a women even when he has a wife?

    Today you will see with me tthere are certain characteristics of men which is the same no matter the country you belong. You just need to know them, apply my counseling, and then you will see that your man can not stay without you.

    Summary: KNOW YOUR MAN

    Gather your family arround and listen. www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio

    Web: www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/emmanueludoeyo


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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for Think Autistic on Wednesday's. Maria play special encored.

    Maria Iliou is your Ambassador for Long Island NY

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    What Do You Think 4, Are They Born Like That??

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    This question was posed by "J" and he really wants honest feedback about this....Listen in! Thanks to everyone who have called/texted, e-mailed and inboxed me with topics...You are AWESOME!! Noah Wilson is the winner of this week's give away! Congrats Noah, you win a personalized greeting card from Meloni's Works!!  Visit http://www.melonisworks.com to learn more about our services. 

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    Hunter King -- A Girl Like Her

    in Entertainment

    HUNTER KING joins OutTakes to talks about her film, A Girl Like Her.  This compelling teen story about cyberbullying will be released on Friday, March 27th.  Also, Hunter gives us a little insight into her character of "Summer Newman" on The Young and the Restless.

    A Girl Like Her website:  http://agirllikehermovie.com/

    A Girl LIke Her trailer:  http://agirllikehermovie.com/#trailer

    Hunter King on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/HunterHaleyKing

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    I Don't Feel Like Talking

    in Politics

    so i uploaded a random mp3!.  maybe this wll be tommorrow night cause im tired. I don't know? I just dont feel like talking again... lol

    Everything we know is a lie. So like I give a crap about a description. Hey to you if you are a human reading this on a computer screen. Humanity has got to stick together!

    This audio right now is not in its entirety as the show we had I have no on private as most of my shows these days if your not around for the live broadcast. Which there is no schedule. sorry. Just gotta be synchronized I guess! Point it this is some adio from 3 yrs ago of people "defending" me (that woman) as referred to. Ithink or this could me audio to anything really . i dont define or describe well. NAmaste. Aloha. Love!

    If audio is missing let me know. everything is cencored theses day.s oh  and FucK the FED


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    Girls Think Tank: Heather Pollock, Executive Director

    in Women

    Heather Pollock, Executive Director of Girls Think Tank joins @bge_radio to discuss how the organization is on a mission to inspire, empower, and organize our community to advance basic human dignity. 

    "Be The Change" 


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