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  • Rex Sikes Movie Beat chats with actor Clint Howard

    in Film

    Clint Howard, actor, has a career spanning over fifty years,and over two hundred film and TV shows.  He has spent his entire life entertaining us in a variety of interesting and unique roles. From childhood roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek to of course, the hit TV Show Gentle Ben, Clint was a well recognized personality by the time he was ten.Making the transition from juvenile to adult actor was no problem for Clint. Cult classic Rock N Roll High School and horror genre Evilspeak showed as an adult he could be versatile and affective. Whether Clint works in comedy classics like Waterboy, the Austin Powers film series or a hilarious episode of Seinfeld, he comfortably slides into dramatic roles such as Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon and Alabama Moon. Recently, Clint can be seen in the campy, B Horror title, Bloodrayne Third Reich and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem. He's also put on the producing hat, teaming with long time colleague Gavin Grazer on an indie comedy. Born and raised in Burbank, California, Clint has always balanced his professional career with a 'hometown' oriented life. He continues to live with his wife Melanie in Burbank and stay active in the community. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

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    The Heart Healer: Ultimate Self-Care Survival Guide

    in Spirituality

    Today we are rebroadcasting an amazing interview that Boma Akainy, writer and author of the book "The Heart Healer"  conducted with Positively Affirmative Radio in 2014.  Boma is a powerful, inspirational and heart centered speaker with a timeless message of hope and redemption that cuts across culture, race, class, and age. 

    Boma states "my name is Boma Akainy and I live in Maryland.  As a citizen of the United States and having lived most of my teenage years in Nigeria, my eyes saw more than I could be comfortable with.  So I took it personal.  My mission is to help people from all walks of life do better in any circumstances, or  situations and outcomes through sharing mind changing information.

    I want to hopefully help inspire women to stay strong.  I want people to look at me and say because of you...I was able to forgive others. 

    I want people to look at me and say that because of you, I was able to let go of that abusive relationships.  The easiest thing in the world is to give up, but hold it together, that's true stregnth and the inspiration came from my own stregnth.

    Hoping that my shameful past will be a blessing to others.

    If I can make a difference in one person's life, then that's success for me".

    ....Boma Akainy

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    The ORACLE Speaks With ... YOU!

    in Spirituality

    As always, we open the Urantia book and learn something new. Today is my oldest Daughter Liz's Bearthday. Happy Bearthday Baby Girl, I love you so much. 4:42 pm will mark your 28th year. You came here early, ready for the world. It has been an honor to call myself your Mom, Nother, Mommy and so much more. Have a great day.

    I discovered a new talent last Thursday at Macau, the new place to be on Thursdays, thanks to Roland Wirt and Reginald Dorsey. That new talent is Javier Mosley, known as J Mosley and the JME Allstars. I went to thier listening party last night at Karma Lounge and I was not dissapointed. I will play thier music on the show today., Let me know what you think.


    This week's theme, from the heart of The ORACLE: My heart is determined to remember and pay homage to all those who have gone on before me, who touched my heart and showed me the way to pure, unadulterated, unconditional love of self and others. I have been blessed beyond measure with opportunities to live and love completely; from the beatings and abuse, the rapes and degradations, to the overwhelming love I am awashed in today, I will forever remember the lessons I have learned through it all. How else am I able to be of help to others, to be the vessel for love G-D meant me to be? 

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    IHS Together Radio (never ending) ECA International with your host Elmon Krupnik

    in Christianity

    A Christian potpourri inspirational program with your host Elmon Krupnik (www.ecainternational.org), featuring prayer, reading of Scripture, sermons, lyrics from hymns and Christian contemporary music from artists Randy and Marli Brown (www.randyandmarli.com), Huntley Brown (www.huntleybrown.org), Kay Werho (www.chungkyungjoo.net) with songs in English and Korean and Lynn Krupnik (http://krupniklaw.com/). Also my sermons, broadcasts and artwork can be viewed at this link (http://new.holyfaithart.com/)
    It is my hope and prayer that you enjoy this time of worship and praise. Thank you for listening!

    MATTHEW 26:52-56

     “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. 53 Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?”

    55 In that hour Jesus said to the crowd, “Am I leading a rebellion, that you have come out with swords and clubs to capture me? Every day I sat in the temple courts teaching, and you did not arrest me. 56 But this has all taken place that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled.” Then all the disciples deserted him and fled.

    Sponsored By: Krupnik and Speas, PLLC, Attorneys you can Trust

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    Therapists, Public Restrooms and Boycotts... Oh My! Welcome To The Culture War.

    in Politics Conservative

    This week we will start with a Presidential campaign update. The "Headlines You May Missed" involve Glenn Beck and former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. The "Outrages of the Week" include stories about the Canadian Prime Minister and Jared "the sandwich guy" from prison. "What Do You Think?" This week is a question about women and the military draft. Big stories of the week... Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signs a bill into law protecting therapist from the LGBTQ  mafia, an Alabama city passes an ordinance to deny transgendered people access to public restrooms that do not match their birth gender, and over a million people have signed a petition to boycott Target over their new restroom policy.  

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    The Movement: Plans, People and the Future

    in Politics Progressive

    The last couple of weeks we have been bashing the party and well we think yall got the idea. So now what's is being done to change the situation. Down South and Dirty in this episode explores the movements and people and the plans being laid to move forward. We will looking to the "Southern Movement", BrandNewCongress a little more. Tallk about some of the Candidates Running at the National and Local levels. Some of the issues that have come to the forefront and the plans to make them come to life. We also have Anoa Changa who will bring us all things Bernie and The Revolution from the world of Social Media. Stacy is hanging out on CNN today talking BrandNewCongress!!!! so we have Kenyette "The Legislative Empress" Barnes guest Co-Hosting!  We also are bring back the Dirty List yeah...The Dirty List is Back!! So join us on the Porch and sip on something something. Remember we want to hear from you so call in starting @2:30 EDT @657 383 0995 (Limit 2mins please) It's Down South and Dirty Y'all!




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    Create Your Success & Abundance Mindset! Pt. 3

    in Self Help

    I AM So Happy & Grateful to present to you Christina M. Dukes!

    The last 2 Sundays with Christina have been Phenominal!! There has been so much Wonderful information shared, we decided to do Pt. 3! There will also be one final segment on this Enlightening subject, so stay tuned!!

    Christina is "The Success Manifestation Coach" and a CATALYST of our generation, INSPIRING both women and men to fully BELIEVE in their POTENTIAL and SPIRITUAL CALLING.

    After experiencing a series of life disappointments, Christina has learned to overcome her setbacks by transforming them into comebacks. Every disappointment and let down has fueled her success.

    Christina travels the world speaking and influencing people to Transform their MINDSET INTO A SUCCESS STATE OF BEING. She has a background in real estate, operations management, business development, and life coaching. She works with creative entrepreneurs and professionals aligning them with PROCESSES that GENERATE PROFITS!!!!

    As a coach, consultant, motivational speaker, and aspiring author, Christina strives to influence her generation through a process she created called,CONNECT, ENGAGE, INSPIRE.

    Christina’s website: www.christinadukes.com
    Facebook: christinamdukes
    Linked In: Christina Dukes
    Email: Christina@christinadukes.com

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    Church without Walls: The Limitless Faith of the Unprofitable Servant

    in Christianity

    Increase our faith! That was the response of the disciples to Jesus' teaching in Luke 17. What did He command that called for such a response? His did the Matter respond to their plea? Did you know there is a place in Christ of #LimitlessFaith?
    Join KQC Ministries and believers from across the globe for Church without Walls today at 12:30 pm eastern as we consider the Unlimited Faith of the Unprofitable Servant.  KQCministries.org or on Mixlr.

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    Psychic View w/Mona Van Joseph

    in Spirituality

    Each Sunday, Mona broadcasts Psychic View LIVE from Las Vegas.

    Known in Las Vegas as "Mystic" Mona, she's available on this broadcast to answer your question. Mona holds the special Psychic Arts license through the City of Las Vegas and is the creator of the Dice Wisdom app. Just $1.99 for all the questions you can think of, right on your phone. Go to www.dicewisdom.com

    This entertaining and interactive program is brought to you each Sunday morning at 9AM to answer your specific question. Think of a specific question, unblock your phone number and call, 347-850-1494. Mona brings thoughtful and empowering vibration to your concern. Find out more about Mona at www.mona.vegas

    Thank you for tuning in!

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    Shirts v. Skins: NFL Draft winners and losers/NBA Playoffs/Raiders to Vegas?

    in Sports

    How did your team do in the draft? We'll cover the winners and losers from the weekend. Also, do owners and GM's get too caught up in off-field transgressions (see Moss and Sapp), and pass up on players who they shouldn't? And theNFL upholds the Tom Brady suspension. Do you agree? Does Roger Goodell have to much power (Drew Brees thinks so)? Oakland Raiders are making a real push to move to Las Vegas. Does the NFL belong in Vegas, and is it trouble for the players who will play there (think Manziel)? Chris Paul and Steph Curry are both injured in the same week (and Blake Griffen). Obviously, the Clippers are screwed, but what about the Warriors? Can they keep winning without Steph? Tune in Sunday morning at 9am PST to hear our take

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