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    Design + construction trends (with selfies)

    in Design

    What happens when high-energy experts talk design and construction trends? A lot of advice surrounded by silliness.

    MyFixitUpLife talk show is thrilled to be part of the Wellborn Cabinet's showplace at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Broadcast live from their booth, hosts Mark and Theresa talked about everything with expert guests. There were selfies. There was crocheting. There was live music and belly laughs. (We can't wait for next year.)

    Guests on this episode include DIY Network's 'Million Dollar Contractor' Stephen Fanuka, DIY Network's 'Man Caves,' 'Sledgehammer,' and 'Desperate Landscapes' host Jason Cameron, Wellborn Cabinet's designer Karen Salyer, Fine Homebuilding editor Patrick McCombe.

    Tune in and be sure to share your thoughts below!?

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    Join Charaine Jones and her special guest - Theresa Richardson - as they discuss the upcoming Crystalline Light Expo occuring March 21, 2015 here in Knoxville, TN.

    Theresa will speak to the purpose of the event and tell us about vendors and guest speakers coming in from around the region.

    For more information about the Expo visit:  www.crystallinelightexpo.yolasite.com

    or visit:  www.theresaricardson.com


    Charlaine Jones





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    2-23-15 MORTGAGE INDUSTRY UPDATE: Roundtable discussion on latest developments

    in Finance

    On today's broadcast, the show regulars, Alice, Andy, Joe and David will disucss current headlines, recrent hot topics from recent broadcasts and trends that we see going on across the industry.   As a result of our involvement with companies  across the country with companies of all shapes and sizes, we gain unique insights to current trends and will be sharing those on this broadcast. 

    Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute radio program hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken. Joining the program each week is Joe Farr with a MARKET UPDATE, Alice Alvey providing a LEGISLATIVE UPDATE, Paul Muolo of IMFnews.com giving a quick MTG NEWS HEADLINES update, Andy Schell (a/k/a "The Profit Doctor") providing tips on FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and Tony Garritano providing a TECHNOLOGY UPDATE.  This is followed by the HOT TOPIC segment, which is an in depth discussion about one of the hottest topics related to the mortgage industry.  


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    Army Of One - Does A Black Person Have A Place In The Military?

    in Culture

    After seeing an interview with Corey Holcomb about blacks in the military and seeing old interviews of Ali, it is obvious the skepiticism of the armed forces as they pertain to black men and women.  What do you think?  Call 760.283.4647 to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "DOES A BLACK PERSON HAVE A PLACE IN THE MILITARY?" Don't forget to download the mobile app from Google Play >> www.tinyurl.com/eblockradio << and take the show on the go with you!  ****SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST "THERESA THE RAPPER" ****

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    My God Will Comfort You Through The Storm! Evangelist Moniqueka Hardaway

    in Radio

    Kingdom Builders International New Monthly Broadcast.  My God Will Comfort You Through The Storm! Evangelist  Moniqueka Hardaway. Every fouth Sunday. You don't want to miss this blessing.Click on  www.blogtalkradio.com/kingdominternational   clicl follow to be notify of all broadcast.or dial (661) 4499911 to speak with host. Call in Monday - Friday  5 am Central or 6 am Eastern for prayer requests (218) 8950240 code 772937 (PRAYER)

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    The Real Rosewood Story with Historical Orator Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

    in Sports


    Long before The Real Rosewood Foundation was created, my mother strongly suggested researching the real truths of the Rosewood occurrence. The two of us shared the dark secrets of the Rosewood story over the years starting in 1943, when I was only five. For me, the most significant part of the Rosewood story is centered on its schoolteacher, Mom’s sister, my favorite aunt and mentor, Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier.

    The memory of Rosewood is constantly on my mind. I have not been able to lay the burden of its history down. To my mother, Theresa Brown Robinson, Rosewood was a “song” etched in her heart. She promised my Aunt Mahulda that she would keep her secrets safely hidden, but the thought of what happened to her dear sister in Rosewood made the vow too tremendous a task to keep silent during the making of the movie, ROSEWOOD. As the title of the old Negro Spiritual suggests, “I Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody but I Couldn't Keep It to Myself,” my mother was compelled to share her sister’s story, reliving the horrifying and hostile events she witnessed in 1923, at age 21. Mom contributed a great deal of information to the moviemakers; however, they used her information and did not properly give credit.

    She was offended after watching the Rosewood movie and charged me with completing her Rosewood research, firmly stating, "Mommy didn't raise no fools. You finish my research and tell our own Rosewood story. I have given you enough oral family history to make a documentary and you must do just that!"


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    ACO American Mysteries & Conspiracies

    in Entertainment

    TJ MORRIS RADIO at http://bs.tjmorrisradio.com. We tackle topics in American Community Online Authors Club Organization. ACO MYSTERIES & CONSPIRACIES. Theresa J Morris Creator joined by Tommy Hawksblood, Diane Dancer, Phil Laing for X files & Cyberspace news.How many worlds are inhabited with humanoids is our quest. Get ready for the shift into space where all of this source began as macrocosm from the microcosm. Now if we can just figure out who or what was the original microcosm that created all the source we call the source of the force. Universal Life Force (ULF) includes space. Control over all creation is the strongest force in all things that maintains universal life. I have seen it manifest and cannot explain it yet. However it’s coming to us all in time. Science has determined we have weaker and stronger forces, gravity, laws of the universe we cannot change.  Law of Thinking, Law of Supply, Law of Attraction, Law of Receiving, Law of Increase, Law of Compensation, Law of Non-Resistance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Sacrifice, Law of Obedience, and the Law of Success referred to as forgotten laws. The observation that there are underlying regularities in nature dates to prehistoric times, since recognition of cause-and-effect relationships.  Recognition that there are laws of nature, recognition of regularities as independent scientific laws. We are only limited by our own minds inside the matrix. Entanglement animism attribution of effects that do not have readily obvious causes such as meteorological, astronomical and biological phenomena. The ETs know of actions of various gods, spirits, supernatural beings, alien to us but not to extraterrestrials. Observation and speculation about nature were intimately bound up with metaphysics and morality. Time for us to understand US! 

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    Makeup Marketing & Money with guest Marsha Barnes CEO of the Finance Bar

    in Motivation

    Join us for our Friday Makeup Marketing and Money segment. Are you comfortable with your financial situation or are you settling, Are you spinning your wheels? and making excuses that your actions are a part of your makeup. Get the strategies used by Marsha and I that worked and lead us to success. Learn how you can take the first step in marketing your dream. Talk with CEO of The Finance Bar Marsha Barnes and learn how to manage your money and perfect your makeup. It doesn't have to be entrepreneurship, are you living in a happy place and where do you see yourself in the next 12 months, can you look in the mirror and love the person you see. Tap into the real you and set yourself free from financial hardship and set goals TODAY to market your money plan to a wealthy lifestyle. 


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    ERA Cop- Conscious Mind, Heart & Soul Connection to Source-Who Cares?

    in Paranormal

    AMADPAINTER, TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD, JAIRO, PHIL LAING JOIN TJ MORRIS AS ASCENSION SOULS. Souls dealing with the mind, heart, soul connection and who cares about Ghosts,UFOlogy,psychic aliens, BIgfoot Aliens, Spirit Demons, Paranormal investigations, Love Healing Relationships with humans who are alien to this planet, spiritual angels mediums meditations, IN SELF HELP: love consciousness healing with self-help.Successful spiritual personal development coaching - Getting from Point A to Point B as priorities of what Being, with Personal Desires, Wants, and Needs must be met first before one can help another soul. 

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    Life's Issues with Having a Healthy Spirit

    in Health

    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Theresa Santmann & Judy Flickinger:

    Theresa Santmann’s story begins in 1976 when her husband was diagnosed with ALS. With two young children and mounting bills, Santmann needed to make a drastic change. She found a four-apartment rental property in Babylon, New York and turned it into an adult home where her husband, Jack, became her first patient. Santmann returned to school for nursing and began a new career that changed the lives of everyone around her. Her resourcefulness led her to becoming first woman in New York State to obtain an FHA-backed loan to build a 160-bed nursing home, with only a woman's name on the application. She operated one of the most successful nursing homes on Long Island, invented and patented a unique walker, became an airplane pilot, and so much more.

    Judy Flickinger was a hospice nurse for the last twelve years of her forty two-year professional life as a registered nurse. During this time she recognized that a healthy spirit (who we are as a person) could make the difference between a miserable death and a positive, meaningful end-of-life experience for both the patients and their loved ones. Judy wrote "Spirit Matters: How to Remain Fully Alive with a Life-Limiting Illness", published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, to pass on what she learned. This information is vitally important to persons faced with a life-limiting illness and everyone else, as well. In 2010 Judy received Central Florida’s “Woman of Hope” award for her book and her work with hospice.

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    Remodeling advice from the gurus of construction

    in Design

    Finding a home improvement contractor just got a whole lot easier.

    If you have ever thought about remodeling your home, you know that it could get complicated in a hurry. And while we're licensed contractors and have been banging around in the remodeling world for more than a decade, we still run into situations where we need to find a reputable electrician or plumber. So Mark and Theresa were psyched to learn about HomeAdvisor's solution. It's like Tindr for construction.

    Mark and Theresa also are talking remodeling advice, trends, tips, and design ideas in this episode from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

    Guests on this episode include our construction idols Norm Abram and Tom Silva from This Old House, Brooke Gabbert from HomeAdvisor, DIY Network's 'Rescue Renovation' host Kayleen McCabe, HGTV 'Design Star' and Kohler expert Tyler Wisler, celebrity chef Joe Arvin, and HGTV's 'Income Property' host Scott McGillivray.

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