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    Until You Walk the path You Don't know where it goes

    in Spirituality

    Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes will be chatting spiritual councilor, Ron Schaefer on April 28, 2016 at 1 pm eastern as we talk about the what the Akashic Records are and how we can gain access to them.

    Ron Schaefer is spiritual intuitive and healer. Although he has been developing his gifts, for many years, he only fully committed to them in 2011 by helping others learn how develop their own intuitive gifts. He authored the book “The Intuitive's Tool Belt” as a means to sharing his experiences and wisdom.

    Due to time restraints, we will not be doing readings.


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    Pyramid Time Chambers with William "BILL" Brown. Universal Harmonics

    in Spirituality

    William "Bill" Brown with Theresa J Morris on our TJ Morris Radio Network. Friends of the Cosmos Radio Org.  After nearly 20 years of study and 52 trips to Giza, Bill Brown is making this wisdom available again today using the universal harmonics of light, color, sound and shape, to recreate these transformational effects. A civil engineer by profession Bil has become a legendary figure in the worlds of sacred geometry and Egyptology.  A long time student of mythology and seeker of the ancient mysteries, Bill's civil engineering background and trrips to Giza, Egypt, have helped him unravel the nature of reality and the importance of geometry. Special geometric shapes can alter and rearrange human 3D molecular molecules into perfect balance.  Anything coming into contact / resonance with specific overlapping frequencies becomes automatically influenced. Pyramid Gateway Project 2016 is the next generation of geometric structures of the new 21stCentury presented by Puramis Incorporated (USA) home based in Chicago, IL (USA). The Icosahedron comes pretty close for supporting healing, meditation, and group ‘brainstorming’. Contact Designer/Builder: William (Bill) Brown by email at brownbill862@yahoo.com or visit my website at P U R A M I S

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    Religions, God and the books that guide us

    in Health

    Are you religious?  How do you function in your daily life with the guided principles that rule the world with commandments?  Are religion and politics intertwining to a degree that who is over reaching more into our spiritual lives?  Just what did God say in his books that would guide us to live a life that honors all in the world?  What are the differences in the top three religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity? 

    Shari Sharifi Brown, author of The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity which discusses the differences and similarities of these religions.  Shari shares the path to religion development over the centuries to let us see how the seven key principles can bring your happiness and riches in this world.

    For more information visit:  www.SevenCommandments.com

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    SNEAK PREVIEW!! The Beaut Lifestyle Women's Mastermind Retreat

    in Women

    Welcome Beaut Lifestyle Women's Mastermind Retreat Guests!! 

    Since starting our Success In Beauty Book Series®, I've wanted us to create an annual women's retreat that would serve as the catalyst for young women, savvy moms, heart centered business women, and aspiring women entrepreneurs around the world to easily win in all areas of their lives no matter what their circumstances are!

    Beaut Lifestyle Women's Mastermind Retreat will bring aspiring women entrepreneurs, innovative women business owners, women industry thought leaders, and key women influencers together from September 23 - 25 for a three-day journey through creating more fulfillment and happiness in all areas of their lives. This will be a very intimate women's mastermind retreat.

    Join the Beaut Lifestyle Team, Charlotte Howard, Sonya Davis, Daija Howard, Tina Hobson, Theresa Broadnax and Nadine Lajoie in Beautiful Myrtle Beach!! 

    Looking forward to connecting with all of you!!


  • Pyramids Healing Power with Radmilo Anicic of Serbia

    in Spirituality

    Radmilo Anicic, of Serbia, Topic: Healing Power of the Pyramid. ~Energy Medicine Practitioner to speak at the Global Pyramid Conference May 13,-15, 2016 for Rev. Marta Thomas, at Renaissance Hotel, Chicago Northshore off I-94. Tickets available at http://globalpyramidconference.com.I understood that Love is the greatest force in the Universe.I learned that we are all part of a Great Universe. We are all connected to each other this way. I believe we have to take responsibility for our actions, emotions and thoughts influence everything and everybody around us, not just ourselves. They shape the reality of who we are. That is the reason that I became a student of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and became a Qi Gong Instructor, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher.That is why I practice different techniques and approaches to balance human energy with good nutrition, gentle Qi Gong practice and the subtle Spiritual Healing that I learned at the Theosis Institute in Germany. I also rely on our friends from Mother Nature - herbal plants and crystals.

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    Nourish your body, mind and spirit in the seasons of life for balanced health

    in Health

    Are you exercising all your hours away from the office to be sure you are healthy?  Do you demand your diet take top priority regardless of anything else going on in your life?  Did you give up religion and the concept of spirituality when you gave up your last house that tanked with the economy?  What does balance mean to you, greens all day and booze all night?  Is your life of extremes and you feel like a bouncing ball that never rests?

    Randi Ragan, author of A Year of Living Mindfully: Seasonal Practices of Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit shares all her tools and tips for a balanced life.  There are a lot of different options for physical movement techniques, emotional connections in community and foods that provide nutrients without holding you to a diet that limits a good feeling of living.  Comfort and support can be found every day and if you are challenged, open the book and change up your day.  Experimentation is a great thing to say you are present and living each moment.

    For more information visit: www.RandiRagan.com

  • what happens before you become spiritual?

    in Spirituality

    I want to start with everything I say comes from my Direct Experience, not someone else's story or truth.  I want to take you on a journey on how people play with their own truth to try and make it fit their own ego. How ever they received it or attaned it. It will make you really think if you can listen with a open mind and not one already thinking who spiritual people are. They are not. 

       I will talk about spiritual laws as well as physical laws and the difference. Why people not looking for a real God will ever find one. 

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    Metaphysical Balancing Life by Ascension Center Church Org

    in Spirituality

    We will examine our love for life and the fractal life we live in specific tasks we choose daily. Energy flows where our thought goes. Energy in all of us is what we share online in the critical mass mind. Many of us are learning to study that which makes us better at being "US IN THE WE". We desire to meet and share who we are and that we each function and are functional. Bill M Tracer of Cordova, TN shares our energy and fortean times with Host Theresa who goes by TJ. Both are Universal Life Ministers and share the Ascension Cosmos Internet Radio as ACIR. Bill and TJ do the MidSouthCon.org annually to promote the paranormal track in Memphis, TN at the Memphis Hilton in March.  Amad Painter of Georgia.

    Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has asked certain people to share in our own co-creations in life so we know about each other. We are meeting new people in the EVENT GATHERING of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE METAPHYSICIANS.

    Ascension Centers organizing a church for metaphysicians to share life.

    Spiritual evolution and the inner meaning of the Egyptian mysteries is part of our spiritual path that involve

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    Dr. Robert J Gilbert & TJ Morris on Pyramids, Crystals, Ancients and more...

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies. Dr. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and is a published academic author in that field, contributing to the first academic textbook in the new field of Transformational Politics.Known for his remarkable ability to sift through huge amounts of information from multiple spiritual and scientific sources, he distills it into easy-to-understand training resources.Having studied multiple world spiritual traditions extensively with advanced information from key systems integrated into Vesica trainings. A non-sectarian approach inclusive of individuals of all spiritual traditions.With over 25 years of in practice and studyof original European Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Tradition, he teaches original independent form of Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucian work is to help everyone connect to spirit directly, to craft optimal spiritual path. Dr. Gilbert was the first non-Egyptian to be certified to teach BioGeometry®, and created the standardized template for the Foundation and Advanced trainings in cooperation with BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo, Egypt. We will share more in this radio show with events.TheresaJ Morris.com, of TJMorrisRadio.com and CosmosRadio.org . 



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    Small Business Success with Moira N' Gallagher

    in Business

    This week's guest for Black Belt Selling is Moira N' Gallager from Donegal, Ireland.

    Moira had been in the corporate world, when she decided to return to her home in Donegal. She saw the beauty of the area was largely undiscovered, so she began a tourism business to help draw people to her lovely corner of the world. Last year, she attended a conference that literally changed her life, and set her on the path to use her tourism business to set up retreats for business people and coaching clients. In just 1 short year, Moira went from $900/month in revenue to $10,000/month.

    Moira will be sharing her exciting story and secrets of success she has learned along the way.

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    In Search of The Holy Language w Anita Meyer & TJ Morris

    in Spirituality

    Anita Meyer, Author, Lecturer, Linguist and Independent Researcher. Anita is going to share her knowledge with TJ and talk about the coming up Global Pyramid Conference where we plan on meeting.Biography - Author, lecturer and independent researcher.  Anita Meyer attended college for Criminology. Through her many studies she is also a linguistic decipherment expert in ancient writings in the fields of orthography, paleography, and graphology, and is also a Cryptology whiz. Among many other skillful abilities...  she is also a visual pattern recognizer in the study of nature and structure.Off the beaten path, Anita is a forensic religious procurement specialist who thoroughly engages in finding strong evidences for God’s existence. Purpose - Author Anita Meyer has written these books to bridge the gap between science and religion, and to reveal intelligent design in the framework of all that exists.Achievements - Author Anita Meyer has participated in author shows, book signings, large international conferences, conventions, schools and religious institutions, comic cons, as well as many famous places such as the Sci Fi Café, Barnes & Noble and many other book stores and local places. She has also participated on radio shows and written articles for Ancient America magazine, which made front cover news.