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    Into The Black Hole - Ep#7 - Halloween Eve Special w/ Theresa Argie & Eric Olsen

    in Paranormal

    Paranormal journalist Eric Olsen and paranormal investigator Theresa Argie from America's Most Haunted joins us to shared stories from their delving into hauntings and the paranormal, and the terror surrounding some of the nation's most haunted sites. Olsen will share with how he had intense paranormal experiences early in life, and then sought to "turn them off" for decades, while Argie, nicknamed the "Haunted Housewife," has devoted herself to studying the paranormal, investigations, and ghosthunting for many years. Among the tools she and her investigative partner Cathi Weber use are digital recorders, cameras that record the infrared spectrum, dowsing rods, crystals, and even a Ouija board on occasion.

    Locations they have been to include:
    The Stanley Hotel ( From the book & movie The Shining)
    Willoughby Coal and Garden Center 
    The Villisca Axe Murder House 
    Wavery Hills Sanatorium
    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 
    Lemp Mansion 
    The Queen Mary 
    The Knickerbocker Hotel 
    Ohio State Reformatory
    Bobby Mackey's Music World 



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    Prime Time Paranormal: Haunted Housewives' Theresa Argie / Cathi Weber join us!!

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    Tonight Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber of the famed and acclaimed Haunted Housewives join us to talk about Theresa's new book co-authored with Eric Olson and some of the upcoming Halloween season events with Cathi Weber.


    George R. Lopez & Michael Boler bring you "Prime Time Paranormal" every Monday evening on Dead Air Paranormal Radio.

    With a guest list that has included Grant Wilson, John Zaffis, Nick Groff and Chris Fleming just to name a few, George and Mike broadcast a weekly community radio show that brings together the people of this field of study through thought provoking interviews and evidence presentation, along with current news and happenings throughout the Paranormal Community. 

    To be a guest on Prime Time Paranormal please contact us at:

    Show/Guest call-in No. (646) 929-2384



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    Clairvoyant Gladys-Joyce from Cape Town

    in Spirituality

    Theresa Walstra will be interviewing Gladys-Joyce, a Clairvoyant from Cape Town, South Africa.

    Gladys-Joyce will also offer brief readings to people during the live show.

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    Fully Persuaded About Signs of The Scribal Prophet w/ Theresa H. Johnson

    in Religion

    Theresa’s creative, scribal ministry is rooted in inner healing, godly character building, affirmation and bringing significance to the lives of others through the prophetic, creative arts. She is a former award-winning print news reporter with a career spanning more 22 years. She is an active freelance writer, blogger and the author of The Scribal Anointing® Book Series, which currently includes seven books. She also authored a collection of poetry and spoken word, Thank God for Salvation, and is the co-author of several nationally published and distributed workbooks addressing child sexual abuse awareness and prevention including: The Courage to Speak; The Grooming Mystery: Unmasking the Sex Offender; True Intimacy; Pathways to Healing and the soon to be released workbook, Splinters of Shame. Theresa has published hundreds of blogs and articles, and has been published in Charisma Magazine, Rejoice Atlanta News, The Answer Newspaper, and more. She is also the editor of Esdras’ Scroll, a prophetic poetry and creative writing magazine.

    In addition, Theresa is a poet, spoken word artist, playwright and artist. She often ministers with a team of prophetic scribes creatively to facilitate healing to the broken. She is a nationally trained leader in inner healing with the Living Waters Program of Desert Stream Ministry where she serves with the SE Regional Director. 

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    Independent Artist Gospel Music Hour With Lady T

    in Religion

    Today's broadcast is all about PRAISE and WORSHIP. Did you know that you don't have to wait to go to church to get your praise on? Did you know that GOD inhabits the praises of His People? Did you know that God's Word says, Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord? Did you know that you don't have to wait for a certain day or hour before you worship and praise Him?

    Glory to God. Please join us this evening as we PRAISE and WORSHIP GOD with some of the best in INDIE GOSPEL MUSIC.

    Hope to meet you there!

    Lady T 

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    NSR Sports Radio (08/26/15) Wight/Hazell

    in Podcasting

    The NSR Sports Radio? provides a new and fresh, interactive online radio experience to the listeners. This week we talk the evolution of tackling.  Is the NFL's emphasis on head injuries causing more lower body injuries and what effect does this initiative have on then game at every level  

    Special guest appearing Via the Life by Wisdom Hotline include:

    Darrell Hazell - Purdue Head Coach

    Tyrone White - Author, Speaker, Coach

    Philip Blackwell - NFL Regional Combine Director

    Theresa Villano – Pro Player Insiders

    NSR Baller Sport Light!!!!!

    Each Week NSR Sports Radio will highlight a youth or High School baller that is making national noise. This week we have:

    AARON PARKER (Gwyn Park High School) Class of 2016


    Coach David Riley “the Duck", Speaker coordinator for the Glazier Clinic and founder of the unsigned senior showcase is here to answer your sports related questions in our “Ask the Duck” Segment.  Former NFL Quarterback Akili Smith rounds out the crew.  Akili brings his “Real Talk” segment to the listeners from the perspective of guy that has played at every level. For more information visit www.nsrfootball.com

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    Independent Artists Gospel Music Hour

    in Religion


    It's been said that "music is good for the soul" and is universal. Well, we are setting out to satisfy your SOUL and your SPIRIT by playing the best in indie Gospel, Inspirational, Hip Hop music. 

    This program is an extension of Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T, but with LESS TALK and MORE MUSIC.

    Each program will feature at least one of the following SHOUT-OUTS:

     Indie Artist of the Day
     Author of the Day
     Publisher of the Day

    If you would like to have your music played in our rotation, please send an mp3 to turningupthegospel@gmail.com or sign up at Turningupthegospel.com



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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T and Donald Malloy and The Williams Singers

    in Religion

    The Williams Singers -DEZNELL MUSIC GROUP llc was founded in 2000 by brothers Darnell, Dezmien, & Dezrale Williams. At the time the brothers had been looking for record label deals for their own individual projects they were working on with no success.  A friend of theirs informed older brother Darnell of the possibility of paying for the pressing of his project instead of relying on a record label to do it. This concept intrigued Darnell to the point of calling his brothers to ask them about possibly putting their spare money aside to combine together to cover the cost of at least one project.  The first release on the label would be a cassette release entitled “Min. Darnell Williams and The Quad City Metro Ensemble” in 2000. Proceeds from that project would go on to cover the pressing costs of the next; and so on and so on. 

    DONALD MALLOY   Vocalist/Minister of Music/Executive Producer  Every once in a while a highly anointed individual comes along who God has downloaded super sized gifts and talents. One such anointed individual is “vocalist extraordinaire” Donald Malloy. What a gift God has given to the industry! He simultaneously propels his uncompromising vocal talents to an unprecedented level of artistic achievement. His gifts and talents continue to revolutionize the gospel music industry. As a veteran in the gospel industry, Malloy has provided indisputable proof of his great talent and an even greater future! 

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    Understanding Death

    in Spirituality

    Peter Grant interviews Theresa Walstra and her Spirit Guide, Cynthia on the subject of "Death" (or the transition to the Spirit World).

    For more information about Circle of Spirit and Guests on the show see the Circle of Spirit page on Facebook

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    Katerina Roy ~ 08/19/15 ~ Ascension Center ~ Hosts Janet, Theresa & Karen

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J. Morris, Karen Christine Patrick interview Katerina Roy.

    Topic: Art Saves Lives - Using art and creativity to sort out life's mysteries. Katerina shares her story of personal growth through art and mindful living. Katerina and Karen had utilized The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.

    Music, dance and other forms of positive expression serve as artistic expression therapy as well.  



    "Katerina Edwards Roy is a holistic wellness coach who helps women recovering from stress, illness, and trauma get their "sexy" back so they can feel better and lead more abundant lives. She does this through her HappyHealthyHot Coaching Programs & her upcoming online school HappyHealthyHot Academy.

    Katerina gives women practical, actionable steps as well as loving, no non-sense advice for total transformation. After enduring a decade of her own heartache, depression, and chronic illness, she’s realized that we are meant to experience our everyday life feeling full, turned-on, passionate, and powerful no matter what today may bring."