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    When something intrudes into your relationship - what to do?

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    When something intrudes into your relationship


    It is practically inevitable that something will come up and disturb the couplehood of your intimate relationship. More often than not this will be a child which turns upside down the relationship – we will talk about this in a special episode. Another “third party” is work, the career, a passion which one of the partners is following while the other might not have similar ambitions and feels abandoned, neglected and alone. Another strong intrusion into the couple might be the need to take care of family members. How to deal with all these difficulties and how to maintain the relationship alive and even bring it to a higher level?


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    Men's issues in relationships - a conversation with Raymond Fismer

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    This show went without Raymond who was blocked in a traffic jam, so sorry for that.

    But we did talk about men's issues, with Mark as another expert in that. It was fun to talk about sex and -ography .  The Universe seemed to want us not to, as our telephone connection was interrupted for some minutes, but we succeeded to get back again, hurrah!

    So, we are happy taht you listen to our talk - and don't shut down when you don't hear anything for a short while. The really juicy things come afterwards!


    We had our talk with Raymond via Google Hangout. YOu can watch it here ;



    In this episode we are featuring Raymond Fismer, dear colleague and board member of the German Integral Community (Integrales Forum)

    In our talk we will explore the problems which men face in their relationships with women of the 21st century


    Raymond was boorn in 1956 and is father of an adult son. His primary profession is  physicist.

    He worked for a long time  in adult education and ecological engineering.

    He has done a 3-year trainer education at CoreDynamik©-Institut (based on depth-psychology, body therapy and breathwork).

    He is also working as financial officer for an ngo, is self-employed as facilitator for ngo workshops, coach for relationship counseling, workshop leader for men.

    He is an author and researcher on male development.

    Contact Raymond  at    http://www.fismer-coaching.de/

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    How To Keep Your Relationship Alive

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    In every relationship there is the danger of habit dimming it down into routine and dullness. What can we do to avoid that, and what can we do to get out of it if we find ourselves in such a space?

    In this episode, Heidi and Mark describe techniques that help you recognize when it is time to reverse the direction, in a transparent and safely contained way. They stress again the importance of shoring up relationships with shared agreements or commitments. And they remind that periodically there may be a need to re-negotiate these commitments if they don’t fit anymore.

    They also dive deeper into LISTENING and PAYING ATTENTION and how this can help to really clean up moments which might otherwise lead to conflicts. And we point out the bonus that these abilities increase the beauty and the interest each partner sees in the other.

    And finally they remind you of the importance of having FUN in your relationship as an antidote to that flattening out that can creep in over time.

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    What do business and relationships have to do with each other?

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    This week in our live interview we are featuring Jan Stringer.

    Jan is Author of two global best-selling books, “Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of

    Strategic Synchronicity” and “BEE-ing Attraction: What Love Has to Do with Business and Marketing.”

    Both books are must have guides for developing right relationships and successful, heart-centered businesses.  

    Jan H. Stringer, Founder, Perfect Customers, Inc. will help you eliminate costly mistakes

    and take the struggle out of reaching your business goals.  Formerly a Corporate Sales

    Executive, Sales Manager, and VP Sales, Jan’s approach has been known to speed up her

    clients results because of her keen business acumen and unique approach.  

    Today Jan has gained an International reputation for helping businesses to learn the art of

    attracting clients and customers that would be described as a perfect fit. 


    She lives in Santa Fe, NM and shares her love of business through Speaking, Private Coaching,

    Group Coaching &Trainings, & On-line study programs.  Jan is Founder of the SACAT: Strategic

    Attraction™ Certification and Training for Coaches, Trainers, Speakers and Leaders.  

    For more information, go to:  www.perfectcustomers.com

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    Sending Your Relationship On Its Way

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    This is a new conversation between Heidi and Mark in the Relationship Series: from searching for love to engaging in an intimate relationship, to navigating conflicts........

    In this episode we are talking about the importance of transparency in relationships, and entering into explicit commitments, especially in intimate relationships. Holding back for fear of loosing harmony is not a way to deepen the connection!  To be able to be transparent we need to develop communication skills. And a biggie is: LISTENING. We give you some practical hints how you can do that, how you can deepen your connection by practicing  those skills which you need to lead a thriving relationship.

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    How to navigate disappointment and conflict

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    In this episode we are talking about our position when we have to face disappointments and conflict. We have the choice of blaming the other and facilitating a downward spiral, or we can choose to examine our emotional reaction and to deal with it without acting it out.  Mark gives a review of his own developmental process, of the difficulties and also the techniques he is using to overcome old conditioning. This is a beautiful way of using disappointment and conflict for personal growth and for deepening the relationship.

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    "Become a Love Magnet" with Gayane Kulikyan

    in Relationships

    In this episode  Gayane will be live with us and share how she encountered the Calling-in-the-One work and how it unfolds in her life.

    "Gayane Kulikyan supports single women who feel heartbroken to experience success in love and dating. After completing her Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she went on to study with top leaders in the field of personal transformation. When she went through a painful relationship break-up, she was challenged to use all the skills she'd learned on herself. She became a "Calling in the One" Coach, a specialized Coaching Certification designed to help people meet the love of their life. She's now passionate about assisting single women to find the rich self-love and deeply fulfilling relationships. "

    Enjoy our interview with this beautiful and inspiring woman! Contact her at: https://www.facebook.com/gayane.kulikyan?fref=ts

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    After the honeymoon....

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    Mark and Heidi talk about what normally happens after the honeymoon when the real personalities start to emerge from the protective shell that sexual attraction build around them.  They discuss what you can do when the difficulties arise – and they will arise – to preserve and strengthen the relationship. Or to understand that you may have made the wrong choice….

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    Paradise Talks #3: In 2014: fulfill YOUR Wildest Dreams

    in Lifestyle

    New Years Eve gives us the opportunity to reflect over the past year, get together what we want to leave behind and set us up for the future, for the next year which will allow you to prepare and create a relationship beyond your wildest dreams. Join us in a brief ritual for letting old things go and for getiing into alignment with the future you most deeply desire.

    Heidi Hornlein and Mark Davenport

    Reach us at  thepowerofrelationship.com

    The music we are using is by Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber, called "Liber Tango" ( LC 11188)

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    Entering into relationships - beyond your wildest dreams

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    In this episode Mark and Heidi share how they began to create their relationship. They describe how they did not allow sex to set the rules for them, rather they took the time to let other areas unfold first. They give several quite intimate examples on how they modified their old ways of thinking and behaving and therefore were able to turn crisis into deepening intimacy. Their intention is to inspire you to create new ways of relating in your relationships by taking a clear stand for yourself.

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    The music we are using is by Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber, called "Liber Tango"/"Tango Lyrico" ( LC 11188)


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    Paradise Talks #2: A Relationship Beyond YOUR Wildest Dreams

    in Lifestyle

    Getting ready for a relationship beyond your wildest dreams:

    Heidi and Mark take a look backward at how love and marriage have evolved over time in history and share with you how they influence current relationships. They will tell you  how this evolution expressed itself in their own stories and how they used this understanding to get ready, to meet and recognize each other as the partner they'd always been waiting for . They will also give you insight into how , from now on, you can prepare yourself and take the first steps towards a deeper intimacy, understanding, love and care - which is what you probably have always longed for.

    Reach us at  thepowerofrelationship.com

    The music we are using is by Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber, called "Liber Tango" ( LC 11188)