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    The presence of evil in the world and the cause of evil; How does God Allow it?

    in Christianity

    We are going to refute the argument of Vexen Crabtree that he can effectively explain the cause of evil in the world or possible lack of ways to define its existence by the absence of good and how God/man reconciles that.   Listed here is an excerpt from his website:  

    If God is all-powerful and all-good, it would have created a universe in the same way it created heaven: with free will for all, no suffering and no evil. But evil and suffering exist. Therefore God does not exist, is not all-powerful or is not benevolent (good). A theodicy is an attempt to explain why a good god would have created evil and suffering. The most popular defence is that it is so Humans could have free will. However the entire universe and the natural world is filled with suffering, violence and destruction so any Humanity-centric explanation does not seem to work.”

    The Absence Theodicy is the argument that as God is "goodness", anything that is "not good" such as evil and suffering, is simply the result of the absence of God. Therefore, the absence theodicy (attempts) to excuse God's responsible for evil, by trying to discretely contradict the principal of God's all-powerful and omni-present nature.  

    His argument does not take into account that God does not attempt to control each human decision nor does it present a case that God cannot be lacking in an omni presence just because we live in a fallen world chosen by man.

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    Just Talking -- An Exploration of the Truths that set us all free

    in Self Help

    There are many problems in the world today.  One of the biggest in the false ideas that we cling to about ourselves and our identities as individuals and communities.  This identity hinders us and makes us unable to address the issues necessary to create a beautiful, peaceful world.  There is no need for scarcity, or starvation, there is enough for everyone.  There is more than enough for everyone.  The Earth supplies us abundantly, but that idea of self, once again, stops of from being willing to share out of the fear that we won't have enough.  This country is one with the most obese number of people in the world, and we still fear that we will not have enough food, or money, or shelter.  What do we really fear though?  That we won't have the power to receive the worth and esteem that we deserve.  We will explore this idea, deeply, and the possibility that The Big Lie that leads us all is what hinders us from understanding the truth.

  • Why does Evil exist? By Minister and Author Larry Ford

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people I would like to thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry. In today's world there is so much evil and satan is roaming throughout the earth. Many people ponder the same question Why does evil exist? My guest tonight will answer those questions for all who ever wondered the same thing.Why does evil exist and who’s to blame?

    Minister of 50 years answers the much-debated questions of theodicy

     During acts of terror and natural disasters many ask the question, “Where is God?” or begin to point blame. But who is responsible for the natural and moral evils that exist?

    Many theologians and philosophers have tried to solve the paradox of theodicy but stray from or redefine the basic characteristics of God. Minister Larry E. Ford combines his decades of experience in biblical studies and support from the Bible to define the true role God, humans and adversarial spirits play in the evils of the world and to solve the long debated topic of why evil exists.

    In Ford’s new book, he analyzes what other theories on evil leave out and takes a deeper look at scripture to show how God’s natural laws, moral laws and human sin play an important role in the existence of evil.

    “’God: Accused or Defended?’ will provide answers to why God allows evil to exist in His creation—answers that have eluded some of the brightest minds among us,” Ford said. “Despite the negative appearance of the consequences mankind and creation suffer, the book points out the most amazing plan that God has in place for the ultimate salvation of mankind and all of creation.”


    For more information, visit www.larryeford.org.


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    Forgivness - Theodicy and the Bible

    in Christianity

    Did God create evil? Does God allow evil? Join us in the philosophical debate that explores this topic not from a worldly standpoint but from what Scripture has to say about evil in the world and why it is so...

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    Job's Resolve Within The Milieu Of The Unthinkable

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore Job's resolve when faced with reversal of fortune in his blameless and upright life.  Job was an experimental witness to exquisite tension of theodicy, human suffering, and the freedom of God.

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    God is sooooooooooooooooo good?

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we discuss the existence of God and the problems of evil.  Along with the latest religious news with jeremy matt and richard

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    TONIGHT 01/19 09:00PM CST - "The Fundamental Transformation"

    in News

    TONIGHT 01/19 09:00PM CST -
    Obama's "Fundamental Transformation" exactly what is it?  What does it entail and how will it affect all of us?  Is ultimately the fundamental transformation COMMUNISM and when is it complete?

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    Joe Milford Hosts Aaron Kunin

    in Poetry

    Aaron Kunin believes that the part of yourself that you're most ashamed of is interesting and can be used as material for art. The poems of The Sore Throat, his second collection, come out of self-imposed semiotic limitation, yet manifest a fully inhabited psychological environment. Within a limited vocabulary, Kunin finds hymn, epigram, ode, elegy, ballad, conversation, invective, confession, epitaph, inability, protest, love poem (praise, valentine, aubade, seduction, defense of inconstancy), riddle, cosmogony, theodicy, vanity, and misplaced concreteness. Combining formal procedure with a kind of automatic writing, The Sore Throat produces poems of unlikely, and heightened, sensitivity to nuances of feeling.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Evil?

    in Christianity

    In this episode, we finish out our investigation of Morgan Freeman's fascinating documentary The Story of God: The Story of Us. In the last episode, Freeman will discuss the issue of evil. What does the Bible say about evil? Join us discover what it says.

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