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    Open Theism Debate: Enayrt Vs White review

    in Christianity

    Continuing my discussion on open theism, I'll review the debate between Bob Enyart and James White! Have questions? Comments? Call in!

    Find the debate here: http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=XTgWMX0O5eY

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    Atheism by Day, Theism by Night written by SIN JONES, is discussed in detail with Reverend Ronald French of Axis Sanctuary & Chapels.
    The Satanism of SIN JONES perplexes people and they wonder:
    How in the holy hell can Atheism & Theism work in the same paradigm?  
    Tune in and find out!
    **Archived show, rebroadcast 

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    Beyond the God Delusion(s): A New and Improved Theism?

    in Current Events

    RRLove will have a conversation with Dwight Welch, a United Church of Christ pastor in Oklahoma about progressive theologies and how "God" might be rethought today.

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    Atheism by day, Theism by night

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    Today's show will explore the idea of Atheism and Theism, together in the same paradigm.
    I'm often asked if I'm an Atheist or a Theist.  I generally use Atheism to convey my ideas, but I see very little difference between the two as an occultist. 
    See my paper on Scribd: :http://www.scribd.com/doc/58113137/Atheism-by-Day-Theism-by-Night
    SINpin of the week:  Atheism can be Theism and Theism can be Atheism. 

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    Open Theism or Omniscience?

    in Religion

    Does God know EVERYTHING that will EVER happen? Some Christians say NO. Does God learn about what happens in the universe like human beings do or does God possess ALL KNOWLEDGE of EVERYTHING that happens in the universe?
    Call 858.365.5507 with your comment/questions.

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    BIBLE BEACON BROADCAST W/Pastor Michael Miano

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     Be sure to tune in to this show hosted by Pastor Michael Miano, of Blue Point Bible Church. On this God-glorifying Tuesday, Pastor Miano highlights the importance of God's sovereignty and understanding His Providence. 

      Also, Pastor Miano brings us through an article written by brother Jason Watt called "Open Theism". Read that article at the following link, http://tfcmag.com/Watt_page_article_80114.html


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    Want to be heard? Be CRAZY!

    in Religion

    Is it just me, or do the theists seem to be getting nuttier?  When pastors can claim that there is semen in your Starbucks latte, when presidential nominees can say the separation of church and state is a Communist idea, it is easy to think all religious people are nuts.

    And what about the atheists?  Don't they say weird stuff too?

    Let's talk about the talk.  I'll give my perspective on the absudity and lunacy we hear from the religious folk.

    Plus your call make the awesome sauce.

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    Call in and be awesome!

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    I've got nothing tonight, so call in and help me make this show awesome!  If you don't, I'll have to be awesome and lonesome.

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    Ep#19: Sovereignty vs. Free Will--Molinism and Open Theism

    in Religion

    Pastor Brian and Drew Payne continue to examine the theological systems based around the question of God's sovereignty versus human free will.  In this episode, they will examine Molinism and Open Theism.  While Molinism is accepted by many evangelical Christians, questions surround Open Theism as to whether or not it could be deemed a heretical system.  Pastor Brian and Drew will seek to answer these questions on this episode.  Call in at (322) 784-9617 or make use of our free chatboard.

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    Wednesday Night Live Show 10/29/14 - Apologetics Continued

    in Christianity

    Join us live Wednesday nights at 10pm EST/ 9pm Central.  

    We will continue to build upon what we discussed on Monday night's show.  What is apologetics and how can we powerfully and effectively equip ourselves to answer every question and defend the faith?  Please call in and join the discussion. 

    Call in number: 1 (646) 564-9673

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    Re-Telecast Dr. R.K.MacGregor Wright - What of Nicea?

    in Religion

    Saturday 10/25/14 12pm ET/11am CTRL/10am MTN/9am Pac Call in and listen at 1-347-934-0379 or online suring and after the prrogram at:


    Dr. Wright holds a B.D. from London University, a Th.M. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Ph.D. from Denver University/Iliff School of Theology. A few weeks ago I had found out that my dear friend Dr. Bob Wright has gone home to be with the Lord. I wanted to do a Reformation broadcast near reformation day which is held on October 31st every year. I came to know the man from reading his book debunking open theism entitled, "No Place For Sovereignty." I contacted him and we became friends and on a few trips and conferences we both spoke at we came to know each other. I was so sorry to hear had passed away 2 years ago and so in his honor I want to give this re-telecast of his appearence on our show close to the time I was going to have him. Bob was a small australian man with a wonderful huge laugh, he was mentored by one of the greatest apologists of our time, Francis Schaeffer. When Bob spoke he carefully worded anything he was going to say and everyone ought to listen. Ill share some thoughts about the man before the program airs and then let everyone enjoy his knowledge on the Nicene Council and what ocurred there.


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