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    Maafa 21: Why Unborn Black Lives Matter

    in Family

    According to Merriam-Webster, eugenics is defined as a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed. Mark Crutcher produced a documentary called MAAFA21, which focuses on eugenics in the African-American community. The title comes from the Swahili term "Maafa", which means "tragedy" or "disaster", and is used to describe the centuries of oppression of African people, globally, during slavery, apartheid and colonial rule. "21" refers to the maafa of the 21st century. With the terminal disease rates within the African-American community, it almost seems to be expected that inevitably their fate should be tied in to a disease that is caused by diet or environment. Maafa21 seeks to prove that with the eugenics movement, African-Americans are being targeted even at an earlier point in life, straight from the womb. In honor of the annual March For Life, here is an encore presentation which explores this important documentary. Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to Mark Crutcher to discuss Maafi21. Stay tuned!

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    Hillary Clinton Going For Blood, The Unborn And Christians Are The Target

    in Politics

    We have obtained proof that Mrs. Clinton's own Presidential campaign is shaming Republicans, Christians, and POTENTIAL VOTERS into taking whomever Obama nominee he deems should serve as the next Supreme Court Justice. It is not so much that we did not know where she stood on the issues, but to draft a letter and send it out to potential voters of hers, Clinton supporters, by way of the "Deputy Director of Communications, Hillary for America", blew us away. We have obtained said letter and will discuss what plans this despicable human has for America on this show. If this does not shake the Christian community to awaken and go VOTE, then our Republic is over. Tune in 7pm est.

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    HHS Not Watching Planned Parenthood, Cutanea Announcement & Unborn Unprotected

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    Best Of Wednesday's Show

    Rachel Alexander-Breaking News-HHS grossly negligent in overseeing Planned parenthood’s actions explains Stream reporter Alexander.  Rachel is also the editor of Intellectual Conservative.


    Phyllis Schlafly-A national leader of the conservative movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo says "SENATE REFUSES TO PROTECT INFANTS WHO CAN FEEL PAIN FROM ABORTION OR TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD."

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    Dennis Hastert:Ex-House Speaker Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison for Sex Abuse

    in Christianity

    Get  Inspired and Encouraged and Exhorted on today’s edition of Bible News Radio with Stacy Lynn Harp.

    Today Stacy Lynn looks at the Headlines of the Day.

    Former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Haster sentenced to 15 months in prison for sexually abusing minors

    Can you help find the owners of this lost bible?

    Judge Orders Abortion of 12-Year-Old Girl’s Unborn Baby After She Runs Away From Home

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Moontime Harmony Donna Wolper

    in Health

    Susun Weed answersherbal health questions followed by a interview with Donna Wolper. The natural world was her mentor and eventually she realized that her moontime cycle harmonized with the phases of the moon and that the wisdom of the Blood Mysteries were her moontime guideposts. When she heard Brook Medicine Eagle's tape The Moonlodge, she was inspired to write her book The Moontime Harmony Workbook so that other women could find their path to the Sacred and discover the gift of the menstrual cycle. Donna's website www.moontimeharmony.com .

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • hypericum perforatum and other species as medicine- red oil glands make it medicinal, taking with SSRI's, internal and external applications...

    • Maca has been turned into a wonder food- it's not- people in Peru cannot afford it- ethical issues with maca- maca is basically a turnip- eat turnips and rutabagas..

     •  vitex makes hormones of ovulation become stronger- use in quantity day after day for best results...

    • chickweed infusion softens tissue if eggs are impenetrable penetrable...

    • getting in touch with the spirit of your unborn child and setting up an enticing alter...

    • does feverfew tincture increase melatonin? stop aging process? safe? no, no, no...

    • mild diverticulitis- make sure colon is not irritated- wild yam, marshmallow tea or infusion..

    • turmeric is an anti-inflammatory if you eat it several times a day eaten in oil- not the way most people use it..

    • honey's 3 proven effects- heals wounds, stops coughs better than drugs, kills dandruff...

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    Michael Davis ~ 04/15/16 ~ Experiencer's Network ~ Janet, John & Karen

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin, John Polk and Karen Christine Patrick interview experiencer Michael Davis on the Experiencer's Network, Friday, April 14, 2016 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern.

    Michael Davis is from Marin/Sonoma Counties, California and is the author of the book Falling Sky. “Falling Sky” covers years of Michael’s Alien Abduction Experiences which began happening at age 4 ½ and he still has contact today.

     Mike was 4 1/2 when his first encounter with aliens took place. Though he didn’t know exactly what he had seen, he was certain that he had witnessed something out of this world. Realizing that no one would believe him, he decided to just forget about it; little did he know how this experience would haunt him later on in life.

    As Mike aged and reached his teens the aliens continued their visits many times leaving a visible presence on him as he grew into a young adult. 16 years had passed since his first visit and Mike then lived on a small farm with his wife and daughter in Petaluma, California. His life changed abruptly when the aliens returned and continually repeated the abductions and he began learning the true reasons behind these abductions. 

    Mike and his family are illegitimate products of The Holy Roman Empire or The House of Hapsburg. His great, great, grandmother Anna was a Jewish Chamber Maid to the Royal Family when Crown Prince Rudolf got her pregnant in 1881 then sent her to Hays Kansas and paid a Michael Gauss a stipend for her and the unborn baby’s accommodation. It’s the family’s linage which made not only Mike, but his two brothers and his mother subjects of alien contact. 

    More http://wp.me/p2OzDR-55t



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    The Nature of Miracles & The Angels. Angel Heart Radio on UI Radio

    in Motivation

    In labour, her daughters baby about to be born on the hallway floor, armed only with the phone

    and a safety pin, Anayah had to begin delivering her unborn granddaughter, and she was terrified!

    Listen as she shares how the angels came through to her in a very intense experience! btw – her

    son in law was amazing!!

    Plus, the nature of miracles and how you are perfectly entitle to them.

    Lots of lovely energy, lots of lovely angel how­to's on this show for you all!

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    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue with Author Darryl Carr -Victim of Love: Unfin

    in Writing

    Victim of Love: Unfinished Business -We all have unfinished business.... but this has become personal.

    Lauren Mathews has awakened in the hospital. Memories flood in and the only thing she can think about is going after the man that delivered the bullet that could have ended her life, and the life of her unborn child.

    After serving nine years in prison, Keith finds himself on the run. He will stop at nothing to get his daughter back. With Detective Darren Smith hot on his trail, Keith heads down a path of destruction leaving him with very few options.

    What will Lauren and Keith do when faced with the decisions of losing their child or losing their lives? In the finale of Victim of Love: Unfinished Business, you will find out how Love can sometimes make you its Victim.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Is Trump "Toast"?

    in Politics Conservative

    Here we go: Obama Regime threatens to cut off North Carolina over "No Perverts In The Bathroom" law; Is Trump finally becoming a "professional politician"?; Commercial and nuclear drones; Global persecution of Christians skyrocketing; Get ready for Trump's "Days of Rage"; Hillary Clinton: "Unborn children have no Constitutional rights"; Trumpnomics in two quotes; and U.S. Special Forces using faulty rifle sights.

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    Obama's insane military policy, Hillary says it's a child!, & $15/hr wage #FAIL

    in Pop Culture

    Hr 1: After seeing Brett Baier's special with 3 of Obama's former top military advisors, it's clear... Obama is deliberately weakening the U.S. military. Sure, it may be ignorance. But when you have top military experts advising you, that's no excuse! And Obama isn't alone. This is a pattern with Democrat presidents.

    Hr 2: Hillary? calls the unborn a ?‎child?. And all the ?Liberals? ?GASP?! But don't worry, they don't have rights until the minute they are born. AND... Political activist, Kimberly Morin talks abortion, Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski, the Clintons, lying politicians, college whiners, microaggressions, and more.

    Hr 3: Seattle says jobs are down, unemployment is up. #FAIL AND... The jobs report. AND... Did you know?! The Easter Bunny brings all the eggs that Jesus laid. AND... Liberal, feminist role model Madeleine Albright not wanted, because she's white. AND... more Gitmo "transfers."

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    C.D. - Viva Cuba, Nixon's "War on Black People", Wilkinsburgh, Pa.

    in Islam


    Join us Critical Discourse tomorrow, March 26th, as we discuss the following items:

    1) The visit of Barack Obama to the island-nation of Cuba, the first by a U.S. President in nearly 100 years

    2) The "War on Blacks" that allegedly was orchestrated by Richard Nixon, and more importantly, how this has possible shaped the structure of subsequent actions to stop drugs from destroying our communities and people.

    3) We've yet to solve the tragedy of the Wilkinsburgh, Pa. massacare, but what is more pointed, but NOT shocking, is the nonchalance (and I'm being GRACIOUS, by using that term) demonstrated by the black community at whole, especially by our "leaders". Let me remind, 6 people were viciously murdered, 4 women, and one unborn baby.

    4) Of course, we'll discuss the 2016 presidential race.

    Join us. Invite a friend or neighbor