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    The Persevering Entrepreneur

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    Eva was born and raised in Slovakia where she graduated from nursing school and worked for six years as a registered nurse. After a few years, Eva traveled to Libya to work on a 3 year contract. This was one of the greatest experiences of her life. She was amazed one day when a patient came to the ER with a minor cut to his finger, accompanied by 15 others, who came to look at a white nurse!

    In 1986, she met her husband who arrived in Libya from Slovakia as a gynecologist.  Eva endured some difficult times as Communism was collapsing and the Austrian officials demanding proof of living or face deportation back home. Her final emigration was bitter sweet, her mother died in April 1990 from breast cancer and though only a few hundred kilometers away, she could not return home to be with her in her final days (she was 54 years old). Eva left for Canada alone in August of the same year, as her fiance was not accepted for sponsorship.

    Eva arrived in Canada and was picked up from the airport by government sponsorship officials. She did not speak a word of English nor did she understand a word spoken to her. Within a year of her arrival to Canada, she withdrew from the sponsorship program, paid back her government sponsorship, moved to a bigger apartment and celebrated her fiance joining her in Canada. They were married later that year and moved to Toronto.

    In 1995, Eva went back to school and earned her RN license in Canada. Eva and business partner Marion, launched Thornbrook Home Care, a private home care company for the elderly. In 2009, Eva launched BoomertoBoomer Online, providing family caregivers support and advice. In 2011, Eva opened a second company, Thistlecreek Health Care, she currently manages the administration in both companies.


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    The Empowering Entrepreneur

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    The Empowering Entrepreneur

    Renaye Thornborrow is the founder and CEO of Adventures in Wisdom™, author of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum, and leader of a worldwide movement to empower kids.

    Her company’s WISDOM Coach™ Certification program is helping life coaches on five continents use fun stories and activities to bring life coaching to kids ages 6-12.  By working with WISDOM Coaches, kids around the world are learning how to handle the ups and downs of growing up, to think for themselves and make good decisions, and to go for their dreams and make them happen. 

    Renaye is a personal development expert, certified coach, and a member of the International Coaches Federation.  Several of her courses enable coaches to earn Coach Continuing Education Credits through ICF (ICF CCEs).  She is a retired corporate marketing executive and holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the University of Texas.  She and her husband of 23 years are the proud parents of 12-year old boy/girl twins.

    ADVENTURES IN WISDOM              Renaye on Twitter

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    The Vibrant Entrepreneur

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    Elvira Hopper - The Vibrant Multipreneur

    27 years and 2 careers later, Elvira finally had the courage to leave behind a 6 figure corporate job and pursue what God put herehere to do. She inspires you to “Love your vibe”...where you can choose to live in your Vibration of Authentic Power (VAP) so that you create a life of abundance love and joy!

    Following a highly-successful career in pharmaceutical sales Elvira acknowledged her desire to work with performers by assisting them to capture the pinnacle of success. Success as you define it. Elvira believes in our innate greatness and our ability to make a difference in the world.

    Enjoy this Elvira Hopper, this weeks guest on The Transformational Entrepreneur!

    Elvira Hopper Online



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    The Innovative Entrepreneur

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    Tyler Deane - The Innovative Entrepreneur

    Tyler Deane, CEO of The GDC Group pioneered his love of computers and all things digital into the internet design and consulting arena before it ever existed as an industry.

    The GDC Group launched more than 17 years ago, when the field of computers, internet and web design were considered the wild west of business.

    Tyler's interest in the burgeoning field of the digital world led him to launch his business at a time when his job was in a state of flux due to the economic conditions of the times.

    The GDC Group develops and maintains internet, intranet and extranet solutions for businesses. They suggest and develop software solutions to increase their customers competitive edge, as well as recommend and support hardware and software acquisitions relevant to our customers and future requirements. 

    The GDC Group  

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    The Prudent Entrepreneur

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    Andy Glavac - The Prudent Entrepreneur

    Andy Glavac has been prudently sharing his financial expertise with his clients since 1986 when he launched Glavac Financial.

    As a Certfied Financial Planner, Manulife Securities Advisor, and a 2 star Master Builder with Manulife he knows a thing or two about creating financial wealth for his clients.

    Andy has a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience, after all he started his first business at the tender age of 8!

    Andy has passion - for life, family, people, wine, food, travel, sports and photography and he understand the importance of sharing this abundance by giving back. He is the past president of the Rotary Club of Welland, District Foundation Chair. Currently Andy is very actively involved with the Foundation Board of Niagara Children’s Centre.

    Glavac Financial Planning Services            Andy on LinkedIN                        Andy on Twitter


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    The Beguiling Entrepreneur

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    Lucy Colangelo aspires to inspire - creatively. 

    As a Mom and full time Entrepreneur, Lucy has it all and strives to balance it positively. 

    "Connecting with entrepreneurs and their intentions to passionately support them is likely to be my life’s work. I am a process oriented thinker who delves deep into understanding the businesses in which my clients operate. The ambition to propel their successes with powerful strategies and inspired communications tools comes from being inspired by just how much is at stake.... My intention is to always be there to create impactful solutions and form lasting relationships that feel like real partnerships.

    I love to work on developing the communications tools that businesses need. Crafting what needs to be said as well as how it needs to look is an awesome creative challenge....I welcome anyone that needs help with their communications to reach out and connect with me. It would be my pleasure to create for you!" 

    Website  Twitter  LinkedIN

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    Entrepreneur Business Advice You Can Take to the Bank!

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    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Today, host Christine Monaghan is joined by guest Dr Terri Levine. Terri is a 17 time book author and works with entrepreneurs to help them get clear in how to generate revenue while staying true to your passion and message.


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    The Authentic Entrepreneur

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    Judy Tucker is fun, energetic and authentic. She’s a Spiritual Intuitive, Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Cancer Coach, Health Technician, Emotional Freedom Techniques Facilitator and Reiki Master/Practitioner who found a way to combine intuition with intelligence and her many years of experience to solve your most pressing health problems. As a Spiritual Intuitive, Judy  specializes in Energy Field Analysis for Micro-organism Elimination and Allergy Elimination.

    With her authentic no-nonsense style, Judy gives you grounded, practical advice on how to fix your problem, whether it's a toxic relationship, a challenge at work, family troubles, a physical setback, or emotionally rooted trauma.

    Judy has a deep compassion for teaching you how to discover your own power!

    She assists individuals who wish to handle stress and other health challenges by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. These tools are provided through workshops, one on one sessions, group sessions, Skype and/or phone sessions.

    Judy on Facebook,  LinkedIN  StressedAndLovingIt


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    The Local Artizan Entrepreneur

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    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Today, host Christine Monaghan introduces you to Kate Nagel "Bird on a Wire Creations". This savvy entrepreneur has a vision to be the messenger for local artizans so you and I can purchase unique, remarkable and memorable gifts while supporting the entrepreneur economy. Does it get any better than this?

    To connect with Christine, email her at ckmoyp@gmail.com

    To receive your complimentary WHY session, go to http://dailylifemastery.com/30minute

    This show is sponsored by http:starofgold.com







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    The Entrepreneur with Heart!

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    Lisa Berriault is a single mom of a beautiful little girl who is almost 11 and a passionately creative Entrepreneur.  
    Her business, Details, With Love  provides specialty gift baskets and a unique shopping experience of ease. The Details with Love gift baskets are ordered to fit the receiver, giving them a gift  personalized and wrapped with care just for them.
    Visit Details With Love

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    The Metaphysical Entrepreneur

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    Stan has had a life long interest in and an extensive background in the field of the paranormal. He is the founder and curator of Niagara Falls Original Museum of the Paranormal; a museum that houses one of the world’s largest collections of paranormal artifacts and curiosities. Amongst his prized possessions are the amazing Miraculous Healing Crystal Skulls. He gets great pleasure from forming healing circles with the skulls and he is proud of the countless healings that have been attributed to them.

    A highly respected psychic consultant and ghost hunter he has been the featured guest on a number of radio and TV shows and has been written about in countless publications. Along with his partner, Ray Faucher, he organizes First Star's Psychic Fairs at various locations throughout the year. The fairs feature gifted international psychic readers, mediums, clairvoyants and healers, all types of vendors, ongoing free lectures and much more. In addition, they do advanced Kirlian aura photography at select fairs, expos, fundraisers, corporate functions and special events.

    Stan is also the host of The Paranormal Show, a top rated program on Cogeco TV that is now in its fourth season. Having been fortunate enough to have worked on the public relations of A-list celebrities from Broadway and Hollywood as well as Tony Awarding winning shows Stan has made many show business friends over the years; friends who actively seek out his advice relating to their career and personal life.

    Stan is especially excited about organizing The Toronto Spring Psychic Fair in the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place the weekend of April 25-27. It will be Toronto's biggest psychic event of the year. Full details on this show and other events he organizes can be found on www.FSpsychicfairs.com.