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    The Sugar Detox Diet

    in Food

    America has an addiction problem, but it’s not just with drugs or alcohol—it’s with sugar. Sugar is in almost everything we eat—not just in the highly processed, fructose-soaked snacks we love, but hidden in “healthier” foods that most people wouldn’t expect, such as bread, fruit, and dairy.   The average American consumes up to thirty-one pounds of sugar each year, even though a high-sugar diet can be detrimental to nearly all areas of health and beauty. The side effects aren’t just weight gain—they’re premature aging and increased risk of diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and even cataracts. In The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look Years Younger by nutritionist Brooke Alpert and dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris, readers are given everything they need to know to begin a healthier lifestyle through an easy, low-sugar diet.   The Sugar Detox contains a comprehensive, one-month plan to wean readers of their sugar cravings. The plan starts with the three-day Sugar Fix—three days with no sugar, no exceptions. It’s accompanied by the three-day Skin Fix, a pampering regimen of soothing skin treatments such as sea salt baths and black tea masks to counteract sugar-related skin damage. Once the initial cleanse has been completed, The Sugar Detox provides a four-week schedule of menu plans and fifty recipes, arming readers with information on which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, and how it all affects their health and appearance. By eliminating sugar and incorporating small changes, people can lead a healthier lifestyle and look years younger. Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to co-author, Brooke Alpert, MS, RD, CDN about her best-selling book, The Sugar Detox Diet. 

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    Sugar Is Bad – Full Theme 1:58

    in Health

    SUGAR IS BAD! Are you taking your sugar stop the way you're supposed to?

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    How to “steal” $5,000 a month from the Sugar Cartel – PART 2

    in Health

    In PART 2 of this two-part program, Dru White (founder of the Fight Sugar movement) explains in detail how you can become a “soldier” in the Fight Sugar movement, complete with lucrative “active duty” pay. He explains where the funds come from and how you can get your share. He also answers the vital question: How can you make money and improve your health in just five minutes a day? He tells you where you can find the schedule of pay grades that lets you quickly move up the ranks to earn more and more each month. Where else can you find such a perfect opportunity to combat a growing evil in our society while getting top-grade compensation, better health, and personal fulfillment. Whatever you do, don’t miss this vital conclusion. Your health, your happiness, and even your financial well-being depend on it.

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    How to “steal” $5,000 a month from the Sugar Cartel – PART 1

    in Health

    In PART 1 of this two-part program, Dru White (founder of the Fight Sugar movement) explains how he “stole” $10 million from the greedy sugar cartel. He lays out a simple 5-step plan to help you get started on the road to making money and improving your health and happiness. In this recorded presentation, Dru answers questions that definitely affect your future and the health and security of your loved ones: What’s the Fight Sugar movement all about? Why is sugar so bad? Who is the sugar cartel? How can we most effectively fight big sugar? How can you protect yourself from the big sugar conspiracy that’s destroying our nation’s health and dignity? Whatever you do, don’t miss this informative and vital program. Your health, your happiness, and even your financial well-being depend on it.

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    From Sugar Strike to Sugar Freedom

    in Weight Loss

    Catherine gives you,and the 6 Week Challengers, her tips for adding some more healthy carbs to your eating plan, while still releasing fat.  If you've followed the 3 Day Sugar Strike you should have experienced greater energy, less bloat, weight loss, and better mental calrity.  Now it's time to add back some fruit, dairy, nuts, and more variety if you wish.  Plus, she shares tip #5 for getting off of a fat loss plateau.

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    How to Stick to Your Diet Over the Week-End

    in Weight Loss

    Catherine's Sugar Freedon/Little Black Dress challengers have lost up to 11 pounds in just one week.  She shares how to keep fat loss going over the week-end by choosing a single bonus meal, staying hydrated, and doing your 3 minute wake up call.  Listen for more tips, including #7 for how to get off of a weight loss plateau.  Plus, a training session you can do at home.

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    How to Succeed on the Sugar Freedom Challenge and Plateau Tip Number 4

    in Weight Loss

    The Sugar Freedom Six Week Challenge starts today with the Three Day Sugar Strike.  You really can lose fat and feel fantastic with Sugar Freedom, but it can take determination, and some helpful information to get through the transition from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.  Catherine shares the tips that have been working so well for her clients and readers.

    A special welcome goes out to all of you who are doing the challenge on-line.  Learn more at htttp://sugarfreedom.com

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    The Sugar Freedom/Little Black Dress Challenge

    in Weight Loss

    What could you achieve in six weeeks if you had total dedication, and a complete plan for body transformation?  Catherine and her clients at Gordon Studio in Sonora CA have discovered that you can lose fat and 2 dress or pant sizes consistently with this exact program.  By trading the vast and dizzying array of food that surrounds us for simple whole food that is free of sugar, grains, and processed vegetable oils, we can calm our appetites, get energized, and lose fat: for good.

    Catherine shares important guidelines, along with tip number 3 for breaking a fat loss plateau.

    Get Sugar Freedom at http://www.sugarfreedom.com

    Contact Catherine: catherine@sugarfreedom.com

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    The 411 of the I Love My Body Diet Programs

    in Health

    Have you been wondering what the movement is?  What we are up to and what benefits this whole movement offers to those that get involved?

    We are talking about the different programs and the mission of the I Love My Body Diet

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    Whole Detox

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. Deanna Minich will discuss why a personalized approach to detox is essential.

    Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, is an internationally-recognized lifestyle medicine expert with a specialty in detox. Her 20 years of experience in the nutrition field led her to develop an integrated, “whole-self” approach to nutrition called Food & Spirit. In 2014, she led The Detox Summit™ featuring 30 international detox experts. Following the summit, she hosted an online whole-self detox program in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Minich not only leads detox events multiple times per year, but lectures to audiences worldwide on the topic.

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    Sleep Sugar and Sickness

    in Health

    Do you read the labels when you buy food off the shelf? If you do read the labels, do you know what all those words mean? Well, I do read labels and I certainly don’t know what all those words mean. But, we can all learn together and put sugar on the run! Join in and see how. Meantime, livewell!