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  • 01:02

    A Kind Voice on Books : Interview with Pam Webber

    in Lifestyle

    This week on A Kind Voice on Books, Pam Webber will be calling in to talk about her newest publication, The Wiregrass. Her book is a coming of age story set in the Wiregrass region of the American South, in 1969. We're excited to speak to Pam about the rewards and challenges inherent in writing for young readers and writing historical fiction, as well as her experiences in the industry. We'll also ask Pam about her book recommendations. You can ask Pam a question, or join the conversation by calling 347-850-8907, or emailing us at books@akindvoice.org. We'll be looking forward to your input!

    Hosted by Erin Rae


    Pam Webber's website -



    Read an Excerpt of The Wiregrass at -


  • 01:06

    A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

    in Hobbies

    Our guest tonight, Vanessa Vargas Wilson (a.k.a- Crafty Gemini) has created hundreds of videos on quilting, cooking, gardening and more.  The videos on her You Tube Channel clearly explain the topic at hand, are created with enthusiasm and some humor.  She is clearly having fun, sharing her kind voice and many skills.

    We will learn the story behind her videos and explore some of the things she shares in these wonderful videos.  For more information about this episode and how it connects with the bigger mission of A Kind Voice please click here.

    Hosted by David Levins


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    A Kind Voice on Big Ideas and Philosophy

    in Culture

    Interview with Kosha Anja Joubert  the Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN).  GEN is a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents. GEN serves as umbrella organization for ecovillages, transition town initiatives, intentional communities, and ecologically-minded individuals worldwide.

    If you look at this video on you will see a story of authentic kind voices living the ideals they believe in and creating communities that embody those ideals and working outward to connect daily activities with making the world we all share, a more sustainable place.

    On today’s show we will explore the Big Ideas driving this beautiful journey as well as the details of the story being created.  To join the conversation, please call (347) 850-8907. 

    Hosted by David Levins.



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    A Kind Voice on Books : Interview with Maer Wilson

    in Lifestyle

    On this week's episode of A Kind Voice on Books we are so pleased to get to chat with Maer Wilson. We'll ask Maer about her Modern Magics series and the art of bringing the works of other authors to the public. To ask Maer a question, or to join the conversation, please call us at 347-850-8907, or email us at books@akindvoice.org. We hope to hear from you!


    Hosted by Erin Rae

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    A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

    in Gardening

    Today we will interview inventor and entrepreneur John Murphy of Lettuce Evolve.  Lettuce Evolve is a portable growing system, that will allow you to transform any space into a garden.  It comes in different shapes and sizes and works aquaponically, hydroponically, or as a vertical soil garden.

    They say necessity is the mother of invention and this is certainly true with Lettuce Evolve.  We will get the full story on how this idea was born, what it is, how it works and how it growing into a beautiful green business.  For more information please check out their Kickstarter project.

    To join the conversation, please call (347) 850-8907.

    Hosted by David Levins

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

    in Movies

    We will interview with Quinnolyn Benson-Yates the writer and director of the film Stuck which is about two very different people who get stuck in an elevator together and discover they are not so different.

    It explores how strangers can connect with each other and break thru first impressions to make connections that live beneath the surface.  

    Quinn's movie is a great example of the concept behind our program which is all about people finding their kind voices and reaching out to each other.  For more info about the film please check out their Kickstarter project.

    Quinn who is a film student at the University of California at Santa Barbara spoke of being inspired by her professor Dr. Victor Rios and his book Street Life: Poverty, Gangs, and a Ph.D.

    Hosted by David Levins


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    Kind Voice on Music

    in Indie Music

    The Grownup Noise is a 5 piece band from Boston, MA. Their songs are driven by a pop/rock/folk sound and a strong sense of storytelling in the lyrics. Today we will be speaking with Paul Hansen, singer, songwriter and guitarist for the group.  To join the conversation please call (347) 850-8907.

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    A Kind Voice on Books

    in Books

    This week on A Kind Voice on Books we'll be speaking with two librarians from the Eudora Public Library, in Eudora, Kansas. Carol Wohlford and Lindsey Sanchez, the Library Director and the Children's Librarian, respectively, will join us to discuss the evolving role of the library in its community, the unique challenges of working in a small town library, and what it takes to get kids reading at an early age. And as always, we'll ask the pros for their book recommendations and what they're looking forward to in the world of publishing in 2016. Please join our conversation by calling in at 347-850-8907, or emailing us at books@akindvoice.org. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

    Hosted by Erin Rae.


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    A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

    in Entrepreneur

    We will interview Tom Nassr about Kricket, which is a map-based, crowdsourcing  network that helps refugees find safety and resources.  The great thing about this platform is that it’s creating a space for lots of people to share their kind voices. 

    Joining our conversation will be Professor John Velez of Texas Tech University who has done extensive work in the gamification area.  We will ask Professor Velez for his thoughts on how gamification processes can be used to engage people in this worthy endeavor.

    This is an exciting grass roots effort to help those in need, find their way to a new home.  Please checkout the project’s Kickstarter campaign to find out how you can add your kind voice to the conversation.  To join our program please call (347) 850-8907.

    Hosted by David Levins

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    A Kind Voice on Books : Interview with Nisha Coleman

    in Lifestyle

    After graduation, Nisha Coleman packed her bags and headed to Paris, France. She spent three years there, performing with her violin to make a living. This week, on A Kind Voice on Books, Nisha will stop by to talk about the memoir she wrote chronicling her experiences abroad, "Busker: Stories from the Streets of Paris". We'll ask Nisha about the people she met, the music she played, and get the details about the book that describes it all. And as always, we'll talk to Nisha about her reading habits and which books she recommends as favorites. If you have a question for Nisha, please join our conversation at 347-850-8907, or email us at books@akindvoice.org. We hope you can join us!

    Hosted by Erin Rae. 

  • 01:03

    A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

    in Lifestyle

    Interview with Mary Baird-Wilcock about her Apprentice Program which is a very well thought out way to improve the internship experience for both the intern and the organization.  For more about the program please check out their Kickstarter Project.

    If you'd like to join the conversation please call (347) 850-8907.  Hosted by David Levins.